Careful what you wish for
My name is Soith Waya. A combination of Gaelic and Cherokee, my name translates to Bitch Wolf. I was born with silver hair, bright green eyes, and stand 5 foot 7 inches barefoot. I was teased all through school, not only because of my name, but because my hair was silver. Such an unnatural color for anyone other than an elder. When I was born, mom freaked out because I was born with a lot of silver hair. I mean a lot. Much more than a baby would. Most babies might be born with a lot of hair. Hair that at least covered their little heads and all, but mine was already a mane of silver hair. I was born with a mohawk to boot. Dad was scared because he remembered the story of the black wolf from being raised in the Cherokee tribes. Mom swore there was something so very wrong with her baby. To have so much hair and also silver in color. Not natural she would constantly say. So, I was being baptized in the Irish Catholic church. Then whisked to a Cherokee shaman for a blessing of sorts. Hmm according to the shaman, I am cursed. Not really a lot that can be helped in this matter. Guess I will live with this and see what happens.

Legend has it that there is a huge black wolf that roams the hunting grounds of the Cherokee people. Searching for his one true mate. Devouring those that he finds that are not a mate for him. His shoulders touches a man's hip. His eyes are the color of the whiskey. He will never die and when he finds his mate, she will never die. This legend is told to every child to scare them. Keep them from the forest at night. Okay, that isn't the entire legend, but you get the picture. Lots of blood and terror.

I was 15 when I started sleepwalking. I don't ever remember what I do, but I am always fearful in the morning. I always awake to a sticky feeling between my legs and a funky taste in my mouth. I tried to tell mom, but the Irish suspicion is full with her. She crosses herself and continually prays for my safety. I tried to tell dad, but his eyes grew wide and he mutters "cursed" under his breath and walked away. I had no friends to talk to about this weird phenomenon, so I was at a loss. I quickly got used to not having someone to explain what was happening. I decided to ignore it and just got out of bed, threw my used clothes in the laundry, and got my shower.

Each night before going to bed, I lean on my window sill and look at the moon. Especially when it is a full moon. I can feel it pulling to me. Then my eyes wander over to the forest. Even against the inky blackness of the night, I see him clearly. Staring intently at me. Devouring me with his eyes. Calling my name upon the wind. The next thing I remember, it is morning, sticky panties, funky taste. After 9 months, I am seriously wondering if I am going insane. Little things have already started appearing in my room. Little trinkets like what a lover might give. But I have no lover. Even at school, I get teased because most of the girls are already bonded to their future husband. I have no bond with anyone. Not even one friend to talk to about anything. Oh, how I wished for just one friend to confide in. Then again, they might think I was crazy as well. So, all in all, it might have been best that I had no body to talk to at all over anything.

I finally stop going to school. What's the point any more anyway? Nobody to talk to, nobody at all to share anything with. All because my name is not true Cherokee and I have silver hair. What the heck is that all about any way? I'm not a freak! I start wandering around the forest during the day. During the light, it doesn't seem all that scarey. I go past our normal trails and head up the mountain side. I feel like I've traveled this way many times before.

When I stopped, I was before a cave. I walk inside and cannot believe it looked like a home. I walk over to the bed and feel the furs. So soft and inviting. I lay down and am soon asleep. I wasn't asleep for long when I heard a bang and a growl. Sitting up, I look wildly around. I realize by the darkness of the cave, that I slept longer than I thought. My eyes adjust and I see a huge wolf sitting in the entrance watching me. Fear leaps into my throat and I cannot take my eyes off him. He's as huge as the legends say!

He pads slowly towards me, a low growl constantly coming from his throat. When the wind switch in the cave, my scent was blowing towards him. He lifted his nose and sniffed. His growl turned to a playful growl. He picks up his pace and buries his nose between my neck and collar bone. The wolf begins sniffing. Then I fell his tongue on my neck. He jumps onto the bed and walks between my legs. Inside my head, I am screaming, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!?? THIS IS SO WRONG! I DON'T WANT TO BE EATEN BY A WOLF OF ALL THINGS!" But when I look into his eyes, I am lost. Drowning in a pool of ridiculously amber eyes. He straddles my body and lays partial on top of me. So that his muzzle rests just below my breasts. His front legs are on either side of me and I quake beneath him. He is whimpering and I cannot help myself. I reach out and pat his head. He rolls into my hand and I can swear that he is sighing in contentment. I absently scratch his head and his hind leg gives an involuntary kick. We lay like that for what seemed like forever before he got up.

He jumped off the bed and padded farther into the cave. I was suddenly so cold. "Please, come back." I called after him. He just continued walking. Once the darkness in the back of the cave swallowed him up, I wrapped my arms around my knees and rocked. A deep sadness tugged at my heart. How could I feel sad for a monster wolf? I heard a noise behind me and turned to see if the wolf was coming back. Instead, it was a man. I covered myself with the furs and shook. Hoping that the wolf would return and keep me safe. He dropped into a crouch when he got to the bed.

"Soith, look at me, darling. You know me. Don't fear me," he said softy and brushed a lock of hair my face and tucked it behind my ear. I look into his eyes, his ridiculously amber eyes. It's the wolf in human form! I scoot over and allow him into the bed. He pulls me against him and plants little kisses on my shoulders and neck. It tickles and I giggle despite myself. He turns me onto my back and pushes my bra out of the way. He leans over and takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks hard. My body instantly responses and I arch off the bed. He laughs and does the same to my other nipple. Then he trails kisses down my body. Once again, he's laying between my legs, but this time, he is human and it is not at all innocent. He runs his hands under my ass and lifts my pussy to his lips. He sniffs deeply of my scent before diving into my pussy. Licking, sucking, tonguing it until I am screaming in pleasure. He gets me off several times and then he lays my hips back on the bed. He quickly changes positions so that I'm on top of him, my pussy in his face. His rock hard cock in front of me. He starts his feast of my pussy again and I start sucking his cock. Running my tongue the length of him and nipping the head slightly. He bucks his hips and sucks hard on my clit. I suck eagerly on his cock and suddenly I am screaming in pleasure as he licked out another orgasm for me. Then he bucks his hips and I deep throat him as he shot his load deep in my throat. I twisted around and nuzzled against his shoulder. He laughed and tucked me firmly at his side.

"Oh, my beautiful Soith. So fresh, so eager. I cannot wait to bed you properly and to declare you mine for eternity" He was nuzzling my neck. Inhaling my scent. After several more hours, he reluctantly allowed me to dress. He transformed and followed me back down the mountain. He walked right to the edge of the village and watched me go into my house. Mom and dad were frantic to say the least. They knew that I always made it home before dark. I apologized and went to my room. I wasn't hungry at all. I just wanted a bath and my bed. I get into a hot bath and wonder what was happening to me. There was nobody that I could talk to and I was afraid that I would be losing my sanity to continue with him. He called me his and I have no idea what to call him besides Black Wolf. I sink under the water and try to shut down my brain. I just want sleep. I don't want to think at all. I washed and images of him touching me was vivid. I got out and dressed for bed.

Before climbing into bed, I looked out my window sill. There he was on the edge of the forest, watching me. A thrill races through me knowing that he is out there. He throws his head back and lets loose a long sad mournful howl. Looking at me one last time, he disappeared into the forest. I crawl into bed and for the first time, it feels like I cannot get warm enough. My dreams were fitful and full of him. I woke for the first time with dry panties. On my nightstand is a single red rose. The note attached said "My beautiful Soith, my love forever, Trekker." Oh how sweet is that. I go downstairs holding my rose. Dad noticed and asked about it. I just told him that it was on my nightstand when I awoke and didn't know who might have placed it there.

I was still sleepwalking, but not as often and I knew where I was going. I spent many hours during the day in Trekker's arms. He showed me all kinds of hidden pleasures on the mountain. Each night, when I left, my heart stayed behind. It looked like it pained him as well to see me leave. I would instantly get a bath and go to bed. I wasn't hungry for some reason after I spent time with Trekker.

It was about a year later and I had never been as happy as I was that summer. Trekker and I had gotten so much closer. He said that the shadow moon would be coming soon and he'd be able to maintain his human form for longer and would love to meet my parents. HE WANTED TO MEET MY PARENTS! This was huge! This was wonderful! I leaped into his arms and planted kisses all over his face. I couldn't wait til June. We were in a meadow and he nipped my neck softly. I yelped and jumped out of his hands. Landing on the ground, I took a step and my feet came out from under me. Instantly, he grabbed my wrist to keep me from falling. I laughed and jerked him down with me. We fell into a tangle of arms and legs. I arched my hips against his and moaned that I want him so badly. He looked down at me and grinned.

"Not yet, Soith. I told you I cannot bed you yet."

That didn't stop me. I reached inside his jeans and stroked his cock. As always, it was already hard. He rolled us over and I sat up. He slid his hands up under my shirt and pressed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I ground my hips against him and felt his cock jump. I pulled my shirt off and leaned over and kissed him. My shorts didn't stop the digging of his fingers into my hips. I wanted him so badly. My pussy was aching to have his cock fill me. I wiggled down and undid his jeans and pulled his cock from its containment. I started sucking his cock and he wrapped his hands into my hair. When he finally came in my mouth, I sat back and worked my shorts off. Instantly, his eyes were on me. Drinking up everything. I laid back and spread my legs wide so that he had a good view. I slide my hands slowly down my stomach and to my pussy. I opened my lips and started rubbing my clit. The more aroused I got, the louder my moans were. I slide two fingers into my pussy and started riding them. Trekker moved closer, stretching out on his stomach and slowly inching his way closer to me. He continually sniffed the air as he moved. I knew that there was only one scent that he was inhaling ...MINE. When he was a breath away, I held my fingers out to him, offering them to him, he took my hand and swirled his tongue around my hand and sucked on each finger. Then he pulled my legs towards him. He sucked on my clit hard and jammed his fingers inside my pussy. My hips shot up and I groaned. I heard him growl and his tongue push farther inside me. I came completely unraveled right then, spilling forth my juice for him to lap. Once sated, he eyed me and growled that I was a minx.

I got up and headed home to tell my parents that Trekker could come in June to finally meet them. Oh, my head spun at the thought of finally being able to be free with my relationship with him. No more lying to them about going up the mountain to meditate. Oh, I spent at least two hours every day in meditation, so therefore it wasn't a complete lie. Majority of the time was spend with Trekker. As always, he walked me darn near to my front door, before running off into the forest again.

I decided to tell my parents that night at dinner about Trekker. Well, as much about him as I could without scaring them. As normal, I walked in and went straight to the shower. Once that was finished, I sat down and got my plate. Mom and dad both looked at me strangely. Yes, it had been a while since I was actually hungry enough to eat dinner with them. As we ate, my folks kept looking over at me strangely. Lifting my head up from my plate, I eyed them coolly.

"What, do I have something on my face?"

"Honey, we are just worried about you. You spend all day on that mountain and you haven't eaten dinner with us in months," mom said. Okay, I can understand their worry, but really it is for nothing. Time to bite the bullet. Maybe if they knew about Trekker, they would worry less.

"Well I don't just mediate up on the mountain, mom. I have been spending time with a guy named Trekker. In fact, he says that in June, he wants to come down and meet you. Oh, I cannot wait until you meet him. He is just wonderful," I said. I knew I was staring off to space, but I couldn't help it. Every single time I thought about him, I just stared into nothing. Seeing those vivid amber eyes burning into mine. I went back to my dinner, content that they would stop being so worried.

That night was the first night, I ever had a nightmare. In my dream I was running for my life. My own people were screaming at me and throwing things at me. They wanted me dead. I looked behind me and saw my village on fire. I can do nothing but run, and run I did. Scared of what might happen if my people, my friends actually caught me. As I ran, something happened. I was no longer running as a human, but as of a wolf. I noticed that I was not silver, but black. I ran up the mountain and was finally able to get away from everyone. I found a cave and turned it into my home. Forever alone and with no end of my suffering in sight. I wished that I had not been so cowardly and allowed my people to catch me and do as they wanted. I awoke with a start and gasped for air. After I calmed down, I realized that I had just dreamed of Trekker's life. How odd that I would dream about his memory. I shook of the dream and got ready for my day with Trekker.

Each day was spend in the loving arms of my wolf. Each night, he walked me back home. Daring to get closer and closer to my house. Mom and dad were not happy with me spending so much time with him, but then again, I would like to see them stop me.

So, imagine how nervous I was when Trekker said he was coming over the next night. When I got home that night, I went nuts trying to make sure everything was just perfect for his arrival. Mom helped and it didn't take very long. I went to bed wondering if he would like this home or not. Frankly, I was starting to really like his cave. It felt so inviting, yet protected from everything. When I went to bed, I saw him on the fringe of the forest watching me. He howled his lonesome howl and bounded back into the forest.

The next morning, I left the house a little later than usual. I had overslept because I was so very nervous and didn't sleep well. I ran through the woods and to the cave. I stopped short and watched as Trekker slept in his wolf form. His muzzle buried in the furs that I always laid upon. I knew that he wasn't smelling deer or bear or any animal that those skins belonged to at one time. He was smelling me. I walked closer to him and held my breath. Wondering how close I could get to him before he smelled my fresh scent.

A whine curled up his throat and he buried his muzzle deeper into the furs. My heart broke. I couldn't stand to hear his whimpers. I stepped over and crawled onto the bed with him. I laid my head on his side and breathed in that unique wolf smell that was uniquely him. He whimpered again and I cooed to him. It was almost like he couldn't wake and I was so sad. I wiggled around and placed his head upon my lap.

"Trekker, wake up, my love. I am here," I whispered.

Whatever he was dreaming about must have turned into a nightmare. He was screaming and his legs started twitching. Then his body grew taunt and he shuddered violently. Suddenly, his entire body started shimmering and morphing to his human form. My heart was breaking watching him morph like this. I never realized that it would be that horrific for him. I sat there and prayed it would be over soon. After what seemed like forever, but was only probably 25 minutes, he was fully human and starting to wake. He blinked his eyes a couple times and was surprised to see me there.

"I didn't want you to see that just yet," he said and stood up. Regardless of form or state of dress, that man oozed sex appeal. It also helped that he was comfortable in his own skin to walk around naked. He stretched and walked around, picking up an article of clothing here and there. He started dressing and kept an eye on me.

"Not gonna freak out and leave," he asked. Realizing that he thought I would be frightened of what I just witnessed, I was appalled. This very dominant man was feeling insecure about my place with him. I got off the bed and walked towards him. My fingers traveled across his shoulders and down his back.

"No, I am not gonna leave, Trekker. Not ever. Not when you make me feel so treasured and safe. Like I truly belong," I whispered and kissed his shoulder blade. There was always something about him that draws me to him and makes me so wanton. He turned towards me and gave me a kiss that just seared me to my soul. He broke away and looked down at me. Passion blazing in his eyes. I reached up on tip toe and pushed a lock of hair away from his forehead. There was no doubt about it, I was head over heels in love with this particular man.

I put my hand on his waist band and kissed his chest. Allowing my tongue to lick across his nipple. His body shivered and his arms wrapped around me. Puling me close to his chest, he leaned down and kissed me again. This time, lifting me off my feet and carrying me. I clung to him and pressed little kisses all over his shoulder and neck. Groaning, he finally put me down and held my chin in his hand.

"Always my eager little Soith. Just a few more hours and I can bed you, as we both desire. But for now, we have to settle for a few kisses," he said as his hand slide down my shorts and cupped my pussy. I moaned against his lips and moved my hips. His fingers slipped inside my pussy as my hips rocked on his hand. I groaned and dragged his lips off my chest and back to my lips. He pulled away and kept his eyes glued to mine. "Come for me, baby girl," he grasped out. Burying his face in my hair, his fingers worked fast and furiously, causing my body to tighten and finally explode over his fingers. Gently, he sat me on the bed and smiled down at me. He looked at his cum covered fingers, sniffed deeply, and sucked them clean.

Grabbing a shirt, he threw it on and said that he was ready for the day. I was puzzled. Why wasn't he in his wolf form? He always ran the woods as a wolf. I think he saw my puzzlement because he chuckled and explained that this, the last week in June, was the only time that he could be human all day and night. I never realized that he couldn't hold his human form for long. He took my hand and out of the cave we went. We walked around and headed back towards my house. He walked right up to the door and looked at me. I reached up and kissed his cheek. Asking if he was ready for this. He smiled and squeezed my hand and opened the door. I walked in and he followed close by. Mom and dad were in the den and looked up as we walked into the room. I introduced everyone and Trekker sat down on the chair. He looked at me and winked right before pulling me onto his lap.

"Please, hear me through before you make any rash decisions," Trekker said. I could see that he had my father's attention at least. Mom was still looking like she was scared he would jump up and run away with me. In a way, I sort of wished he did. Instead we sat there and Trekker talked to my father. He explained what he wanted and how my father would not stop him from getting me.

As he was talking to my father, his hand was working its way down the back of my shorts and his fingers slide into my pussy with little resistance. I felt both excited and scared. What ever would my parents think if they found out what he was doing? As the sensations ran through my body, I stopped caring what my parents would think and just concentrated on his fingers moving inside me. I kept looking at Trekker, begging him to stop or at least let me leave the room and finish. But he just smiled and worked his fingers a little faster. Finally, I just couldn't keep quiet or still. I moved in time to his fingers movement and moaned.

Mother crossed herself and father looked freaked as he watched what Trekker was doing. Finally, Trekker kissed me hard and his fingers shoved even deeper into my pussy and I came for him. I sagged in his arms and the thought of being embarrassed never crossed my mind. With Trekker, I just felt, never analyzed. He settled my legs on the outside of his and slide his hand down the front of my shorts. He undid the button and zipper and pulled my shorts apart. All so that my parents had a good view of what he was doing. My father was drooling, mother looked ill. Looking at my mother, Trekker told her to get out. Without a word of protest, mother got up and left the room.

I stood up and wiggled out of my shorts and resumed my position on Trekker's lap. His hand instantly found my pussy and started playing with it. Soon I was coming again for him and in plain view of my father.

"As you can see, she is my mate. She is mine forever! From now on, your responsibilities to her are over. By tonight, she will be fully mine," he said and leaned close to my father. Allowing him to see his amber eyes. Father looked as if he had been struck. Trekker had me get on the floor and offered his cock to me. Eagerly, I sucked and licked him just as he loved.

"Please, Trekker, not my daughter! You promised years ago to leave me and mine alone. Now, look what you are doing. MY OWN DAUGHTER," he screamed. But he made no move to get closer to me or to stop Trekker. His face said a million things. Father knew that he was beat and that I was lost to him forever. Trekker pushed my head down and told me to swallow as he came. Then he looked at my father again.

"Uncle, I have no choice in this. My mate is your daughter. I know that I promised I would not track our family, but I did not know my mate would be my family. I have wandered around longer than you ever had to. Have you even told your daughter who she is? Or did you decide to keep it from her," he demanded. I was lost in all this and decided to excuse myself.

It was just a few more minutes before their talk was over and Trekker searched me out. He asked me if there was anything that I wanted from my room. I lead the way and showed him my room. Before I could even gather anything, he was pulling me down onto my bed. Instantly, I spread my legs and his mouth found my clit. Soon I was wiggling and screaming as he fed from me. I came hard for him and he lapped up ever drop. Once done, he looked up at me and licked his lips. I had to laugh. I loved it when he did that. Whenever he licked his lips, it was a sight to be seen. I got dressed and gathered a few things that I wanted to have with me.

Trekker smiled as we walked back home. Home, it sounded wonderful. It felt like it didn't take any time to get up to the cave. Once we got back, I put my things under the bed and looked at him. There was so many things I wanted to know about. But should I dare to ask them? Thankfully, I never had to ask, he freely told me.

"As you probably gathered, we are cousins. Our family is cursed to remain alive until we find our one true mate. Now, here is the kicker. Not all of us are like me. In all actuality, your father is my many times over great uncle. Most in our family only have to find their mate. Together, they decide whether to remain immortal or not. Obviously, your parents decided against being immortal. As for me, I have no choice. I was the abnormality. I was born with both species. My true shape is the wolf, as you have seen. You are also like me, only your parents didn't tell you. I have watched you grow up. You were often kept from the outside because you would morph into a pup and not change back. But now, that is gone. When you started sleepwalking, it was not as a human. You came to me as a wolf. A beautiful silver wolf and my thought was cemented. I had finally found my mate. While it took your father only 100 years to find his mate, I have wandered around for almost a 1000 years looking for you," he said and kissed me softly.

My heart lurched and I knew that there was nothing that would ever scare me off. I love him. That was all that mattered. I leaned into his embrace. Needed him like I have never needed anyone before. I pushed him onto the bed, following him down. I pulled his shirt up and ran my hands over his stomach and chest. Needing to feel the warmth of him. He placed his hands behind his head and waited. Waited to see what I would do. I started this dance and he was more than willing to allow me to finish.

I worked his shirt off him and straddled him. I splayed my hands over his chest and marveled at the muscles just beneath his skin. He was not the body building muscular type. But he had that lean structure that hinted in all the right places of muscle. I loved the feel of them. I also loved how his skin would crawl whenever I touched him. Or the spasms he would have with I would lick a spot and breathed on it. I slowly licked his chest and down to his stomach. His body convulsing under me. Even that was a addictive. I just loved how I affected him. He sucked in his breath as my hand grabbed his waist band. But I never went any further. I made my way back up his stomach and chest. When I kissed his lips, he was mad with desire. Biting my lower lip as I tried to move back away from him. His growl was not threatening, but more from frustrations. I chuckled and started to get up, when he grabbed my hips and flipped me onto my back.

"Now, now, Miss. You cannot do all that and leave a wolf unsatisfied," he growled and crushed his mouth onto mine. His tongue being a welcomed invasion in my mouth. My tongue darting out and battled with his. His hands sliding up and down my sides and cupping my breasts. He leaned down and sucked my nipple through my shirt, causing me to moan in response. The wet silk across my achy nipple was close to torture. He used his teeth to unbutton my shirt and pulled it to the sides. He nuzzled my breasts, nipping them softly. He teased my belly button and I shivered in response. He unzipped my shorts and slide his hand down and cupped my pussy as he suckled my breast. My hips bucked as his fingers played inside me. As my moans got louder, his fingers played harder. I was panting and he kissed my belly and I grabbed the sheets and damn near cooed as his fingers slowed and my orgasm edged off. He stood up and grabbed my hand. Pulling me to him, he kissed my forehead. I groaned in total protest.

"Baby Girl, you must have some patience. I know it is difficult, but I cannot, no, will not bed you until the proper time. Later tonight, when the shadow moon is at its peak, I will show you what you so desire. I will make us one. Belonging only to the other. Never to part again," he whispered and feathered several kisses across my forehead. He pulled back and looked at me. I pulled his head down and his lips found mine. There was nothing frantic or dominating about this kiss. This was the first kiss of forever. A promise to never allow me or him to part from the other.

He grabbed my hand and out we went. He lead me farther up the mountain and to another place that I had never seen before. This was a beautiful meadow and it was covered in flowers. Flowers that had yet to bloom. He put his hand around my waist and nuzzled my ear.

"This is where I'll make love to you tonight. These flowers will finally burst into bloom once I am with my mate. They are the shadow flowers. Their blossoms glow in the dark, bathing us in a soft light. You will love it. All of it," he said softly.

I snuggled against him, knowing that he wanted tonight to be as special as possible. Knowing that tonight would be very special. I couldn't wait to see what all he had planned. We walked the entire meadow and I couldn't find a single place that wasn't as beautiful as the rest.

He sat down in the center of the meadow and watched me. I couldn't help myself. I had to hunt out everything. When I am with Trekker, it's like everything blows up. All the smells are sharper, the colors are brighter. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and something that I don't want to ever see changed. Suddenly, there was a scent that blew across my face that I had never smelled before. I had to find it. I stuck my nose up in the air and inhaled deeply. Taking the scent deep into my sinuses, I headed towards the far side of the meadow. I followed that scent into the forest and just walked.

I eventually came to another clearing, this one smaller than the first. There was a my wolf in all his glory. Although he was in his human form, I could easily see the wolf in the man. I instantly started drooling. This man made me feel more alive, more special than anyone ever did. I didn't deserve him. I had been smiling like a fool, but with the thoughts of not having anyone to share these wonderful events with, my smile dissolved. Instantly, Trekker was up and by my side. Worry etched on his face.

"Baby Girl, what is the matter," he said softly.

I couldn't even look at him at that moment. I just wanted to slink away from him. But he took my chin in his hand and raised my head up until I was looking at him. Tears streamed hotly down my cheeks and I started hiccuping. How was I to explain how I was feeling to this man, this animal that I had fallen head over heels in love with? I couldn't stop either the hiccuping or the tears.

"Trekker, I love you so much. It's just that I don't know what to feel. Until you, I never even had a single friend. Nobody to talk to about anything. It's the reason why I quit school. Every night, I looked at the moon and prayed that he would send me a friend. Just someone to talk to every once in a while. Instead, I found you looking at me at the edge of the forest. Never did I begin to imagine that you would even find me attractive, let alone want to call me yours," I sputtered.

I swear I saw his heart drop to the floor. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me rightly against his chest. I heard his heart racing and was again mesmerized that it raced for me. He rested his chin on the top of my head and sighed heavily.

"Soith, listen to me," he started and never moved me out of his embrace.

He just held me as he talked.

"You are the most magnificent creature ever created. I had prayed to that same moon for so long begging for my mate. At times, I even thought death would be better than to live forever without a mate. Without you. I know all the pain that you went through. I saw what they did and I heard what they said to you. It took all my willpower to keep from going after them for their mistreatment of you. When you made your way to the cave each night, I did my best to erase what they said and did. From now on, that will never happen again. You'll have friends and family. Now, you truly are where you have always belonged," he finished.

With that said, he dipped his head and kissed me softly. Hand in hand, we walked around that little meadow and I was again amazed at the fact that these two places were so hidden from every thing else on the mountain. It was almost like the mountain knew I would not be leaving and was opening up all its secrets to me. Checking the position of the sun, Trekker moved us back to the center of the meadow. He told me to sit there and not move. He stepped way from me and stood at the edge of the meadow. Looking around me, I noticed I was actually sitting in a circle of miniature white roses. Suddenly, the sun peeked through the trees and bathed me in its light from head to toe.

What felt like a tickling sensation started at the top of my head and flowed to my feet and out into the ground. I felt funny. It was almost like I was suddenly dizzy and couldn't focus on anything. I slumped forward and it felt like electricity was cruising through my body. It was unreal. I lifted my head up and opened up my mouth to scream. Instead a stream of red light flooded out of my mouth. I tried to look at Trekker for help, but I couldn't even move. Just as suddenly, the pain left and the light faded from around me. I fell forward, my hands and arms barely able to hold me up. I waited like that for a few minutes and then slowly got up. Trekker moved over and helped me up, making sure I was okay.

"Well, that was interesting. Didn't think it would flood over you like that, Baby Girl," he said softly.

I looked at him and had to laugh. He was so concerned when it came to me. I felt lighter. Like there was something that had been returned. I tried to think what that might possibly be, but there was nothing that came to mind.

"What was that all about," I asked.

Trekker smiled knowing I would be asking that.

"Stage one of getting your wolf re-awakened. I still cannot believe that they would bind your true self like that. I should wring their necks for that," he said.

There was that threatening growl behind his words and I had to laugh. We walked out of the clearing and started to wander here and there. I was amazed at everything that was around us. How even the animals seemed to stop and stare at us, not afraid at all. I was having so much fun just walking around and seeing everything that had been hidden from me. Finally, as the moon started it rise into the sky, Trekker lead me back to the cave. There, he handed me a box that he had stashed somewhere.

Looking at him in wonder, I opened the box. Nestled inside tissue paper was a teddy the color of spring grass. Lifting it out of the box, I smiled. Dark hunter green rose buds held the shoulder straps to the bodice. A belt of roses the color of blood circled the waist. I stood up and held it against me. It looked marvelous. All the lace and silk was so sheer that it really looked like I wouldn't be wearing anything. It was all for Trekker's enjoyment though and for me, that was all that mattered. Before I could go and get it on, he took my hand and lead me to a hot spring on the other side of the cave.

He got in before me and held out his hand. Gently, he helped me into the spring and settled down. Gently, he took a wash cloth and ran it over my body, teasing and tormenting my body completely. Once he was positive that I was clean, he helped me out of the spring and proceeded to dry me. Then he handed me the teddy and I slowly put it on. I never felt so alive and yet exposed as when I wore that teddy for him. His amber eyes darkened even more as his gaze devoured me from head to toe. He held out his hand and once I laid mine down, he lead me back to the clearing. The moon was almost high in the sky and Trekker spread a blanket out and motioned for me to sit down. I sat down and he lowered himself beside me.

"Tonight, I shall not only make you my mate, but I will also re-awaken your true self. It will hurt, Soith. I cannot lie about that. But I can promise that you will enjoy it," he said.

He leaned over and kissed me gently, cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples with his thumb. He stood up and pulled me to my feet. Slowly, he nipped my shoulders, pulling the teddy down as he explored my body for the umpteenth time. Once I was completely naked before him, he bowed before me. He then stood up and ordered me onto my hands and knees. He ran his hand down my spine and over my ass, never stopping, but constantly keeping an eye on the moon.

When the moon was at its highest peak, he growled low in his throat. His hand tightened on my back causing me to whimper. He slide a hand under me and cupped my pussy, growling in satisfaction when he felt how wet it truly was for him. He got behind me and pushed on my shoulder blades until I was stretched out and my ass was high in the air. Just as the moonlight hit us, he thrust hard, driving his cock deep into my pussy, shredding my hymen in the process. I screamed in both pain and pleasure as he thrust in and out of my pussy. Leaning over me, he bit the back of my neck, keeping complete control over my movements, his nails morphed to his claws and he dug them into my hips to keep me from moving at all. He pounded into me fast and hard, never letting up and never ceasing. I was coming undone by him. I was truly his and there would be no other for me. I felt something stirring deep within my heart and soul. I felt something primal awaken in me. I knew then that my wolf, my true self was awake. I felt his cock swell inside me and without thought, I wiggled my ass and groaned as he thrust even harder. My entire body shuddered and I came hard when I felt his seed exploding inside me. He released his hold on me and when I tried to move away, he gripped my hips again to still me.

"Don't move, baby. Gotta get the swelling down first, so that my cock will slide out easily," he said and kissed my neck.

I could still feel his cum pumping into me and my body still shivered in response. After another five minutes, he was able to pull out of me and stretched me completely out. He started rubbing my shoulders and continued down my back. It felt so good to have his hands upon my back. He worked out knots that I never knew that I had until I felt just boneless. Turning me over, he started rubbing me again, but stopped when he saw the tears running down my cheeks.

"Baby, I am so sorry. I warned you that it would hurt. I should have prepared you a little better," he said softly.

I linked my hands behind his back and pulled him down. He grunted as he landed on top of me and I kissed him. I wanted him again already. My pussy ached and was dripping with cum, but I wanted him inside me again. Grinning, he kissed my lips and my shoulders and then I felt his cock slip inside me again. This time, it was slow. He took his time and made sure that I had as much pleasure as he did. When my orgasm hit this time, it was not a sudden burst, but a slow wave and peak. I didn't try to move. Just laid there and held him. Listening to him breath heavily, his heart beating in time with mine.

I looked around and true to his word, the shadow flowers were in full bloom, covering us with an orange light. Once he slide out of me, I got up and sniffed one of the flowers. This smelled nothing like any flower I had ever seen before. This flower smelled like wet dog. I shook my head to get the aroma out of my nose. Then I sneezed. I felt a tickling sensation go through my body and I became disoriented. I laid down and pulled myself into the fetus position. My body hurt, my mind hurt. I didn't know what was going on with me all of a sudden. Then it dawned on me. I was transforming. Just as Trekker did before going to my house. Only he had morphed into his human form. I was turning into a wolf!

I screamed in agony. Kicking and stretching, trying to find some way to get the fire to stop burning through me. I held my hand up and screamed in terror. I didn't have a hand or an arm any more. I had a paw and wolf leg. It was unbearable! How did he do this all the time? Suddenly, it felt like someone was trying to rip my jaw off and break my skull into thousands of pieces. Then it felt like my spine was being ripped out of my body. I could feel hair sprouting out of my skin. I went to scream again, but a howl erupted from my mouth. Looking around me, I was total wolf.

Looking over at Trekker, I noticed that he had tears running down his cheeks. I padded over to him and put my head on his lap. Stroking my fur, he buried his face in my neck.

"Soith, I am so sorry. I should have warned you that it was going to hurt the first time you ever morph. I just never thought it would happen so soon. Please forgive me. I wanted to make it easier for you," he said.

I whined, but there was really nothing I could really say. Cause as a wolf, I couldn't speak at all. I rubbed my head against his hand and licked him. Putting my paws on his shoulders, I licked his face. Then I whined again.

"Okay, Soith, listen carefully. This is gonna take a lot of concentration. You need to picture yourself as a human again. Hold onto that picture and you'll start to feel yourself morph back," he said.

It took me a half hour before I morphed back. But once I was human, I jumped into Trekker's lap. I was so relieved to be a human again. I planted kisses all over him and clung to him. He threw me down and I landed on my hands and knees. Instantly, he was mounting me, digging my shoulders hard into the ground, biting my neck, and growling right in my ear. I was wiggling and pushing my ass towards him as he thrust inside me. I growled and stretched out under him. His claws gripped me tightly and he growled at me to stay still. I whined and pushed back against him again. He bit my neck harder and pushed on my shoulders. I was in heaven. My body shook and I came hard. Pulling his mouth from my neck, Trekker howled in triumph as his cock swelled up and shot his seed deep inside my pussy. He kept me pinned under him until the swelling went down.
Finally, he let me back up and pulled me back onto his lap.

After a few minutes, I was antsy and got up. I never saw his face, but it was almost instantly that I was on all fours again and he was mounting me. I screamed as he drove his cock into my ass with one thrust and started pumping fast and hard. I couldn't stop screaming. The pain was so intense and I wanted to just pass out from all that pain. He would pull out completely and then slam back in until his balls slapped against me. Although it hurt, it started to actually feel good as well. Soon, my screams of pain were getting mixed with screams of pleasure. I started to also push back against him, meeting his thrusts and causing him to go deeper into my ass. Then I screamed in pain again, as his cock swelled and stretched my sore ass even more. His seed burned as he shot his load deep in my ass. My pussy was aching for release. He reached around and started to rub my clit and finger fuck my pussy. I was getting close to cumming myself and I was trying hard to get his fingers to go faster, but he didn't. Instead, as soon as he felt my body starting to tighten in preparation of my orgasm, he stopped, slid his cock out of me. Standing up, he held out his hand to me. Taking his hand, I was jerked to my feet and it caused me to fall into him. Kissing my forehead, he chuckled.

"Now, you know. I am Alpha. You are my Beta. You know your place as well. Together, we complete each other," he whispered and lead me home.
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