Catholic Nun Has Sex Onstage During Church Service
The Priest of our Catholic church was not feeling well and summons me to his office. He says "Britney, because of my illness please conduct the Church Service today. I would ask one of the older senior Nuns but they are really dull and boring individuals. You are only twenty years old and I find your feisty attitude refreshing plus you look really sexy wearing a Catholic Nun costume. I especially like that you never wear a bra and I can see your hard nipples poking against the fabric of your sheer white blouse. Anyway, God bless you."

Oh my God, this is the moment I have been waiting for! I quickly run out of his office to my small private sleeping quarters then get completely naked and put on the black dress I modified. I made it shorter to about six inches above the knee (even higher when I hike it up) and also made the neckline really low. The neckline is so low that a person standing next to me can look down and see my perky little tits!

Anyway, please forgive me Lord for I am about to sin!

I walk onto the stage where about a hundred people are waiting for the old Priest to give his sermon. I announce that he cannot be here today because of illness then begin a sermon about young boys and girls having sex before marriage.

The sermon lasts about ten minutes then I ask if any of the young men in the audience would like to come up to the stage and together we will demonstrate what teenagers should NOT do before marriage.

I look over the congregation and see about ten hands from young men waving around. I see a really good looking guy about half way down the aisle and point at him.

I then say, "God has blessed you my son! Come up here so we can show everyone it's a sin to have sex before marriage!"

The nicely dressed young man steps onto the stage and I immediately get down on my knees then unzip his pants and pull out his cock.

His cock grows quickly and gets so big that I can barely get my fingers around it!

God has blessed me!

As I stroke the young man's cock back and forth, I look over at the congregation and say "Praise the Lord for delivering this evil for us to witness and learn!"

The Church is silent as I open my mouth wide and move my face towards Satan's tool which resembles a human flesh hard cock.

I take about six or seven inches of cock inside inside my mouth then wait a few moments while asking Jesus to prevent me from gagging.

Praise the Lord for he gave me the strength to not gag but I did choke a few times.

Anyway, I suck the young man's cock for a couple of minutes then stand up.

The congregation applauds as I walk to the front of the stage and and begin stripping naked.

God blessed me with this perfect 5'5" petite slender body with long blonde hair and have small firm breasts with brown nipples that are always hard. I was once a porn star and made over a hundred videos then one morning about six weeks ago I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and became a Christian.

Oh, I mean that I used to have long blonde hair. Since becoming a Catholic Nun I cut off my hair and shave my head once a week. I also shave everything from the waist down. My entire body is completely bald and it makes me feel sexy. I like rubbing my head with one hand and playing with my pussy with the other. It makes my masturbation sessions really intense.

Back to the story:

Now I am completely naked while a hundred people are looking at me!

The congregation stands up and applauds as I walk back and forth across the stage. They are enjoying looking at my beautiful naked body and I'm enjoying them watching me!

I'm getting sexually excited and from being a exhibitionist and that's a selfish sin!

My duty serving the Lord is attending to other people's needs and I'm going to do more of that right now!

I turn around and see the young man is slowly masturbating. I watch him for a few moments then look towards the audience and say "Satan is here right now and he wants this young man to push his hard evil tool inside me so you will understand his power!

I will let him do this for a few minutes until Jesus intervenes and makes him take it out of me!

Praise the Lord!

My Sister's bring out the mattress from my room and lay it down in the middle of the stage then they run back over behind the curtains.

I lay down on the mattress then look up at the young man and say, "Satan wants you to put your cock into my smooth shaved pussy! Are you going to sin and please Satan or do what is right in God's eyes and return to the audience?"

The young man quickly strips off his clothes and says "I've decided to please Satan. I don't care if you are a Catholic Nun. I'm not going to pass this opportunity to fuck that sexy skinny body of yours!"

He gets down on his knees between my legs and pushes his huge cock inside my pussy!

I haven't had sex for a couple of months so my pussy is really tight and start screaming, "Satan is entering me! Now he is further in me! Now he is all the way inside me! All ten inches! Everyone pray for me!"

The young man then starts fucking the Hell out of me!

While being fucked I scream, "Oh Jesus Christ! Oh Jesus Christ! Satan is inside me! Satan the Devil himself is fucking me! Help me Jesus! Everyone pray for me because I'm a sinner and enjoying this too much!"

About five minutes later I quietly ask the young man if he is ready to ejaculate and he is.

I then address the audience and shout, "Satan is almost ready to ejaculate inside me! Please Lord Jesus Christ use your magical powers to prevent me getting pregnant and having the Son of Satan! Everyone pray for me!"

Suddenly the young man stops then ejaculates a gush of warm Devil sperm inside me!

A few moments later the young man pulls his cock out of my pussy then we stand up and he begins picking up his clothes and getting dressed.

However, I remain naked and walk closer to the audience so they can see the sperm dripping out of my pussy and running down my legs.

The congregation cheers and applauds then someone in the audience shouts, "That was the best sermon I have ever seen! I'm coming back next week and make a generous donation to the Church if the sermon is anything like this one!"

I reply, "The sermon next week will be the same topic but I'm going to pick a different young man from the audience."

Then I take off my only remaining pieces of clothing. The classic Catholic Nun headwear and white neck apron then do a couple of pirouette turns.

The congregation applauds again because I'm hairless from head to toe. My beautiful skinny body is completely bald and every inch of my skin is exposed for everyone to see. I even shaved off my eyebrows a couple of days ago!

That really turns me on and want to have sex again with another guy from the audience, but make the prudent decision to wait until next week.

Later I say to myself, "I'm doing a really good job being a Catholic Nun. I've only been here for about two months and already the Church is going to get more and larger donations. Praise the Lord for encouraging me to continue doing what I do best and that's fucking for money."
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