We won. I kicked the last goal, after taking a screamer in the pocket. The hush around the ground was frightening as I lined up and ran in. With my heart in my mouth I kicked as the final siren sounded. From four points down we won by two points. There was pandemonium, the grand stands erupted and I was so relieved.

I bent, hands on my knees, to gather breath. My team mates were first as they slapped my back, lifted me to their shoulders and shouted their jubilation. The coaching staff and media were next, and added to my sore back as they pulled me to them. The grandstands emptied and fans milled around to make it a crush. My team mates ran around the oval with the cup held aloft. The noise was deafening. Microphones were thrust in my face. My memory is confirmed by the footage .

"How does it feel?" How would I know, I thought.

There was concern for my safety. The police and security formed a circle around me. Slowly, we moved off the ground to the player's race and into the change room. I grabbed my towel and went to the shower. I was so pleased to be showering, to get rid of the mud and blood.

The presentations were made on the oval. I was happy in the change room. My legs hurt and my cock was erect with the thrill of it all. The hot water helped. I stood and let the water soothe. Soon the presentations were over. The team began to come in, the throng of fans and hundreds of others with them. The excitement was palpable. There was no security at the door. They jostled for space and watched the Captain come to me. I wondered why he couldn't wait until I'd finished in the shower. He held out a medal. There were flashes of light as people took pictures.

"You got "Best On Ground", and as I took it every one cheered.

"Speech!" people shouted. I turned back to the shower. My erection was embarrassing.

"Speech," they insisted. More gathered, men and women. There were people so close they were getting wet. I was the only one naked.

"Speech!" they shouted and it became a chant. A woman was next to me, she ran her hands over me. She was wet, her clothes clung to her. I started to sing the club song, hoping others would join in. I had no idea of what to say.

"I am a champion," The woman stood behind me. Every one began to sing.

"with other champions," She continued to run her hands over me.

"we are the champions," Her hands reached round to run over my belly.

"of the champion team" She ran her fingers through my pubic hair.

"just for today." My balls were in her hand. I couldn't stop singing the song.

"We beat the champions," She changed to my cock.

"no longer the champions," She began to stroke.

"they no longer," Her hand tightened around me.

"are the champion team." The strokes extended, she had rhythm.

"We all drink," The camera flashes continued.

"from the champions' cup," She was determined.

"we can never get enough," No one tried to stop her. They watched.

"we've all had a taste" I tried to move away.

"and all we want is more." I was determined to finish the song.

"With the solidarity" All eyes watched. So many pictures were being taken.

"of champions," My cock throbbed and twitched in her hand.

"We're going to win" I tried to get control, as the room fell to silence.

"the champion's cup again," She pumped, fast and furious.

"because we'll work" My hips buckled and thrust.

"to be the champions-" My cock erupted, ropes rose in arcs to fall and splash on the floor.

"We'll do it all again." The change room erupted with cheers and blinding camera flashes.

The woman took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. She licked her fingers, kissed my lips and whispered.

"You're mine." She got my towel and dried my cock. On it, with a permanent marker, she wrote her phone number. "We'll do it all again." Cameras flashed as she pushed her way through the people and vanished. With her gone I suddenly felt very naked.

The celebrations wound up early. There were too many gatecrashers and management were insecure, they worried about fire regulations and the number of people. The police came and helped to empty the club rooms.

I hadn't started to celebrate


I rang.

"Kirsty." I hesitated.

"Mark." Her voice. "I expected you." I didn't know what to say. "Meet me."




"Rogerios." She hung up.

I went. Drove fast. I went to the door. A hand slid under my arm.

"You're paid for." We went inside. People everywhere. Music vibrated the floor. My guts churned and shook. I followed. She held my hand. We stepped round people. Women in their best- wearing little. Breasts displayed. Men with shirts unbuttoned. They moved as one. The beat galvanized.

She pulled my hand. So many people. Strobe lights flashed. I saw snippets of dancing. People so close. A small stair case, I stumbled. She held me. My balance returned. We were on the stage. We stopped in front of the band. I saw the camera, trained on the band, and on us. Its light was on.

She gyrated. A feather falling, she twirled. Her arms like wings. I started to dance. Her feet moved. Delicate as they marked the steps. I copied her style. People gathered to watch. Cameras flashed

She lifted her tank top. Swung it around, above her head. People jumped to catch it. She moved around me. Still dancing, she unbuttoned my shirt. She removed and threw it. Women jumped. Breasts bounced. Some one caught it.

She backed up to me. I unhooked her bra. It dropped from her. Cameras continued to flash. I waved it round, over my head. I let it go. Men jumped. She danced around me. Her breasts swayed. She was beautiful. Her nipples were large.

She came to me. Kissed my lips. Her hands held my face. She kissed me again. Her hands dropped. My belt was undone. She moved away for a moment. Back she came. Fingers undid the button. She slid down the zip. My jeans fell.

She danced to me again. I put my hands on her hips. She swayed in front of me, waiting. I pushed her skirt down. She kicked off her shoes. I followed and slid off my socks. I stepped out of my jeans. She picked them up. Some one caught them. Her skirt was off. I threw that too. I had blind spots, with all the camera flashes.

We gyrated around each other. Her breasts rippled. She came to me. Her hands on my hips. We danced. We kissed. She grinned at me. She came into me, We wrapped our arms around each other. Her breasts were warm on my chest. More people had gathered around us. Many people. They watched and photographed.

I moved away, my hands above me. She hooked her fingers in my jocks. We moved to the rhythm. Slowly, she slipped my jocks down. There were cheers. People hooted and clapped, they took pictures. My jocks fell to my ankles. I kicked them off. Some one caught them.

My cock bobbled. Erect. She took it in her hand. I reached for her hips. She moved back. I couldn't reach. She leaned forward. My cock was in her mouth. Her ass swiveled. I with drew. She moved in front of me. I saw her laughing.

I moved my hips forward. My cock thrust at her. She reached and held it. She stroked. I reached for her. She withdrew. She shook her tits at me. People shouted encouragement. I turned as I danced. My cock bobbled, erect. It throbbed. She approached again.Pictures were being taken.

My cock was in her hand. She continued to laugh. I took her hand in mine. She looked at me. I pulled her forward and turned her. She danced in front of me. I put my hands on her hips.

Thumbs under panties. Slowly, I slid them down. She kicked them away. She danced in front of me. She thrust her hips forward. Her fingers opened her pussy. She taunted me, and the photographers.

I danced. I pointed my cock at her. She grinned. I danced to her. Her breasts were in my hands. She looked at me. Her eyes sparkled. She had plans. People were yelling, taking pictures. Her nipples were hard.

"Fuck her!" they chanted. I let her breasts go.

She danced away. She bent over. Showed her ass. Pulled her cheeks apart. She turned back and laughed. She pointed her tits at me.

We continued to dance. The spot lights were hot. There was no strobe on stage. the flashes of cameras were continuous. I approached her. My cock stood tall. It bounced with the rhythm. I thrust it forward. She reached and took my balls. She did a dance around them. She took one in her mouth. It hurt as she stretched it. She danced away, her body so busy.

She thrust her hips at me, in time with the music. I approached her. We stood together. My cock pushed at her belly. Her tits pushed against my chest.

I put my hands under her arms. I lifted. The audience shouted. I sat her on my shoulders. She faced backwards. Her pussy was at my mouth. I licked and sucked her clit. She pushed into me, against my face. I couldn't see.

My tongue was inside her. I reached up to her tits. I held them, massaged them. I sucked in her clit. My lips closed around it. I lashed it with my tongue. She screamed. Her thighs shut around me. She shuddered and flooded. I couldn't breathe. I lifted her down. There were others on the stage. Photographing us.

She was doubled over. She grinned up at me. Her thighs were wet. There were wolf whistles as she stood.

Like a cat, she approached. Her eyes sparkled, a predator. She danced and sprang at me. Her hand closed round my cock. She put her mouth over it. She stroked fast. I moved away. She followed. My cock twitched in her mouth.

There were cheers. I lifted her. We kissed. Her legs went around me. She began to slide. Her pussy was over my cock. She slid further. The head of my cock went in. Her arms went around my neck. She kissed me. Lots of kisses. Lots of camera flashes.

I lifted and lowered her. My cock nestled, snug. I kissed her. She raised herself. My cock throbbed as she lowered again. Her cheek was hot against mine. She moaned in my ear.

My cock was deep inside her. People cheered, and took more pictures. I lifted her from me. I lay her on the stage. Her legs were wide apart. I was about to lay over her. She jumped to her feet. She grabbed my cock. She was laughing. I was trying to stop her. She evaded my arms. I tried to catch her. Every one laughed as she pumped me. We were in full view. She was quick.

She moved behind me and reached round. She continued to pump. My cock throbbed and twitched. I tried to grab her. She pumped faster. Her other hand reached around me. She took my balls in her hand. We stopped dancing. The crowd shouted. More were on the stage. They jostled to take pictures.

"Now! " Over and over, "Now! Now! Now!" She squeezed my balls. Another stroke. My cock erupted. So much noise. A rope flew and lingered in the air. Lots of cameras clicked. She rushed round me to watch. I grabbed her. Shoved my cock in. She threw her arms and legs around me. We fucked as her pussy filled. She kissed me. Kisses all over my face. The cheers, wolf whistles, laughter and camera flashes continued.

The music stopped. The audience was moving. We stood. Opalescent gobs of cum ran down her inner thighs. We ran. We pushed our way through the people. Hands reached to touch and hold. Some photographed us. So many were naked. People fucked. Naked chests and breasts. Bare bums rose and fell. Naked thighs waited. Pussies open. Cocks throbbed. Strobe lights flashed. Every one was busy.

We ran to the toilets. She went in. She emerged with paper towel. We quickly covered ourselves. I kissed her. The perforations tore. We went into the ladies. She wet the hand towels. They adhered.

One for each breast. One over her pussy. One covered her bum. One for my bum. All smoothed flat. I held one over my balls. We climbed through fucking people. They grabbed at us. Clothes littered the floor. We got to the front door. Past the security. They looked surprised. The light of the security camera was on. The hand towels stayed in place. So lucky, we got in my car and found keys. With a rumble, the car shook to life.


The burble of exhaust satisfied as we left the car park. We laughed when we were on the road. The paper towels came off and naked we were free to touch each other. She held my slicked balls and I fondled her breasts at every traffic light. I took her home. Naked, we got out of the car and rushed into the house.

On the carpet, in the hallway, she was on her back with her knees apart. I sucked her pussy and held her hips. She was beautiful. She thrust her pussy at me. I sucked her clit and she sighed and moaned. I put my fingers inside. She shivered as they wriggled. She was deliciously wet and I drank. She screamed and her pelvis rose, her body discordant, she jolted and I watched as she came.

We held each other and kissed. I sucked her nipples and she lay back on the carpet. She murmured her delight as my cock went in. We fucked slowly and deliciously, fingers twirled each other's hair, mapped each other's ears and soothed over each other. We came and lay together as I fondled her breasts. We looked at each other, lost in each other's eyes as our sweat and secretions cooled.

"You want to go to another club?" she asked, as she reached for my cock and gave it a few strokes.

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