Catholic Nun Strips Naked During Church Services
"Catholic Nun Strips Naked During Church Services"

Prelude: An beautiful young woman is a Catholic Nun. One Sunday morning she is given the opportunity to conduct her own Church service. She has a fantasy about being naked on stage in front of the entire congregation so she can watch them admire her slender sexy body. She does that, but goes even a step further and invites a young man from the audience to have sex with her.

[Her story starts now]

The Father of our Church became ill suddenly this Sunday morning and he summons me to his office. He says "Sister Katherine, please fill in for me today and conduct a brief service for the congregation. God bless you."

Oh my God, this is the moment I have been waiting for! I quickly run out of his office to my humble living quarters. I disrobe then take off my underwear and put my habit back on. Please Jesus, forgive me because I am going to live out my fantasy and sin in front of the whole congregation!

An hour later I walk onto the stage where about two hundred people are waiting for the Father to give his sermon. I announce that he cannot be here today then launch into a speech about young boys and girls having sex before marriage. My speech lasts about ten minutes then I address the audience and ask if there is a young man in the crowd that would like to come up on stage and help me demonstrate the sin of having sex before marriage.

I look over the congregation and see about twenty hands from young men waving around. I see a really good looking eighteen year old guy about half way down the aisle so I point at him and say, "God has blessed you my son! Join me on the stage to play the part of a horny teenager having sex with his girlfriend!"

The properly dressed young man steps onto the stage and I immediately push my hand down the front of his pants. His cock grows in my hand as I lean forward and begin tongue kissing him. Oh my God, his cock is getting huge and I cannot keep my fingers around it! I get down on my knees, unzip his pants and pull his cock out. The Lord has blessed me! This is the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life!

As I stroke the young man's cock back and forth, I look over at the congregation and say, "Praise the Lord for delivering this evil for us to witness!"

The Church is silent as I get down on my knees and open my mouth as wide as I can then push my face towards Satan's tool. I take about four or five inches of the young man's cock inside me and pause a moment for Jesus to forgive me, then begin rocking back and forth. After a few minutes I let his cock pop out of my mouth then stand up and thank the Lord for preventing me from gagging.

I motion for two of my sisters that are standing back stage to come out and help me get undressed. They hurriedly walk over to me and within a few seconds I am completely naked. The congregation gets to their feet and begins applauding as I walk naked back and forth across the stage with my arms extended upwards to show off every inch of my magnificently toned slender body.

After a couple of minutes, I return to the young man and see that he is staring at my awesome figure while slowly masturbating.

I watch him for a few moments, then look over at the audience and say, "Satan is here right now! And he wants this young man to push his tool inside me so you will understand his power! I will let him do this for a few minutes until the Lord intervenes and makes him take it out of me! Praise the Lord for his guidance!"

My assistants bring out a piece of carpet, position it down in the middle of the stage, then run back over behind the curtains. I lay down on it then look up at the young man and say, "Satan wants you to put your cock into my smooth shaved pussy! Are you going to do what Satan is tempting you to do and sin, or are you going to decline and make me have to choose another volunteer from the audience?"

The young man immediately begins undressing and replies, "I believe in God, but I am not going to pass up the chance to fuck a beautiful woman like you!"

He gets down on his knees between my legs and I guide him into me. I shout to the audience, "Satan is entering me! Please pray for this young man and I because we are sinners!"

The young man starts giving me a good fucking and I can't help from screaming, "Oh Jesus Christ! Oh, Jesus Christ! Satan is inside me! He is deep inside me! Satan is demonstrating his lust for human female flesh and he is enjoying himself. Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!"

While Satan continues to fuck me the audience is silent. They are listening to our sweaty naked bodies slapping together along with my screams, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Please God, don't let Satan's seed enter my body! Jesus, please help me and use your powers to prevent Satan from making a baby with me!"

Suddenly the young man stops fucking me and I feel him ejaculating. His cock pumps warm sperm inside me several times but I am not worried. Jesus will answer my prayers and prevent me from getting pregnant.

After a few moments they young man pulls his cock out of me and stands up. He reaches down and grasps my hand then helps me to my feet.

Immediately there is a thunderous applause from the audience. I feel grateful that they enjoyed the Church service so I walk back and forth on the stage and blow kisses to them.

Later in the evening while I am taking a bath, I am beginning to get a little nervous about getting pregnant because Jesus has not contacted me yet.

As I get out of the bathtub and start drying myself, a wave of relief comes over me when Jesus speaks personally to me and says, "Sister Katherine, I have answered your prayer and you will not get pregnant, but I am upset that you gave out your email address to the congregation after your sermon earlier today. I checked your computer and found that you are making appointments to conduct private counseling sessions in your room with other young men that were in the audience. I suggest that you start using birth control pills because I am a busy person and don't have the time to listen to your same prayer requests everyday."
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