Capain of my Bodice pt.2
The influence Nathan had over the stretch of towns was fascinating. He is a shrewd businessman and he had pull everywhere he went. As we walked to the carriage waiting to take me to my new home, I notice women and the gossipy portsmiths looking at us and undoubtedly thinking I were an import for the season or I really wanted some gold so bad I would risk prison.

After a nice little ride into more of the country, I see a house budding up from the treetops. It has a red roof, white with a relatively plain front other than some ivy and simple shrubbery. The little lane made a circle around a patch of grass where a gathering of geese sat and and meandered along waddling without a care in the world. We get to a certain point and all of the servants come out for a proper welcome. I step out and see all of the eyes upon me. I am introduced to everyone and an awkward silence follows as I am being escorted into my new home. I walk in and see the grand living room with a sitting area, large fireplace, partraits of who I assume are his parents and brothers, and of smaller parlors and a library....

Upstairs and to the right is the bedroom. It too is spacious and the decor is medium-elaborate. The bed is what caught my eye the most seeing the space we would have for our rompus and to just sit and play our games. We get situated and I dressed more casually getting ready for our stroll into the woods. The forest is enchanting with little critter scampering about in the leaves and trees. There is a point when we were just holding hands and walking when I look at him thinking of how I feared him just three weeks ago and how quickly I had been swept up and claimed.

I see a lake ahead and thoughts of finally swimming again quietly make me relax. We take a sit at the bank to dip our feet in and sit close. We sit and enjoy the feel of the slightly cool water when I start to get a little bumpy.... He leans over and feels the bumps making me tickle. I kick my legs up as a simple reaction and get some water on him. We splash a little and I start to undress preparing to slip in the lake. He watches me as if I were a play and raises an eyebrow in inrigue as I take my giner and guide his chin to the edge of the bank. He has an inkling of what I am up to and begins to strip himself. I watch him too as that body the Greeks would have built temples for came out and readied for swimming as well. He comes in and kneels down in front of me caressing me and standing up very slowly as his face feels me from my hips up. He finally reaches my head and draws me very tight holding whatever strikes him at the moment. I have one leg wrapped around him hoping to encourage him to give me the nice warm moccasin I am feeling. Surely enough, I feel it come to life as I continue running me hands over him as well. He positions my legs so that I am wrapped fully around his waist and leans me back ever so gently so that I float. I feel myself get filled and the contrast of the cool water and his warmth is intense. My hips are moving for me with the gentleness of the tiny current and I honestly feel as if I were on a cloud. I watch him watching my reaction to his touch and He suddenly grabs me and bounces in so far that I close my eyes and my head tilts fully into the water. I am swirled around and around while he is pleasuring me so much. We do managed to stop when I am yanked up and bounced. Between his arms effortlessly lifting me and the feel of him filling me rapidly, I hold on for dear life and do not restrain my vocal thoughts on the job he is doing. I grip him and prepare for the final scream and water to get a little warm.... I watch him wince as he too contributes his juice and we both smile with satisfaction. We get out and lay on the bank in the nude the rest of the afternoon before stepping back into our wet clothes and just admiring each others' glistening wet body.
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