I got a bit carried away, the company was trying to raise money for charity.
Sam and Beckie worked with me, both were hot girls about 10 years younger than me.
Sam asked if id wax my legs for charity? I eventually agreed if they raised $50 I let them do it.
But the girls did'nt stop there and asked if they raised $70 would I do chest and legs?

Beckie was so hot, really pretty face and great body, I went along with it.
Then Sam added full body wax? I said $100? Beckie looked at Sam and said $80 and we will flash our boobs? Yer! I did not think they were serious.

Friday afternoon the girls put $80 in front of me, my eyebrows raised.
They wanted to do it after work in the office when everyone else had gone home.
I said id do legs and chest thats it.
They said ''so don't you want to see our boobs?''
But girls in the office? ''charity''
I thought they were just teasing but I went along with it.

Work finished and the office emptied, the girls got me into a small out of the way room.
There was to be no boobs until I stripped, ol well it was for charity, off came my tie, shirt, belt, shoes and socks. They looked me over, I was hoping they liked what they saw.
But then I it ok to be turned on or would they think im a perv?
Ah well I could'nt control it, the pants came off, I stood there with growing shorts.

I said how about we do my legs and chest before I get completely naked?
They said they were only interested in doing my balls.
They both lifted there tops, they released there boobs and did a little wiggle.
My cock was fully awake, they then kissed each other, tongues and boobs nipple to nipple.

They adjusted there tops down and then turned to me. They layed me on a desk and pulled of my shorts.
Out came there was strips, then we heard someone in the main office.
It was Julie, one of the cleaners, Sam told Beckie to bring her in so she came in.

Julie who was in her 50s thought it was brilliant they had me in this position.
With great pain I was waxed and shaved, chest and down below.
As I was doing my bit for charity the security guard walked in! He was gay and I was getting worried being center of attention.

Julie admitted she had always fancied me, and added $20 to suck my cock.
She sucked it good very good, but not for as long as I wud of liked.
Daz the guard added $20 to wax my arse, so I was then on all fours.

All waxed I felt good, Sam and Beckie rubbed there hands all over my smooth bits.
I was so hard and really needed to fuck something.
Daz said he pay $50 to fuck me, I looked at the girls to out bid him, Beckie and Sam said they wud pay to watch. Julie did'nt let me down and offered $60 so I closed the auction.

I got dressed, well I was not gonna fuck her in the office, Daz had stolen my shorts so I had to cram my cock into my pants.
It was time to go to Julies flat and I could'nt wait.....
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