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I heard about velvet through an old friend that I'd met on AOL. The stories here are so much more interesting that those chat rooms could ever be.

One particular woman there would set-up a private chatroom for us to talk since she didn't want to share me with any of the other women there. She introduced me to a couple living in florida that were heavy into swinging and wanted us to come visit to play.
It seemed kind of strange to me to tell the wife about how much I wanted to fuck her brains out with her husband reading the words.
We never made that trip (at least I didn't), who knows what Susan would actually do.

She invited me to visit her at her home in L.A. and sent me pictures of herself to sweeten the enticement. OMG! she was absolutely beautiful..a petite, burnette, hazel eyes, pouty lips, huge breasts (which I personally like), and fantastic figure. Since I traveled to Las Vegas several times a year anyway, I decided to make an extra stop and meet this lovely creature who says she wants to satisfy me in every way possible. I arrived at LAX where she was waiting and I knew her the minute I saw her...she looked just like her pictures. I hurried to pick up my luggage and we rushed out to her car, a blue mustang covertible, pulled out of the parking are and headed for in freeway. As soon as we got to her home and parked, we jumped out of the car and almost ran to open the door. Once inside she wrapped her arounds around me and passionately kissed me on the lips while reaching down to my hardened cock to stroke it and gyrated her body against mine. I reached to her blouse and unbuttoned it as fast as I could without ripping it off and found she was not wearing a bra and those fabulous nipples were standing erect at attention. I gently slid down to them while licking and suckling them and enjoying her ooohhs and aahhhs, I started to remove her tight jeans. In the meantime she had already unbuckled my belt and unzipped me and was sliding my pants down to the ground.

Her tight jeans fell quite easily to the floor which surprised me because they fit her body so tightly and gleefully discovered she wasn't wearing panties either. I could see the wet juices dripping down her thighs and new that she had already started having orgasms. She removed my briefs and looked at my engorged cock with a look of total desire and want. She pulled me down on her bed and lay me on top of her with her legs spread as wide apart as her tiny body could accomplish and wrapped those beautiful legs around my back to create an opening in her pussy as wide as she could. I inserted my cock inside her slowly at first until I could feel my balls salmming against her ass then pulled back to just the tip and then slammed into her again and again. We found ourselves in a fucking frenzy by then and the sounds we were emitting sounded like two wild animals at war. I have no idea how many times she cummed but from what I felt it was many and then I felt her tight pussy muscles squeeze on my cock and I drained my cum deep inside her pussy for it seemed like 10 minutes. After we both had acheived our mutual satisfactions I rolled over by her side and we held each other in our arms and drifted off to sleep. After all, it had been a long flight and an incredible first fuck!

The BEST trip to Las Vegas ever!!
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