Caught Red Handed! (Part 6)
Cindy and I had many more encounters with Steve and Joe and their wives. Kim and Denise kind of took Cindy under their wings and had her join them when it was just lady's night or during the afternoon romps as well. Once Cindy and I got our nerve up we decided it was time to invite Dave and Jill out with us, not for the whole group thing yet, just the four of us.

Since we had already been around each other in naked and even close during sexual activity, it was an easy transition to just the four of us with partner swapping all the way around. That first time, it was still a little awkward and Jill was a bit tentative with Cindy. We all encouraged her and finally she relaxed and enjoyed Cindy lapping at her pussy while Dave and I sucked on her tits. Before long she had a hand on each of our cocks and jacking us both off at the same time.

When I replaced her hand on Dave's cock she was a little surprised, but smiled and told me to go right ahead. Soon Dave and I were jacking each other off while Cindy continued at Jill's luscious pussy. Jill leaned back and enjoyed.

Dave and I continued to play with Jill's tits with one hand while jacking each other with our other hand, before Jill moved her hands up and took over squeezing her own tits. With that, Dave leaned over and started to suck on my cock. Jill moaned as he did that. She then took over jacking his cock while he sucked mine. Cindy hand her mouth and fingers working on Jill and at that moment she shoved a couple of fingers into Jill's ass and that was enough for Jill. She started moaning and jerking with an enormous orgasm. Shortly after that I shot into Dave's mouth, with some of my cum dripping out of the corners of his mouth and falling onto Jill's tits. That brought Dave to his orgasm and Jill aimed his cock towards Cindy. Cindy got several ropes of Dave's cum in her mouth and on her face.
I leaned down to kiss Cindy as we both ended up with some of Dave's cum in our mouths, while Jill and Dave kissed sharing some of my cum.

After a bit of rest, Jill asked Cindy if she could fuck me and if Dave could fuck her. Cindy readily agreed and we laid side-by-side fucking. While we pumped, we would take turns kissing each girl. Meanwhile the girls would play with each others' tits and even twiddle each others' clit while our cocks were sliding in and out. It felt great to have Cindy's hand on Jill's clit rubbing against my cock, while Dave was experience the same sensation. We each pulled when we were close and shot our loads all over both girls, spraying it around so that each girl had cum from us both on their stomach and chest. Then the girls took turns licking the cum off of each other, while Dave and I sat back and slowly stroked each others' cocks back to full attention.

When the girls were done, Dave and I were still stroking each other kind of lazily, with no sense of urgency. At the point Jill whispered something to Cindy and Cindy shook her head in agreement right away. Jill turned to us and asked if either of us had ever fucked another guy. We had not and both girls wanted to see us try it. We both agreed as long as we could do them anally as well. Jill stated that since Dave's cock was not as thick as mine that he should do me first. She took Dave's cock and gave it a very quick and very sloppy blowjob while Cindy guided me onto all fours. Dave moved behind me and Jill guided his cock up to my rectum.

He slowly pushed forward and the head of his cock popped in. He very slowly continued, inch after inch. Then he would stop and pull back a little before continuing. Each time he would get deeper before backing up. Then he had all six inches in me. Cindy told me that the look on Dave's face was one of pure pleasure as he started to thrust back and forth. Cindy had moved right in front of me on her knees so that I could suck on her tits. Jill moved beside Cindy and I took turns sucking on their tits while Dave watched and fuck me.

Soon he stiffened up and slowed his pace before shooting inside of me. It was a very odd feeling for me, but Dave was in heaven. He thought it was fantastic.

When I got up to change positions with him, the pre-cum was just oozing from the head of my cock and Cindy rubbed that all over the head and down the shaft to provide enough lubrication. Dave chose to lie on his back while Jill and Cindy held up his legs and I started to penetrate. My cock was quite abit thicker than his, so I took my time. Once the head slipped in, Dave thrust towards me and very quickly I was up to my balls in his ass. I started pumping rapidly and Cindy and Jill took turns playing with Dave's cock in front of us.

They were jacking him and kissing each other while I was fucking Dave. Very soon I was ready and told Dave to hang on. I started cumming and Dave said he could feel my cock pulsating with each spurt, but he really could not feel the cum itself. Meanwhile, his cum had been running down my legs and when I pulled out of him, mine was oozing out of his hole. We had all done things that night that we had not done before, but that we would do many times again, both with the four of us and also when joining Steve and Denise and Joe and Kim.

After several years, Cindy and I married and moved away for my job, while Dave and Jill, also married had moved the opposite direction. We were all disappointed that we would not be able to continue our fun activities with each other. Steve and Joe and Kim and Denise were also sad about our departures.

About six months after moving I got home from work and Cindy was all smiles. She told me that Kim had called and the she and Denise would be travelling through our town next week and wondered if they could crash at our house rather than go to a hotel. Of course, she had already told them yes.

When the day arrived, I came home from work to find that Kim and Denise were already there, and in fact had been at our house for a couple of hours. When I walked in all three ladies were completely naked sitting in the living room having drinks. I acted like I was upset that they had started without me, when Cindy spoke up saying that not only had they started they had also finished each other several times without me. We all laughed as I got out of my clothes as quick as I could and the girls ganged up on me.

Having three beautiful women, make that three beautiful naked women right there and willing to do whatever I wanted, Wow, was all I could think! However the first request from Kim and Denise was just to watch Cindy and me and we were both up for that.

We started out kissing and fondling each other to get warmed up and quickly moved to a 69. We stayed in that position for about ten or fifteen minutes and then Cindy pushed me onto my back and slowly lowered her juicy pussy onto my cock. She rode me for several minutes before I told her I going to cum. She pulled off and started stroking me as I came, shooting rope after rope of cum all over my stomach and chest. Kim and Denise waste no time in getting down and licking up my cum.

As the night progressed, I took a turn with each lovely lady, before we all ended up together. All I knew is that my cock was raw from fucking and jacking and fucking some more. My jaw was also sore from licking so much pussy! Finally Kim and Denise said they need to get some sleep so that they would not miss their plane the next day.

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