Catch Ass Catch Can
Catch Ass Catch Can

Henry sat at the end of the locker bench pondering the last year of his life and how it had gone so wrong. From two sport athlete who could write his own ticket anywhere he wanted to a struggling juco      football player in the middle of an Ohio cornfield trying to get anyone to noticed him.
It had all come to a head a year ago on the night of the state championship. Henry had been named MVP of the game for his three interceptions including the one that he ran back for a touchdown to seal the game. There was a party at the starting quarterback's house and it was like the entire town was there. 
  Henry was a scholarship athlete at the private school and he wasn't in with the in crowd so to speak. He kept to himself for most of the season, piling interceptions and local press to the dismay and envy of some of his more privileged teammates.  The rumors had started to get around that because he really didn't show any interest in the girls at school that maybe his tastes might run towards guys. It was a completely arbitrary way of thinking but oddly enough in this case it happened to be true. Henry had been sexually conflicted for a while and was quietly coming to the realization that he was gay. His plan was to get a scholarship to a school far away. The elite of the team had other ideas.  
The night of the big win, there was a big victory party at the country estate of the starting quarterback's parents. The parents where out of town and the entire school was reveling in their victory from earlier in the evening. The music was loud, the drink was flowing, and when Henry got there, the master plan was put into place.
Henry was greeted warmly by the party guests as he made his way through the crowd of drunken high school kids.  The inner circle was putting their plan into effect by setting up some video equipment in an upstairs room. They had also had called a high end escort service to get a male escort for a little internet show.
As the evening wore on and they continued to ply young Henry with shots of booze and bong hits. He was really starting to think that they all where warming up to him

"Hey buddy, hell of a Fuckin game tonight" shouted some toady friend of the quarterback.
"Thanks man, hell of a party" replied Henry as he did another shot. Henry was starting to feel no pain when the quarterback popped up behind him.
"Dude, you were amazing tonight, you having a good time" he asked.
Henry smiled a drunken smile, "oh yeah, haven't had this much fun in quite a long time". 
"Cool, look there someone I want you to meet, my cousins in town and he saw the game", "he wants to meet you and talk about your future. He's well connected at state college with the alumni association". 
Henry smiled as he continued to look around at the festivities.
"Great, where is he" asked Henry.
The quarterback pointed to the stairs "Upstairs in my father's study, come on I'll show you the way".
They both slowly made their through the crowd and up the stairs. They both stumbled down the hall to a large door at the end. The quarterback opened the door and motioned for Henry to go ahead of him into the study. It was as if Henry stepped into a banana republic ad. Hunting trophies on the walls, large mahogany bookcase with leather bound first editions from front to back. Over in the corner looking up at one of the bookshelves was a young man dressed in tight jeans and a state college sweat shirt that Henry could tell covered a well chiseled chest.
"Oh hey you must be Henry, great game tonight" he said with a crooked smile.
"Thanks, I was told that you have an in with the alumni association at state".
"Yeah, but you know the game you played tonight you should have no problem'". 
He pushed a book back up on the shelf and turned toward Henry. It was all Henry could do to contain himself in the state he was in. He was one of the hottest sexiest guys he had ever seen in the flesh.
"Well look, we don't have to get into all this right now, it's a party".
"Right, it's a party".
The hunk moved a little closer to Henry as if he was sizing him up for something. Henry noticed the large bulge in the hunk's tight jeans as the hunk moved closer almost crowding him
"A loti good looking girls down stairs, you got one in particular in mind" asked the hunk.
""ahh" Henry stammered" I haven't really been in this school long enough to get close to anyone".
"Getting close to anyone is not part of the equation at this moment" Replied the hunk while he slowly and slyly checked Henry out from head to toe. Henry was feeling little pain right now and he was also starting to pick up on the vibe. 
"You look kinda young to be a college graduate" asked Henry. The hunk smiled that same crooked smile as before.
"You're avoiding the subject, you got a girl down stairs" he asked Henry while he was still checking out the goods. Henry grinned and then looked down at the floor.
"No, I don't have a girl down stairs" Henry hemmed and hawed at the ground like a little school girl. It was then that the hunky male knew that he had his hooks into Henry. The hunk lifted Henry's chin with his right hand and looked into Henry's eyes. 
"You don't even like girls do you". Asked the hunk. Henry looked into the hunks eyes and shook his head no. The hunk pulled him close and whispered to him,
"Go lock the door". Henry stood there for a second and then stumbled back toward the door. He shut it quietly and flipped the latch down to the locked position. He turned back around and just starred at the gorgeous man standing there in front of the desk. The hunk motioned for him to come over and Henry slowly complied. As he moved closer and closer, he could feel the blood flow shift from north to south and his cock began to swell beneath his khaki's. He made his way back over to the desk while the hunk was squeezing and stroking the bulge in the crotch of his pants.
"You really think we should do this" stammered Henry with his eyes still fixed on that swelling patch of worn denim. The hunk was pitching the big top in his pants and he wanted Henry to see it all.
"What do you think" He said while he unbuttoned the button fly on his jeans. With each button coming undone, Henry's eyes got wider and wider. As the last button popped out of its hole, the hunks massive tool slipped out of the fly of his boxers and just hung there in mid air like a rocket ready to watch
"Wowww, I don't think I've ever seen one that big "stammered Henry as he just gazed at the erect flesh pole. The hunk grabbed Henry's hand and pulled it towards the throbbing monster. His fingers lay lightly on top of the pulsating rod and the hunk gave him a little start sliding his hand across the top. Henry slowly ran his fingers across the top of the swelling cock and slowly began to wrap his fingers around it.
"Oooh, there you go, stroke it" moaned the hunk while Henry's grip began to get tighter and his strokes became harder and faster. As His hand slide back and forth along the swelling manhood of the hunk, Henry could feel his own cock swelling in his pants.  
"Why don't you get a little more comfortable yourself "panted the hunk as Henry kept jerking him off. Henry reached down with one hand and began to unbutton the button fly on his jeans. As he got down to the last button, his own swelling manhood sprang through the fly in his shorts. The hunk reached down and grabbed Henry's heaving schlong. 
"What's this, I knew that you would see it my way" grinned the hunk as he slowly slid his hand up and down Henry's swelling shaft.
" Ahhhh, yeah, yeah, that feels so good" moaned Henry while the hunk kept stroking his cock. They both stood there for the longest time, eyes closed stroking each others cocks. Henry started to get a little weak in the knees so he dropped down on them and looked up at the hunk. The hunks cock bobbed up and down inches away from Henrys chin. 
"Go ahead, you know you want to" grinned the hunk as he stared down at Henry on his knees with the hunks cock in his hand. Henry slide up closer and then opened his mouth slide the swollen purple knob into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it.  
"Ohhhh yeah, that's it, suck that cock you little bitch" moaned the hunk while Henry slowly took more and more of the massive man meat into his mouth. Henry slowly began to edge the Hunks pants down around his ankles. The hunk quickly stepped out of them and kicked them far to the side of the room. He then put both of his hands on top of Henry's head and began to pull his head back and forth forcing his dick deeper inside Henry's wide open mouth
"Ggggggh" gagged Henry while the hunk continued to fuck Henry's face deeper and harder.  Henry began to play with the hunk's balls with one hand while jerking him off. With his cock almost all in Henry's mouth, the hunk was starting to tense up to the point that he was about cum. He loosened his grip on Henry's head and pulled him up to his feet. Henry's pants and boxers fell to the floor. The hunk dropped down to his knees and started sucking on Henry's swollen member.
"Ohh, shit, god that feels so good" moaned Henry while the hunk swallowed his dick whole over and over again. Henry started pinching and playing with his own nipples and he could feel his dick swell even more. The hunk was already taking the majority of it down his throat when he stopped and then slowly slides his tongue out of the bottom of his mouth and flicked it at my balls. 
"Ash, ahh. Ohh shit what are you doin" gasped Henry while the hunks forked tongue flicked at his balls with most of Henry's dick still in the hunk's mouth. Henry was almost to the point of blowing his load when the hunk stopped sucking Henry's cock and got back up on his feet. He reached up and took over the nipple play while Henry grabbed his rigid rod and started stroking it hard and fast.
"You ready for this" asked the hunk with a wide grin? Henry nervously nodded his head yes. The hunk let go of Henry's hard rosebuds and turned him around and bent him over the desk. He quickly went over to where to where he had kicked his pants and retrieved a condom. He then tore it opens quickly started to roll it down his long thick dick. He then pointed in the direction of Henry's sweet young ass. The swollen latex covered head was pressing against Henry's pink rosebud.
"Try to relax" Barked the hunk as he was pressed harder on the sphincter muscle and Henry was starting to tense up. The hunk pushed and pushed until the head poked thru and the lubed condom slide slowly up Henry's ass.
"Ahhhh, yes that's so much better" groaned the hunk as he slowly began pump his hips in and out plunging deeper inside Henry's asshole.
"Gogra" Growled Henry while the hunk's thrusts were getting deeper and deeper. The tell tale sounds of flesh slapping against flesh was getting louder and more frequent as the hunk drilled Henry's  
" Ohh my god , fuck my ass ,fuck me hard" howled Henry rocking his hips back and forth impaling himself over and over. The hunk grabbed Henry's hips and thrust himself harder and harder into Henry's stretched out asshole.
"Take it you little bitch, take all that big hot cock" shouted the hunk over the slapping flesh as his pelvis smacks repeatedly against Henry's round muscular ass. Henry pounded his hips harder and harder back into the hunk's flesh pole while he furiously jerked himself off. He could feel himself about to cum all over the giant mahogany desk that he was bent over.
"Ohhhh yeah, I' m gonna cum" screamed Henry as he blew his load all over the desk. The hunk smiled and then pulled out and ripped the condom off. He pulled Henry down off the desk and Henry fell to his knees. The hunk stood over Henry stroking his thick huge dick slowly picking up speed with each stroke. 
"Ah, ah, oooooh yes" moaned the hunk as he blew his wad all over Henry. He jerked himself dry all over Henry's torso and face.  He lay on the floor in a heap while the hunk put his cloths back on. Outside the door the noise got louder like people where laughing and clapping about something. Henry slowly got up and looked around only to discover that the hunk had disappeared out the patio entrance. He started to clean himself up as best he could when the doors to the study flung open and a bunch of people came in laughing and clapping with cameras. Henry was stunned, sitting there on the floor naked covered in some strangers cum and the entire party laughing at him. As he scrambled to get all his things together, he noticed that the whole thing was being replayed on a loop on every video screen in the entire house. Henry gathered up all his things and ran out the patio door and headed out to his car.
Back to the present. With any hope of a scholarship dashed from what happened that night, Henry graduated early a left as quickly and as quietly as he could. The show got out on the net but nothing ever came of it. Henry was sitting on the end of that locker room bench pondering his future. Football season was done and he was getting ready for his first wrestling practice. Henry had been an all state placer his junior year and the coach of the school were he ended up new this and talked him into going out for the team as a way to stay in shape during the off season. The only real plus of the whole situation was that Henry was paired with the upper weight wrestlers. This included two young, ebony hunks named Kareem and Marque.
The first few days where more about the wrestling shape versus football shape.  Having been off the mat for over a year, Henry was a bit rusty and it showed. Kareem and Marque were very accomplished mat wrestlers who where competing for different weight classes and they seemed to be as thick as thieves, always the first to practice and the last to leave.  It was the next week when I noticed that they may be more then just friends.
I was put into their group for live drills which meant I had to take them both on in thirty second intervals. First it was Jamal and we where both on our feet. We circled each other like to gladiators in the center of the coliseum floor. Then quicker then a cat, he was behind me getting ready to take me to the ground. With his arms around me, he thrust his hips up into me and dropped me down on the mat. He rode me hard grinding his hips into my ass and slipping his legs over mine in a double grapevine. He broke me down to the mat and was all but humping me on the mat when the whistle blew. Second period and Marque was on top, the whistle blew again and I quickly reversed him and threw in my own little leg ride and started to grind him into the mat. His powerful legs made it difficult but I was able to flatten him out and start working on a turn.
I had his arm barred and was throwing a half on the other side when the whistle blew again.
"Good move" gasped Marque as Henry let go of him. They both got back up to their feet and it was Marque and Jamal's turn to go at it. Marque was on top and Jamal and he rolled around the mat like two men working of some serious tension, or working up to something else.
After practice was over, everyone showered off and made there way back to wherever. The tall bronze studs where lingering behind as usual. Henry was all dressed and on his way out the door when he noticed the two of them where heading into the shower together. Henry went out the door and waited until he heard the old pipes in the building rumble as the showers back on. He knew the noise would cover him slipping back in. Henry gently set his gym bag down on the locker room bench and slowly made his way around the corner to the shower. He peered through the darkness into the large open shower room where he could see them.
They where at side by side showers getting all soapy with each other, cock already at half mast. Each one had a hold of each others joints soaping them up good with each stroke. Jamal moved closer to Marque and started kissing and sucking on his nipples. As the water from the two shower heads cascaded over their glistening bodies, Henry could feel a sudden southern shift in the blood flow of his body. He slowly reached into the front of his sweats and found the string.
He slowly pulled the string that was holding his sweat pants up and they slowly slid below his knees. He then pulled his boxers down and freed the swelling beast from within. His cock was jumped out of his shorts and pointed directly at the two in the shower.
"Wow" whispered Henry to himself while he continued to watch the two go at it. Henry had a death grip on his Johnson and he was going at it good. Henry watched intently as the two well chiseled bronze gods licked and sucked and rubbed every inch of each others body. So caught up in the action in front of him, Henry wasn't paying attention and stumbled out of the shadows and into the light.
"Oh shit "mumbled Henry as he stood there with his rock hard dick in his hand. The two in the shower just smiled ear to ear and then motioned for Henry to come join them. Henry quickly shed his sweats and boxers and socks and cautiously walked into the large shower room and up to where they both were.
"It's about time we got some new blood to join us, eh Jamal" grinned Marque as he sized young Henry from head to toe. Jamal was preoccupied with Henry's supple young ass, slowly kneaded his ass cheeks like they where two big mounds of dough. 
"Oh yeahh, nuttin like some fresh white meat to spice things up a bit" replied Jamal while he continued playing with Henry's fuzzy little cheeks. Henry was so into the moment that he didn't notice Marque had slowly slid down to his knees and had a hold of Henry's swollen member and was circling the head of it with his tongue.
"Ohh dammm, shit that feels so good" shouted Henry while Marque explored the underside of Henry's lance.  Marque started at away from the jewels. He ran the tip of his tongue back and forth a few was behind Henry with probing his ass crack with his fingers. He had his index finger pressing up against Henry's rosebud and it made him squirm a bit. 
"Ahh, you like that don't you Henry" asked Jamal while he continued probe Henry's butt hole. Marque was known bobbing in and out on Henry's dong, taking more and more with each bob. Henry started twisting his own nipples while fingers are probing his ass and his swollen cock is being swallowed almost whole over and over.
"Oh shit, that feels good "gasped Henry while he squeezed and twisted his nips beyond the point of reason. By know, Jamal had two fingers well up Henry's ass and his own flesh pole was almost pointing at magnetic north. Henry had let go of his tits and put both of his hands around Marques head pulling down on his cock harder and harder. Henry was feeling the urge to blow his load all over Marques face and slowed down and slowly pulled out of his mouth. Marque stood up with his own slung swaying in the breeze. Henry bent over and took the swollen head of Marques dick into his mouth. 
"Yeah suck that dick take it all" moaned Marque while Henry slid that monster cock further and further down his throat. Jamal went over to where he had put his towel and then returned with a condom. He tore it open with his teeth and quickly rolled it down the shaft of his huge pole. He then stood behind Henry and slid the latex covered black snake into Henry's crack. He nudged his dick forward and through the sphincter muscle.
"Easy there man, I do have my dick in his mouth and I don't want him to bite it off". Barked Marque as he watched Jamal slowly slide his dick further up Henry's butt. Soon Henry was being pumped  at both ends and loving ever second of it. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh grew louder as Jamal's pace grew quicker and harder.
"Yeah take it all, take that entire big black dick" shouted Jamal while he continued to slam Henry's stretched out asshole. Marque was watching with great interest while Henry continued to swallow him whole.
"Hey man, when you gonna give me a turn at that" asked Marque. Jamal took his last few slams and then pulled out and ripped off the rubber. He walked around to where Henry had a mouth full of cock and waved his in front of his face. Henry took hold of Jamal and pulled him in closer to his mouth. He then let go of Marques cock and switched to Jamal. Marque went over t his towel and soap and retrieved a condom of his own. He quickly opened it and rolled it on and moved down to Henry's ass. It didn't take long and Marque was inside Henry's ass reaming it six ways to Sunday. While the fucking was going on in the rear, Jamal noticed that Henry's raging hard on was flopping freely in the breeze. Jamal crawled underneath Henry's L shaped body and wrapped his luscious lips around Henrys bouncing bell clapper. Henry's knees got weak real quick and he almost fell over.
"Easy there, lets not have a pile up" laugh Marque as he caught Henry by the hips and eased him down to the shower floor on his knees without even having to pull out. Henry lowered himself down to the floor sliding his dick far down Jamal's wide open throat ands started sucking his dick while Marque started back in on his asshole pounding away like it was his job.
"Mmmm "moaned Henry as his head bobbed up and down on Jamal's while he did the same to Henry. Marque was banging away at Henry's ass and his sweaty balls were flopping across Jamal's face. The mass of grinding male flesh on the shower floor was reaching its fever pitch when Marque pulled out of Henry and stood up on his fee.
"Come on with me" waved Marque while walking into the locker room. Henry and Jamal got up quickly and followed.
By the time that both of them got into the locker room , Marque was standing on the bench in front of the lockers stroking his huge dick.  Jamal was right behind him and he came in and bent over the bench in front of Marque. Henry was a few steps behind him with the last condom in his hand. He quickly slid it over his throbbing cock and pushed his way splitting Jamal's round butt cheeks.
"Oh yeah, come get some white boy" shouted Jamal as he pushed his plump rump back on to the heat seeking flesh missile. While this was going on, Marque was waving his huge stiff prick at Henry's face, slapping it side to side. Before long Henry was fucking and sucking at the same time. Marque was jamming his stiff schlong down Henry's throat while Henry was banging Jamal's but so hard he was lifting him off the bench. It wasn't too much longer before Marque was feeling the stirring of his loins.
"Ouch shit yeah, gonna cum soon" whaled Marque while his hands jammed Henry's head further down on his lust spike. Marque was almost ready to blow when he let go of Henry's head and a shower of cum rained all over Henry's face. 
It was Henry's turn as he banged away at Jamal's ripe bubble butt. Henry's loins where getting tighter and tighter. Henry was about ready to shoot his load up Jamal's ass when he pulled out and ripped the rubber off in one motion. Henry shot his wad all over Jamal's ass and back.  Henry stumbled back and Jamal stood up and jerk his seed all over the locker room floor. They all collapsed in a heap on the floor. They all three slowly got up  and went back into the shower room to clean off each other and spent another hour exploring each other.
Marque and Jamal made the rest of year bearable for Henry. Soon he got his wish and he got to go to a major school and he finally got to play with the big boys.

" On the Road"

Another day in the Bastille was winding down and Jonah was counting the seconds . He had been at this for right around eight months and while he had made a big name for himself on the local circuit, it was clear to him and most of the trainers at the gym that Jonah "The Jett" Boyer was ready to make the next leap . The problem was the head of the school was the only opinion that counted .
Rene Marnier, AKA Rene Masterson was a relic of the squared circle , Winning numerous titles all over the globe and being the envy every man and the desire of every woman with his matinee idol looks . But as time went on, rumors began to circulate about his preference for young , hard bodied men who where trying to break into the business . While he was never officially outed , his career hit the skids and he ended up opening this school to train want to be and up and coming pro wrestlers .
Boyer was in the ring going over his match with his opponent for this Saturdays house show the school was putting on at a drive inn theatre this Sunday. Masterson was walking around observing all that was going on, trying to pump up the ones he could , but all the while he had his eye on Boyer.
Boyer had been a pet project of Masterson's since he found him in a summer freestyle tournaments . This wasn't a kid that was going to further his education with a wrestling scholarship and would have ended up wasting his time supporting himself and whatever teenage girl he happen to knock up . But he has gifted physically and he was also gifted on the mat. If he had been in a different situation he might have been a major college champion , gone to the Olympics and settled into the normal life of gym teacher . But he had chosen the path of most resistance and was going to try and make a childhood dream reality .
His life had been far from perfect and he thought that sports could get him out of the one horse town he was from. Between football and wrestling he had enough interest from colleges to get him off on the right foot , but it just wasn't meant to be . Boyer never new his father , and his mother was for all practical purposes an meth head , young Jonah had grown up on his own being shuffled from foster family to foster family until his eighteenth . He drifted aimlessly between crap jobs , dealing , and some trips to the peep show district in Dayton to pleasure the married men who where on the done low at twenty bucks a pop. Then one weekend he caught a traveling wrestling show that came to his home town fair grounds one night . Jonah had always been a pro wrestling fan from the time that his mother set him in front the TV set in their trailer while she entertained one of his "Uncles" in her Bed .
Given his High school record on the mat , it wasn't that hard to convince Marnier to take him on in his school . The very sight of the young man in tights drove Marnier to distraction . Six feet two inches , two hundred twenty pounds of lean muscle , Jonah drove the women in the school wild , let alone the gay school master .
Things where winding at the gym and the crowd was thinning out. Young Jonah was winding down his workout , keeping an interested eye on his mentor as he passed back and forth like old lion surrounded by lionesses in heat. Jonah knew that something was up but he had no idea what it was or that it might change his entire life .
The combination of pheromones and shower steam filled the somewhat small locker room . Jonah was in there stripping off his sweat soaked workout cloths and let them drop to the floor . He plopped down on the bench next to the lockers , contemplating his life when the outside door opened .
" How you doin kid" Marnier asked as he stepped through the door and slowly moved toward the other end of the bench. Boyer reached in to this locker and pulled out a towel . He slowly started to wipe the sweat from his face.
" I'm good boss, everything set for the weekend " replied Jonah as he slowly began to slid out of his workout cloths . He slid out of his top skin ,exposing his glistening young sculpted chest . You could almost hear the blood flow shift south in the old French Canadian .
" you know , there s a tour going out and there's a spot open for you , are you ready to climb that ladder to the big time " Asked Marnier while he watched the young man slowly disrobe down to his jockstrap and cup. Jonah could almost sense the hard on growing in the old man's sweat pants . He got the sense that the old fart was selling the spot on a tour and Jonah was not above doing what he had to do to get ahead. He stood there naked in front of the old man with a semi evil grin on his face . Marnier just stared at the young ,chiseled body that stood in front of him. A tiny little trickle of drool appeared in the corner of his mouth. Jonah reached in to his locker and grabbed a bottle of body wash and another , bigger towel and started to walk over to where the showers were . He threw the towel over the side of the barrier wall and walked through the entrance into the shower. He looked back at the Horny old man , smiled at him again and said .
" Why don't you come in her and maybe we can discuss it".
Jonah slipped behind the wall and Marnier quickly stripped down bar assed naked and almost fell on his ass trying to get to the showers . Jonah laughed a little as he got under the heavy pulsing shower . He slowly began to lather himself up with the liquid soap he had brought in with him. The old man just stood there ,dumfounded with his half hard cock in his hand .
As the lather on Jonah's body got spread around enough , it found it's way down to his swelling Manhood . He slowly began to stroke his hardening flesh pole as the warm water rushed over his chiseled young body. Marnier slowly moved closer to the man child , reaching out to grab a handful of his firm ass. With his own cock standing at attention now, the older man had two handfuls of ass , slowly kneading each slowly like two lumps of dough.
" Mmmmmm, that feels good" Moaned Jonah as he spread his legs further apart to allow the old fool more access to what he wanted. Marnier spread Jonah's cheeks apart and slid his hard wet dick between the ass cheeks . He slowly began to wet hump the boy and with his massive arms reached around the boy's torso, one hand fiddling with one of Jonah's Nipples while the other had a firm grip around the Boy's now rock hard cock.
The hand around his dick stroked up and down while the old man slid his bloat dong up and down the crack of the Boys ass. Jonah had braced himself against the shower wall and began to hump back .
While Jonah was grinding his hips into the old man's pelvis he reached up to the soap dish where his shower gel was and pulled down a condom he had brought in with him . He quickly tore open the wrapper and then stood up and turned around to face Marnier . Jonah slowly dropped to his knees and was now face to cock with the older man's swollen dong bouncing in front of his vary eyes. He grabbed it and pulled the old man closer to him. He then began circle the fat head of Marnier's prick with his tongue . With each circle he took more of the man meat deeper in his mouth and slowly began to let him fuck Jonah's face.
Marnier wrapped both of his large hands around Jonah's head and began to slowly push the boy's face deeper and deeper on his on his tool.
"mm, yeah, suck that cock , deeper, go deeper " moaned the old Frenchman while he drove his hips into the young mans face.
Jonah came up for air and took a deep breath and then placed the tip of the new condom he had just opened between his teeth. He moved his mouth back to the swollen joint and slowly unfolded the robber down its thick shaft. He bobbed in and out a few more times , making sure that the latex was good and lubed with his own saliva . When he got it good and wet, he stood up and turned away from the old man and his throbbing dick, bracing himself against the shower wall and sticking his fine young ass out for him to take.
" Com on , your finally getting what you've wanted since I walked through your door" he said as he spread his cheeks , showing off his rosebud to the horny old fart. The old man quickly grabbed his Johnson and guided it in. the latex cover, spit soaked flesh lance was pressing against Jonah's sphincter . He tensed up a bit as the Frenchman plowed his way up Jonah's asshole.
" Ohhhh, yeah, fuck me , fuck me hard" squealed Jonah while Marnier began to pick slowly pick up steam . The Tell tale sounds of flesh smacking flesh grew louder and more frequent as Marnier began to bang away on the young man's ass. It got so loud and hard that Marnier was almost lifting the Boy off his feet.
" Yeah , you like my cock up your hole don't you boy" growled the old pervert while he continued to smack his pelvis up against the fine young man boy ass. Jonah was furiously beating his own rigid member while getting slammed in the ass and he could feel his balls start to swell and draw up. He knew he wasn't going last to much longer so he started to ram his hips back on the Frenchman's pelvis harder and faster . Jonah was getting ready to blow and he could feel the tremble of Marnier's legs as he was almost ready as well.
" Ohh yes , yes ,I'm Cumming " shouted the old man as he rammed Jonah hard the last few times. He pulled out of the boy's ass and turned him around . He then slowly dropped to his knees and took the boys engorged dick in his mouth and began to bob in and out on it. It wasn't to long before Jonah blew a huge load in Marnier's mouth. Jonah collapsed against the wall of the shower. They both smiled at each other and then slowly got up and walked out to the locker room.
Both Jonah and his boss got cleaned up and dressed . Jonah sat down and started asking questions about the tour he was going to send Jonah on.
" You know what's Going on , don't you " He asked Jonah. Jonah sat down and started putting on his shoes .
" Yeah , Basically some people are going to be out of a job soon" replied Jonah while he laced up his hikers .
" it's a little bit more complicated then that, the founder of the promotion is in real trouble from the money people that are backing him"
" Kinda what happens , when you bang your top talents wife and help end their Marriage".
" Don't Fuck around" He snapped back" Look , I know that you all think that the business is respectable and above board now, but trust me you fuck these people and you could end up at the bottom of some river ".
Jonah cracked a little smile , a man talking about respectable and above board after what he just did in the shower with someone half his age. The hypocrisy of some of the people in this business was astounding to him .
" I got it , tread lightly , do what I'm told , Anything else" he asked while finishing lacing up his boats.
" The people you'll be traveling with will be at the show this weekend so be ready to go after the show" he said . Jonah gave him a quick nod and then headed for the door.

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