Cathy's moving back!I
I received a phone call earlier today and my heads is swimming with ecstasy and anticipation. Cathy told me that she and her brother were moving back here to live for good. They had suffered some really awful winters in Detroit and they were tired of that and was coming back home to the south. I told her that the winter hadn't been so great here this year. It had been so cold and snowy! Worst winter I can remember for this part of the country. It snowed 5 days ago and now yesterday and today we had sunshine and temps in the mid 60's. Go figure!

She asked if I knew of any fairly inexpensive
apartments nearby. I told her I had a one-bedroom that only cost $375/month. Nice quiet neighborhood and close to anything she might want. I told her it was near the Fountain City duckpond and she knew the area right away. She asked if she could stay with me while she shopped to find an apartment for her and her brother and I told her of course she could.
"I'm not going to try and drive that far because of the expected bad weather. We're supposed to get another foot of snow here!: she told me.

I told her I'd drive over to Alcoa and pick her up at the airport. It's only about 30 minutes from here so it wouldn't present any problem. "Let me know what day and time of arrival and I'll be there with bells on." I told her. She laughed that would be fine with her but she added "you might want to wear a long coat if all you're wearing is bells!"
I thought her remark was so funny and told her so!

She called and said the snow did arrive and she couldn't catch a flight out of Detroit for at least 2-3 days. "Damn I hate this lousy fucking weather!" she told me. I told her "I'd see her in 3 days then". She arrived on Sunday around 2pm and the weather was fairly nice. Still sunny and warm. We hugged and kissed on her arrival and left for my place. She was wearing a pair of slacks, sweater, and a big heavy coat. She immediately took off her coat upon entering the airport and carried it on her arm while we went to the car.

"I can't wait to get out of these heavey clothes and get into something that's more suited to the weather here". she said. She moved close to me while returning home and carressed my crotch to feel my cock get harder and harder. She even bent her head down and stuck it in her mouth to suck on it very slowly. I told her, "Stop. you're going to make me wreck!" She put my cock in my jeans
and said "I'm sorry. I just wanted to get a taste on the way home!"

We got to my apartment and took her bag inside to the bedroom where she put her clothes on hangars except for her "intimate" stuff as she called it. Panties and bras and sheer gowns that she knew she'd never wear inside this apartment with me! But she did try to dress appropriately when visiting and searching for apartments.

I told her that the one upstairs over mine was open if she was interested. She told me that would perfect since she would only have to check on her brother every so often. "We can spend the rest of the time together!" she declared. She finished unpacking her clothes and she put on a robe to cover her nakedness and told me she needed a drink after that plane ride. "Do you want anything baby? she asked. I told her it was too early for an hard liquor but I'd take a beer. She fixed her favorite drink of rum and coke and brought me cold beer.

I tried to see if anything interesting was on TV but I didn't care about the ball games so I told her I was going to get logged on the computer and check face book. She sst on the edge of the bed and sipped her drink then announced "I'm going to take a shower and get some of this dust off my body! Would you like to join me?" I told her "of course as soon as I can get loggeS out I'll be there!" I told her to be sure and let the water run because it's takes a few minutes to get warm, she said she would and was off to the bathroom.

I finally logged off and got undressed to find her sitting on a towel on the commode. She told me that damn water was still cool and we went back and each got another drink. She checked about 10 minutes later and sure enough it had gotten quite hot. She called me in and we got in the shower where we washed each other's bodies with warm water and soap. She wahed my cocked tenderly and stroked it up and down and bent down to suck it again.

I told her "that's for your pussy later now stop!" "I just wanted another taste is all!" she giigled. I soaped up my cloth and went down her back washing it down to her ass. I put the warm soapy cloth between her thighs and washed her asshole and then her clit slowly. She had her first orgasmn of the day.
I turned her around to face me as I kissed her lips and washed her tits and then down to her pussy and clit. We finished without actually fucking and dried each other and headed straight for the bed.

It wasn't long before we were fucking in a frenzy and I unloaded my cum in her pussy. It had been so long since we had done that! She had been my very first girlfriend with benifits you might say. We had fucked at the age of 13. Her pussy had felt as tight now as it did then. She had never had children and only dated a few guys so she didn't have as much experience as I had. After our lovemaking she fell of asleep and I logged back in to face book.

We fucked all that evening and night until we were totally exhausted. We slept until noon and we went out to do apartment shopping. She stayed the 2 weeks checking everyday on the progress and when it was finally ready I drove her to Detroit in a U'haul to help them move back home. As it turned out, I convinced her to live with me and save both of us some money!
Bill moved in with Donnie and had companionship and she with me. We both needed some serious fucking to catch up with!
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