Car Broke Down
Need some help?"

I was relieved to see that the driver of the car was clean cut and handsome; sandy blond hair, a neatly pressed denim shirt, and a great big smile.

"Yeah, my car over-heated. I had the damned AC turned all the way up," I shrugged and wiped the sweat that had been forming off of my brow.

"It sure is a hot one!" he chided.

A warm breeze ran across my body, barely cooling me off as the sweat evaporated. It was unbelievably hot outside, and even a warm breeze was welcome.

Almost blinded by the afternoon sun I squinted my eyes and smiled, "Yeah, I'm burning up out here."

"Well hop in. Let's get you to a phone." he said.

"Well, I'm not really sure" I replied, "It might cool off, you know."

"I doubt it, the temp's not falling. You could be here for a while." he looked at me as he said this and I crossed my arms over my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra and I could feel my nipples tickled by the summer breeze, arching up and pushing out against my tank top.

"Do you live around here?" I asked. There certainly wasn't much around. I had passed the only gas station in sight twenty minutes ago.

"Yeah, I'm just up the road a little. I was picking up a few beers, I've got a few of the guys over watching the game" he smiled, "You're lucky I found you."

I climbed up and sat in the seat next to him. He had the cold air running on high and it felt so good hitting my face. I aimed the vent down towards my stomach to cool off a little more. My skirt fluttered a bit as the air rushed down my stomach and over my legs. All I could think about was getting out of those clothes.

We were at his place in no time.

It was a nice enough looking house; a small yard, plenty of trees, and no one around for a couple of miles it seemed.

We walked through the door into the cool shade of the hall. The dark red tile on the floor seemed to radiate the cool I had been trying to find.

"The phone's over here, um, what is your name?" he asked finally.

"Beth" I responded "And yours?"

"Beth I'm Jim. Nice to meet you. Can I get you something to drink."

"Oh no, I don't want to put you out. If I could just use the phone.." he interrupted me "Come on! It's hot as hell outside and you need to relax. Let me grab you a beer."

Well, why not, I thought, I guess I could loosen up a little.

He returned with the beer in a frosted mug. I could almost taste the ice crystals crackling a the sides of the glass.

"Oh, the phone, I almost forgot" he grabbed the cordless off of the counter and walked over to me.

As I reached for the phone he extended his arm with the beer in his hand.

"Damn it!" the mug of ice cold beer went splashing down my top, covering my breasts and soaking me to the skin.

My chest heaved, "God that cold!."

"I am so sorry! Oh my God, look what I did. Here" he reached out to me and made an attempt to wipe at my shirt.

"It's ok. I'll get it, really" I pulled back.

There was no hiding the fact that my nipples were rock hard. They stood proudly at attention, accentuating the dimensions of my firm, round breasts.

"No, let me, Beth" his large hand cupped my right breast where his thumb found my nipple and pressed down hard. I glanced down at my tits to see his thumb rubbing across the tip of my nipple, it sent shock waves through my body.

"What...I..." was all I could utter.

He gently backed me up against the wall just outside of the hallway. The wall was the same cool tile of the entrance. I arched my back involuntarily at the sensation of the cold tile against my back.

He pressed up against me and started moving his hand up my leg. I could feel my skirt lifting and I welcomed the overpowering sensation of fingers on my upper thighs moving closer and closer.

I breathed shallowly, almost gasping for air.

He found what he was looking for. Two fingers deftly started massaging my clit. I could feel the heat of his touch radiating around my clit. I let out a soft moan and mumbled something like "I can't."

"You know you want to" he whispered, as his tongue grazed my ear "I can feel how hot you are."

He removed his hand from inside my underwear and I realized just how much I did want to.

He pressed up hard against me. I could feel his cock now bulging and engorged pushing against my lips.

I fought hard not to grind against his cock.

What was I thinking? You can't just get picked up on the side of the road by some guy and let him have his way with you.

I needed to get out of there.

My legs didn't move.

All I could feel was a rising desire inside of me to feel more of him.

Amazed as I saw myself do it, I reached down and brushed my palm against his pants concealing his hard dick.

He let out a chuckle "I knew you wanted it. I could tell just by looking at you."

He took me by the hand and led me down the hallway to a closed door.

As he opened the door I saw two men sitting on the couch watching television.

It wasn't football they were watching. There was a man pounding this woman from behind while she ate the pussy of another woman with these huge bouncing tits.

Stunned as I heard the moans coming from the TV, I looked down at the couch to see one of the guys stroking his cock. I had never seen a cock like this. It was so thick and hard looking. I let out a small gasp.

"Look what I found you guys" he said as he guided me through to the center of the room.

"Very nice! Good work Jim. Now let's just see what she can do" it was the other man now who stood up and walked towards me.

With one brisk move he had my skirt down around my ankles on the floor.

I stood there in my thong underwear and beer soaked tank top confused.

But not for long, I knew what I had to do next.

I walked across the room to the couch and straddled the guy with the thick cock. If I was going to do this I might as well have some fun with it.

"So she's a horny little slut, huh, Jim?" Mike, the guy with the big cock, laughed.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked as I started grinding my pussy against his huge cock.

"I bet you want me to slide my wet pussy down that shaft of yours and fuck you 'till I cum, right?"

"Well, I don't have any objections to that, per se" he smiled and thrust his cock up against my throbbing cunt.

"I'm so wet right now. Can you feel how wet I am?" I grabbed his dick and rubbed it against my slit pushing my flimsy thong to the side.

"I think you need to be fucked" he said.

"I think she needs to be fucked right now Mike. Go on, fuck her. She sure wants it badly enough"

I got up and slipped off my thong. I didn't want anything between me and that huge cock.

I put his dick right up against my hole and worked it to swirl around the wetness that was there.

He let out a deep groan and tried to push his cock up to force it inside of me.

"Not quite yet" I giggled.

He pulled my soaking tank top down off of my shoulders exposing my breasts with their soft pink nipples standing up to greet him.

He gave me another hard thrust with his cock.

I felt the heat of his breath on my breast as he leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth pinching the other vigorously with two fingers.

I put my hands on either side of his head and worked him back and forth trying to force my whole tit into his mouth. He flicked his tongue over my hard nipples, fist one then the other, pinching my hard little buttons between his teeth and his quickly flickering tongue.

I was in ecstasy. I started moving against that thick cock of his more rhythmically. I could tell this would be one of the most intense fucks of my life!

With my back arched and my eyes rolling back in my head I felt a second mouth on my breasts. While Mike was tonguing one my nipples, Gary had come over and attached his mouth to the other. The roughness of the stubble on his face rubbing all over my chest while he sucked at my tit sent a loud moan from my mouth. God, did they want me to cum without even getting fucked? I needed to be fucked right then, my pussy was throbbing hard and dripping down Mike's cock.

"Fuck me Mike..uhhh..mmm" I moaned "I need you inside of me."

"What do you mean inside of you?" he grinned.

"I need you inside of me, in my hot wet pussy. I need to be fucked right now! God, I want your cock baby, so bad" I was getting impatient now, letting out short gasping moans and he pushing his cock against me, teasing me, almost letting it slide into my tight little cunt.

"I don't know" he said, shaking his head.

"I don't think you could handle it. I've got a huge fucking dick and that sweet little pussy of yours is so tight, I don't know" he wanted me to beg for it.

I grabbed his cock and angled it towards the opening of my hot pussy "Fuck me NOW! I need it so bad, PLEASE!" I demanded.

Mike glanced over at Gary and grinned, then without any hint plunged his cock deep inside of me with one hard thrust.

"JESUS, GOD" I gasped "It's so fucking big, ahhh, FUCK, baby it's too much" I writhed against him, impaled on his huge prick.

"It's too fucking good!" I screamed.

Mike put his hands on my hips and started guiding me along his pumping shaft. I could feel how slick I was but his cock was so hug that the pressure of him pumping in and out of my pussy was almost too much.

"Do you like it, baby?" he hissed " Are you my little slut?"

"Do you like getting fucked by the biggest cock you've ever seen?"

I moaned my approval and reached down to finger my aching clit.

I started rubbing my hot, wet clit watching his dick being forced in and out of me, rapidly sending my wetness all over my fingers and my wet pussy lips.

I started to lean back against his cock while I rubbed my clit faster and faster. He was so deep inside of me, fucking me to the core, his hands latched tightly onto my hips making me fuck him even harder, faster.

"Fuck me baby, ride my cock" he could barley be heard over the increasing volume of my moans.

"Ride my cock, you fucking horny slut! I want you to cum all over my cock with your tight, little pussy"

I was rubbing my clit furiously now and with his dick driving deep inside me, unrelenting, I knew I was about to let go.

I felt the first tingle deep down in my clit as all muscles throbbing, pumping, and grinding, started to seize up around his cock. I knew I was out of control.

"I'm cumming baby, fuck me harder, baby, now, now, now" I rode the waves of my orgasm on top of his dick until I was paralyzed with pleasure and panting breathlessly.

He pulled his cock out from inside of me and shot all over my tits. I felt the hot cum hit my nipples and started playing with my tits while he was still shooting his load all over my chest.

Before I even knew what was happening Jim grabbed my by the arms and bent me over and pushed his cock all of the way inside me.

He fucked ma fast and hard, with long, deep strokes, pushing the limit of what I though I could bare.

I felt like I was still cumming. He pounded me over and over again, his balls slapping against my clit with every thrust. Finally when I thought I couldn't endure any more, he pulled out of my pussy and came all over my ass. I let out a deep sigh and trembled a little.

Still unbelievably horny I looked across the room to where Gary was sitting on the couch, stroking his cock, waiting for his turn.

I let out and smile and walked towards him.

I knew what was going to happen next...

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