We came home from a magic evening at the club where I felt my lover's eyes or his hands on me the entire night. He held the door for me as I stepped into the kitchen, sliding his hand along my lower back as I passed by him. Opening the kitchen cabinet and reaching for a glass, I felt my wrap being pulled from my shoulders and his fingers grazed the side of my neck. He whispered in my ear..."Give me a couple minutes. I'll call you to come back to the bedroom." He kissed my neck and shoulder before walking down the hallway to the bedroom.

I agreed quickly and filled my glass with water. I sipped it slowly and savored the replay of this evening in my head. Dinner and dancing and celebrating another birthday... I smiled and looked in the hallway mirror as I slipped off my heels. I ran my fingers across my necklace and I pulled out the silver pins keeping my hair up off my neck.

I heard my name called from the bedroom. The hints of mystery were a bit exciting and I walked toward the bedroom. Candlelight flickered off the bedroom walls. The bed was turned down and several candles were glowing across the dresser and reflected in the mirror. I stepped into the bedroom and he pulled me into a kiss. He turned me around, unclasped my necklace and unzipped my gown. The navy blue strapless dress fell to the floor and he unclasped the corset and pulled me back against him as the fabric slipped from his fingers. Already undressed from our evening attire, he turned me back around and kissed me with the desire that had been brewing throughout our evening.

He leaned me back on the bed and we kissed and touched every available body part. His hardness sank into me quickly and he wrapped his arms around me to pull in deeper. I came apart several times between his touch and his thick cock stretching me deep. I felt his pulsing and felt him cum deep inside me. His kiss relaxed and he pushed my hair behind my ear. He pulled me into his arms as we floated down from that climax. Before we drifted off to sleep, he ended the evening by blowing out his birthday candles and returning to our bed.
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