Checking Her Email
This is a true story.

I had been seeing this girl for about a week. We both really enjoyed each other's company. So I decided to invite her over for dinner and some drinking. The night was going fantastic. Everything from discussing college classes, YouTube videos, even some embarrassing karaoke.

We ended up in my bedroom later on that night. She asked if she could check her email. I had no problem with that. Before she started, she asked if I could get her a refill of rum and coke. So I head into the kitchen and fulfill her request.

When I returned she was standing behind my computer chair, hands resting on the head rest. "Come have a seat" she said. I did as I was told and thought this was kind of silly. I looked at my computer screen. It was opened to a yahoo email account. She instructed me to open the highlighted email labeled "Randomness".

But when I opened it there was nothing but white space. She instructed me to scroll down, but VERY slowly. I started to scroll. A picture came up. It was a girl with her face whited out, wearing a t shirt and no underwear. Pussy and all showing. I looked back to her and she said keep scrolling. Next picture showed a girl bending over a bed, legs spread, pussy wide open and wet. I noticed that I started getting excited downstairs.

I then noticed my friend started rubbing my shoulders. Then slowly moving to my chest, and then my abs. "Keep scrolling" she instructed. Next picture was a girl playing with a rabbit dildo. Very close up. My friend now was playing "him" on top of my boxers. Getting very excited now. Breathing and heartrate getting faster and heavier.

Next photo was a girl in the shower, a dildo was suctioned onto a shower glass door. And she was fucking it. By now my friend had her hands in my pants, Slowly stroking me. She leaned in close to my ear and said "Wanna know a secret? Those pictures are of me."

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. My mind was racing. She started jerking me harder and faster. "Which photo was your favorite?" she asked as she increased her grip and speed again. I almost couldn't say anything. "The shower photo" I replied. "Look at it, look at it very closely as I jerk you off".

At this point I couldn't take it any longer, And she knew it as well. She kept stroking faster, and faster. I grabbed both arms of my chair as I finally reached my climax. She didn't let go or stop until I finally grabbed her hand due to it being extremely intense.

As I sat there trying to catch my breath, she spun me around and said "oh, looks like you need a tissue, i'll be right back". As she left the room with me sitting there, the only words I could mutter were "holy shit."
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