Car Rendezvous
I wake up from my car nap and am feeling very frisky. I want to see how you would respond to my dream that I what to make into our reality. I sneak a peak over at you when I feel your eyes on me. I slowly give you a smile as you smile back.

"I wondered how long you were going to stay out for but I'm glad you are awake. I've been lonesome while you were sleeping," you tell me as you continue to smile.
"Oh baby you are too sweet," I say as I lean over and kiss you on your cheek.
I know now is the time to put my naughty plan into action because our destination is just up ahead. I toss you an evil little smile as my hand reaches over and unzips your pants.
"Baby, I'm driving, you can't," you start saying and I just cut you off with a look. Seeing my look, you know there is no point in disagreeing because I will get my way. You can't seem to say no to me.

I drag down your zipper then my hand slips inside your jeans and pulls out your cock. A smile is on my face, knowing how much fun I am going to have with you and for you. My fingers gently caress you and slide up and down, feeling you grow harder under my silky touch. I slowly increase my grip on you as my stroking quickens up marginally. I hear your breath catch a few times and quicken up. I know you are now putty in my capable hands. I continue stroking until you are stiff and pre-cum is oozing out the top.
I lick my lips and grin at you. You have no choice but to grin back. I bend down and take my tongue licking you up and down. Getting to the top, I need to taste you. I dart my tongue out and swirl my tongue around and around your head. I hear you gasp at my assault and I know this is much better than the dream I had about us.

Opening my mouth, I slide you inside, knowing you are enjoying the sensation. I start sliding you in and out of my mouth when I feel your hand on my head, instructing me what rhythm you want set. Up and down and up and down and up and down my head goes on your cock. I feel your hips bucking up and down, wanting to release your cum inside my mouth. I think to myself, not yet baby, all in due time.'

I slide you out of my mouth when I feel the car jerking around on the road.
I look up at you and say, "Baby, be careful driving, don't wreck this car. I haven't finished with you yet." Then I replace my mouth on your cock and find our rhythm again, sucking you in and out of my mouth, knowing you can't last long much longer with me.
I hear your ragged breath as I increase the speed even more on your cock. My head goes faster, bobbing up and down. Hearing you moan "Oohh yeesss babbbyy," only makes me want you more. Mmmm sweetie you taste so good on my tongue,' I say to myself.
I feel your cock twitching in my mouth and know that you are going to explode your cum at any time. My speed gets faster and harder, sucking you more, wanting you to cum. My hand reaches in and starts playing with your balls. Feeling them. Pulling them. Fondling them. Feeling you stiffen up and knowing your release is imminent I am like a furry on your cock.

All of a sudden I hear you scream out, "Mmmmm oooohhhhh yyeeesssss." You release at that moment and explode into my mouth shooting your cum right down into my throat. I continue sliding up and down, sucking you until there is nothing left and start going limp. I release you from my mouth with a slight popping sound. I sit back up in my chair all the while tucking you back into your jeans and zipping you up.

You look at me and give me the biggest smile ever and tell me, "It is your turn, Beth."
I shake my head at you and smack your hand away as you come close. "No sir, no touch, you are driving and I want to put on a show for you. Do you think you can handle that?" Knowing you hate when I order you around, I decide to push my chance this time.
I watch you swallow and just nod your head, not being able to speak. Knowing that if you don't do as instructed I will just stop abruptly like nothing even started. I lean back into my chair and put the seat back more so that I can get more comfortable.
I look over at you and say, "I am glad that I decided to wear a skirt today," as I pull the skirt up to my hips. You see my lacy thongs you love so much and your eyes just get wide.

I see your response and add, "I know, Rod, these are your favorite. I wanted to surprise you tonight but that just is too far away for me."
"What are you going to do Beth?" you ask with eager anticipation.
I throw you my naughtiest look and say, "You will just have to watch and see, Rod. That is all I'm going to say."
I slide my thongs down my legs and as you see the nice wet spot you just smile. I see your smile out of the corner of my eye and drop them into your lap. You just take them in your hand and hold them relishing the feeling of them being wet with my juices. I lean back into the seat and place my feet nice and wide on the dashboard knowing this will give me good access.

I bring my hands up over my clothed breasts and tease my nipples, feeling them get harder and harder under my touch. I resist the urge to bare them, knowing that not being able to see the response will drive you wild. I moan with delight at my assault against my nipples. Pulling, squeezing, twisting is making them strain against the fabric of my shirt.

My other hand trails down my stomach and slides up and down my slit, getting wet from my juices. Knowing the torture I am invoking in you, I bring my fingers up to your lips and let you have a sweet taste. I replace my hand on my waiting pussy and begin to wreak havoc on my clit. Rubbing. Pulling. Stroking. Twisting. All this causes me to moan, "mmmm," in sweet delight.

I slide my fingers down my slit and push two fingers up inside me while my thumb takes over playing with my clit. My other hand slides under my shirt to get better access to my breasts but I still refuse you to see. My fingers gently build up a rhythm, sliding in and out of my pussy as my hips thrust against them, seeking a much-needed release.
I slip a third finger in as I hear you moan in protest and increase my speed. Faster and harder. I look over at you and moan, "Ooohhh yyeessss Rodddd. Ohh babyy this feels sooo good."

I watch the grip of your hands tighten and relax on the steering wheel. A bead of sweat runs down your face, wanting me so bad that the muscles in your neck strain. But at the same time knowing you want to watch me build myself up and climax.

Finally, you can't take it any more and yank my fingers out of my pussy. I open my mouth to speak my complaint but instead feel you slide your fingers up inside as I moan, "Ooohhh Rod yes please."

You set your own pace, sliding your fingers inside me with fury, needing to see me release for you. My own fingers play with my clit as your own assault me so gloriously. Your fingers are a blur going in and out as you watch me buck and moan. You feel my body tensing as your fingers slide in and out fast and hard. All of a sudden, my head falls back as I scream out, "Ooooohhhh yyyeeesssss Rrrrrooooddd," as I cum all over your fingers and buck my hips.

You refuse to withdraw your fingers from me and continue as I ride through my orgasm. You just smile as you watch me cum. You can't resist and must have a taste, so you slip your fingers out of me and lick them clean. You decide that you are going to continue dipping your fingers into my juices and lick them up until you are satisfied that I'm clean.

You hand me my thongs with a smile and I just barely am able to put them back on. My body still shaking from how intense my orgasm was, I manage to pull my skirt back down over my legs and bring the back of my seat up. I sit in the seat just concentrating on sucking air in and out of my lungs.

I watch out the window as we turn off on our exit. You pull in and find a parking space and we both get out of the car. You lace my fingers with yours as we walk. Neither of us says a word as we bask in what we just shared together. Stopping suddenly, your hand reaches up and cups my face as you place a gentle kiss on my lips and whisper, "Thank you my love. You always keep me guessing and next time I am going to return the favor but you won't know when or where. Just know it will be when you least expect it."
All I can do is smile and shiver with anticipation of what will occur next

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