Cheerful chair fuck
Sitting in the large chair, quite comfortable with my cock in my hand I quietly sat and enjoyed the porn that was on the screen in front of me.

It just felt so good not to have to worry about anything but beating myself off.
Pulsing in my hand I felt hard and pulsing and good.

The images of people fucking any which way they could was enough to stir the hormones that made me such a monster cock.

Not having to worry about performance or be worried about satisfying a partner.

It was just me and my rod.

Spitting on my hand to lubricate a bit my pace was picking up. harder and faster, my cock was hot to touch.

I had to spit on the top to get more lubricant to rub.

"Fuck, fuck this is good," I said to myself.
I could feel the edge slipping closer and closer but not over.
Faster and faster, harder and harder, pre cum started to drip and tasted just right.
It wouldn't be long.

Now would be a good time for someone to suck me, to slurp up my cum as I shoot it down their mouth.

I was going to blow, blow hard.

Being distracted I had failed to hear the backdoor open and the next door neighbour come in.
She saw me in the chair and there was an awkward silence.

With veins popping and blood filling every inch of it my penis stood firm, hard, erect and ready to go.
The only question was "is she just going to watch or take the opportunity to saviour its delights?" These thoughts ran through my mind.

I didn't have to go worried about anything as get eyes lit up and her top hit the floor about the same time as her knees did.

"Need anything?" Was all she said.
"A hand or two would be nice as I can't quite reach the tissues" I jokingly said.

"You won't need any" she giggled
She was right.
The function from her mouth added with the saliva she was pouring over my rod making my nails drive into the arms of the chair.

My feet raised and wrapped themselves around her hips, bringing her tighter and tighter onto my member, which had now turned into a face fuck.

I was surprised that I hadn't done much for her to carry on intently and wildly.
"Bring me over" please I begged now as her mouth did its magic on me.
"Suck my man juice" I cried.

The next thing I knew I was filling her mouth, throat with my hot cum.
A lot of cum, she took it all.
I bent down and kissed her. making her even hornier than before.
She was having fun in my fuck chair.

She let me cuddle her from behind, so I wrapped my arms around her neck and let her sit in my lap in a half daze.

We sat there dozing when a voice could be heard outside my backdoor.

"Mom are you there?" A younger female voice called out.

"Mom!" A broad smile broke across her face.

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