Chet and Friend
Sandy agreed to take Carrie shopping, and I would be alone in the house with Chet. It was apparent he was getting hornier by the day. I did enjoy the looks and the unexpected touches of my body, but it was going to take more to get him happy, and I was just the gal that could do that. The weather was still warm for the fall to wear a summer halter dress.

I liked the dress I was going to wear because it tied behind the neck and left my back bare. The cut down the back was low enough but did cover my crack. The halter was loose enough and wide enough that when I walked my breasts jiggled. The skirt was, and my panties were a contrasting color bikini lace. Sandal heels completed the look, and I was ready to tempt my wife's brother. I did plan to fuck him, but I was going to make him work for it.

With Sandy and Carried gone, I was dressed and walked into the kitchen. I acted like I didn't see Chet and I heard him sigh. I turned toward him and let him get a good view of the front of me as he had of my back. I made sure I walked towards him and watched his eyes gleamed as my tits jiggled with each step.

"Chet, how are you this morning?"

"Much better, now that you are here."

"You are an early morning flatterer."

"They come easy when you are dressed like that."

"I am glad you like my dress."

"I hope you don't mind, but I have an old buddy of mine coming over this morning. I told him all about you, and he would like to meet you."

This somewhat ruined my plans but if I said no, I might ruin the day. With a yes, I might find me having to satisfy two men. It has been a long time since I had two cocks at the same time. Of course, I answered.

"No problem, I would love to meet your friend."

"Carol, I have to say it before it makes me explode."

"What Chet?"

"You are so fuckable!"

"Your sister thinks so too."

I could never get out of Sandy if Chet had ever tried anything with her, but you never know as horny as the two of them are. Chet had his cell in his hand typing text to tell his buddy it was clear sailing. It didn't take long for the doorbell to chime. I went to the door and opened it, and there stood a man I had known for a very long time. He knew more about my indiscretions that Chet would ever know. He counseled me when I needed it. He never once even hinted that he wanted me as a woman. He was married to a wonderful woman who I knew as well. If I ever thought I could have got into her panties, I would have jumped at the chance. She what I called dignified sexy. Sexuality dripped off of her without even trying. But here was her husband telling his friend he wanted to meet me, and he knew damn well what Chet had in mind. In the past, I would have gladly put out for him, if he asked. Now after all that time his true wants were coming out. If he fucked me, I would get his blessing for me to attempt to make his wife without his interference

"Carol, this is Gene."

"Hi Gene, I am Carol, but maybe we have met before?"

The Reverend Eugene Sullivan smiled a crooked smile and said, "Could be." All that counseling, making me confess to all those things I did with men and women, and all my pastor wanted was to get his jollies and wanted really was to fuck me all along. ‘Well Rev, you are going to get your wish, and any hole you want will be yours.'

The boys wasted no time as Chet held me and kissed me as Gene watched. Gene slipped behind me pressing against my ass as he nuzzled my neck. His hand slipped into my halter and enjoyed the flashiness of my breast. Chet was on his knees and lifted my dress, putting in my hand while he slid my panties down my legs. I turned and kissed my pastor as Chet roamed my ass with his tongue. I felt his fingers dancing around my pussy. I was wet because I wanted the man kissing me ever since his counseling sessions.

I took his hand and led him to Sandy and my bedroom. The gentlemen shed me of all my clothes. I was gently pushed down on my bed and my legs spread while Chet tongued my pussy. Gene was kissing me. He whispered in my ear as I moaned for the tongue hitting all the right places.

"Carol, I always wanted to be in you. Did you know that?"

"Why did you ignore me, Gene? I even flashed you with no panties in one of our sessions, and you acted like it didn't bother you."

"Oh, but it did, and I took it all out on Linda."

"Gene, I want you in me, but I want you to ensure me that I may have a try at Linda."

"Of course, but you may have to fight for her this another member of the church."

With that, he pushed his way up the bed and his hard cock dangled in front of my face. No wonder Linda always looked so satisfied, as my pastor had a cock that was thick and long. I kissed the head and tongued it with swirls over and over. As it entered my mouth, Chet was separating my pussy lips with his cock, and it felt good. A girls dream come true being fucked by my wife's brother, as I blew my pastor after waiting ten years. I gladly swallowed the cum he gave me. I finally wound up with Chet fucking my ass, as Gene fucked my pussy. Although Chet had dumped a load in me, this was going to be my first orgasm from them. Chet asked Gene, "You feel me in her?" When he said, "Yes!" I exploded with a very violent orgasm. Two new cocks delighting me and it felt wonderful.

Chet was spent and went for a shower while Gene and I cuddled and talked about things lover do. He even told me things that turn Linda on, and I felt he wanted me to make her as much as I did. While Chet showered, Gene and I fucked again, and I liked his technique and stamina. I told him I was available to him anytime. He laughed and said, "Maybe a counseling session?" I definitely was ready for more counseling that is for sure.

Sandy and Carrie returned home with everything normal. Sandy asked me, "Was he good?" I replied, "You should have never passed it up when you had a chance." Her sheepish grin said it all...
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