Caught Red Handed! (Part 1)
I can still remember the first time that I got caught jacking off in a public place. I was at the community swimming pool, (not in my town, but the next town over since we did not have a pool.) It was a swim night designated for people from my town only.

There was usually 50 or 60 people that would attend, ranging from teenagers to young families with toddlers and even quite a few of the over 40 crowd. I was 15 years old and had been taking swimming lessons for several years and that summer was in junior lifesaving. Thus, I was in pretty good shape with a very athletic build and a good tan. I thought I was quite a catch for the girls!

Well, several of my friends were there, guys and girls, and most of the girls wore two piece bikinis and at that time they were starting to get pretty skimpy. I would notice lots of the young fathers and the older guys watching our group as we played. We took turns doing crazy dives on the low and high diving boards as well as playing several games in the water.

During one of those games each guy had paired up with a girl and had the girl on our shoulders and they tried to knock each other off. On the surface this appeared to be a pretty innocent game, but I know I was not alone in loving every second of a girls' pussy rubbing against my neck! Naturally with the pushing and shoving, a girls' top would accidentally come untied and a little skin would be revealed. It was usually covered up pretty quick. One time when that happened, it was to the girl that was riding on my shoulders and her top basically fell into my face.

Since she was on my shoulders, I did not get to see too much, but I noticed that a couple of older guys maybe 35 or 40 sure got an eyeful and I could see a bulge grow in their swimsuits. The girl got her top on fairly quickly and we continued to play. However, I glanced back over to where the two guys were that had seen her and saw them walking toward the locker/shower area. Just then she got knocked off and we were eliminated from that round. I quickly excused myself and headed to the locker/shower room to see what these guys were up to.

This was essentially one big room with smaller cubicles around the perimeter with curtains for doors where everyone changed, then on one end is a row of shower heads and on the other end is the restroom. The restroom consisted of several open urinals and three closed stalls with toilets. As I entered the room I scanned to see where these guys had gone. At first I did not see any sign of them and thought maybe they had gone out the other side and exited to the snack area.

I turned around to go back out to the pool when a movement caught my eye. I turned and saw that the curtain on one of the changing rooms in the corner was moving, but I could not see any feet beneath it. Each of these rooms has a concrete bench to sit on when changing. I stood still to wait and see if the curtain would move again. It did not, but as I stood there I could hear noises coming from behind the curtain. Someone was in that cubicle and was up on the bench. As I listened closer, I could tell there was more than one person and I assumed that both of the older guys were in there.

I heard some shuffling around behind the curtain, and then a pair of swim trunks fell to the floor. I recognized them from one of the guys that I had seen while in the pool. Just then another pair fell to the floor. I was not sure, but I could imagine what they were doing in there. Then I could hear sounds that I was familiar with. Since I loved to masturbate, I knew the sound of hands on cocks. What, of course, I did not know for sure was whose hand was on whose cock!

The pace picked up and I could hear some grunting and heavy breathing. At that point I realized that my cock was hard as a rock and straining to get out. I quietly slipped into the cubicle right next to them and as quiet as I could I closed the curtain and slipped my trunks down. I too got up on the bench so that no one could see me. I listened more and started playing with my cock. Pretty soon I was focused only on my cock and not on what I was hearing, not realizing that I was not hearing it anymore.

I had my eyes closed and continued stroking my 6 inch cock and playing with my balls. It did not bother me in the least that I had gotten turned on by listening to two other guys jacking off. The thought of them doing each other rather than themselves made me even hotter. Just then I could sense another presence as I felt air movement. When I opened my eyes, both of the older guys were standing in my cubicle and neither of them had put their trunks back on and both of them had a hand on the other guys' cock. They were obviously enjoying watching me and I was too far along to stop. When I just kept going, they began stroking each other in earnest and while I was watching them, I shot two or three ropes of cum onto my chest.

I looked down at my cock as I came and then looked at them just in time to see them cum nearly at the same second. Rope after rope of cum shot out from each of their cocks. I watched closely as they kept stroking and the cum kept coming. Some even landed on me and on the bench beside me. I then noticed the size of their cocks. One was not a lot bigger than mine, maybe thicker, but the other was huge. I knew from measuring my own that it was just six inches when as hard as could be and it was a little bigger around than a "D" cell battery.

In comparison, I figured that the big cock had to be at least nine inches long and there was no way that I could get my hand all the way around it. Even the hand that was jacking it did not reach all the way around it.
When they had finished milking each other of every last drop, they must have realized the gravity of the situation. Frantically they put their swimsuits back on and started apologizing and asking me not to tell anyone, practically begging me not to say a word. When I spoke, telling them that I had just jacked off in front of them and the last thing I wanted was for anyone to know that I did that in front of two adult guys, they kind of relaxed.

Then one of the guys said, "By the way, you have a nice cock and that was very hot watching you!" The one that said that was the guy with the huge cock and I replied that I thought his cock was fantastic. I told him that I had never seen a cock that big.
He then asked, "Well, how many cocks have you seen?"

I told him that I had seen lots, but they were all in the shower after football or basketball practice and they all belonged to other high school kids. I did say that one of the upperclassmen had a pretty big cock too, but nothing like his.

He said, "Sounds like you have paid close attention to these other cocks!"
I had not really thought about it, but I must have since I could describe nearly every one of my friends' cocks and many other guys that play football and basketball. The other guy then spoke saying he also liked my cock and commented that it was nearly as big as his. He then asked if I had ever touched another guys' cock.

I told him that I had not intentionally, but had inadvertently when in the shower once at school and I had soap in my eyes and I was groping around for the wash rag and grabbed the guy next to me. I told them that he hit me and turned away quickly as I got the rag and got the soap out of my eyes. I then said when I could see clearly I notice that his cock was semi-hard and that seeing that my cock started to rise up. I continued the story, telling them that I quickly rinsed and left the shower area with my towel in front of me. I hurried to my locker and sat on the bench with the towel draped over me hiding my hard cock. I said the more that I tried to make it go away, the hard it seemed to get. I said that it seemed like forever before I was able to get up and get dressed.

Both guys kind of chuckled at my story and then we all realized that our cocks were again hard from the story telling. The guy with the big cock then asked me if I would like to touch a man-sized cock! He stepped towards me and I slowly reached up and touched the head of his cock. It bobbed up and down to my touch and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his shaft, inside of his hand. He slowly started stroking himself with my hand underneath his. After several strokes, he took his hand away and I kept stroking. The other guy had stepped closer and was jacking his cock while watching me jack his friend.
With his free hand he reached over and began playing with his friends' balls while I kept stroking and with my free hand I started stroking my own cock too. The guy with the big cock just had his hands on his hips and his eyes closed while he moved his hips back and forth while we were working him over. It did not take long and he started shooting again. Not as many ropes this time and not as far, but still quite a bit more than I ever did. Some of it even landed on my cock as I was stroking. I increased my pace using his cum for lubrication.

Soon I was shooting and at nearly the same time the other guy shot his load again. There was cum all over in that little cubicle, on each of us, on the bench and on the floor. Just then we heard voices as someone was coming into the locker room. Whoever it was, they went straight to the restroom and into one of the stalls as we heard a door close. Quickly they picked up their suits, slipped them on and headed for the showers. I sat there for a few minutes kind of gathering myself before I did the same.

Just as I was finishing my shower and heading back to the pool, the person came out of the restroom and it was one of my friends (Dave). He asked where I had been because he had not seen me in the pool and did not see me when he came into the locker. I simply told him that I had gone out to the snack counter to get something to eat. We both turned and headed back to the pool.
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