Caught in the middle
Just sitting on the bench looking towards the sky, alone in this part of the track and just listening to the sounds of nature made me just want to strip off and be one with the world.

Just after I decided to get my clothes off and started to feel myself getting erect by the freedom I heard voices in the distance.

"Damn," I said to nobody in particular. I had just gotten my shirt stuck over my head when I heard a voice, "looks like you need a hand there my friend"
"It looks like it doesn't it" I meekly said not seeing who the male voice was.

Trying as quickly as possible I pulled my shirt over my head and down. My head was sticking out the bottom of my shorts also but hadn't realized that is what this stranger was actually talking about.

Adjusting myself I apologised and the two men said they knew what it felt like to be caught out. It still didn't dawn on me that they had the same idea I had.

They said in unison "would you like to come to a picnic with us seeing we are the only ones around?"

now having my morning wrecked and being totally caught out I thought why not see where this takes us so I agreed and follows the two gents down the path a bit to a clearing just away from the walking track. Clearly, they had been here before.

The two men looked fit and nicely dressed, the quieter of the two carried a picnic basket. Once set up the whole spread looked just like you would find in a magazine. Just perfect.

Once everything had been placed in its correct position the dominant of the two men turned and said: "come sit and let us serve you as our guest." "I'm sorry for my manors my name is Gordon and this is Ronald my other half".
And you are?"Simon, I mean my name is Simon glad to meet you both and sorry about before I didn't think anyone knew of this place."

"That's ok Simon we all get into a spot of bother at times". Glad that I had smoothed that faux par out I could relax. Roland finally joined in the conversation and started to whisper in Gordon's ear.

Gordon nodded and explained that Roland could only speak out loud if he allowed him to. It was part of the spice they used in their private times.

The two men had more than enough food to feed the three of them. The picnic was so lavish and once Rolland had cleared everything away the three men sat listening to nature letting the food settle.

" would you be interested in a mutual session?" Holland finally said out of nowhere.

Looking at Gordon the question took me by surprise and before I caught myself I replied in the affirmative.
Roll and said "its Gordon's quiet time now"

I was trying to get the hang of the game these two men were playing and slowly I was being drawn into their world of cat and mouse.

We sat facing each other, eyes shut.

"Are we ready?" Asked Rolland in a masterful voice.
I heard Gordon grunt quietly. This game was strange to me but I was going along with it.
"Yes," I said

The trust that I was putting in these two slightly odd gentlemen was amazing, to me at least.
And so we begin again.

My rod had been pounding ever since the mention of a mutual session of play, so it wasn't a great surprise for me to find that I was holding nearly eight inches of meat in my hand with room for more.
So upon hearing the other men working themselves into a rhythm of masturbation I joined in the sounds of self-pleasure with them.

I couldn't keep my eyes closed any more so I had to open them quickly just to blink out the dust from the ground.
As I did, I saw that both men were watching each other and not looking in my direction, which sort of confused and encouraged me at the same time as I had thought they had been looking at my length the whole time.

We all smiled when they saw me with my eyes open.
"Nice package," they said in unison

We all moved in a bit closer, just out of reach of the other.
"Thank you I said, your both packing well yourselves"

Rolland reached out and just touched the tip of Gordon's weapon that I could see was a bit larger than rollands'.

I slowed down my pace to match the steady slow stroke the two had taken up.
Gordon reached out for my free hand and placed it under Rolland jewels.
I didn't even fight the idea.

I had been down this road before so knew what went where in life and I was just taking this as another one of life experiences.

Jiggling the soft tender balls in my hand had excited Rolland and he was not a weapon to be trifled with, from being subservient to having a 9-inch tool that would make anyone jealous.

Gordon also had a decent size on his shaft as well. A recent 7 inches of manhood but it was thicker than his partners.

Seeing these two specimens had gotten myself as hard as a rock as well and to their pleasure, they saw that my 10 inches was well surpassed both their expectations of me.

We all switched to just edging the others to raise the veins so much that we were just let ourselves throb with delight.

Gordon became dominant again to his partner and told him not to move.
Rolland was the more submissive and licked it better than Gordon.

I could feel my body aching but didn't want to break the spell, not just yet.
So i just picked up the pace and Gordon followed me.

"Don't touch" Gordon said to Holland and he obeyed.
Gordon WAS taking complete control now

He could see the first drops of pre-cum on the top of my rod and he put his finger over my slit and licked it off his finger.
"Good," he said.

"Don't touch" he barked at Holland, and Rolland obeyed.

Gordon looked at me and asked, "are you up for it?" Pointing at the picnic basket.

I nodded yes and looked into the basket to find some lube and some condoms in the corner. I was in this unexpected threesome

Gordon slowed his stroke down and waited for me to cover, which seemed to be the natural thing to do in this situation.

Gordon pointed to the rear of Rolland and simply nodded. I obeyed.
I was ready, my shaft filling the condom ready for what was to follow.

Gordon took up a position at Rolland's mouth but didn't say a word.

It only took a look to indicate what I was meant to do now to this bottom in front of me.
So timing with Gordons' right strokes I enter and at that moment Rolland opened his mouth and Gordon shot his load into his partner's mouth as I rammed my lubricated shaft into this sweet bottom.
Shooting into Rolland end.

We all fell on the ground together in a right embrace

Thank you I said as both men kissed my cheek.

Thank you Simon.

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