Chinese chatgirl
Dear Orchid, I just cannot measure
My happiness in hearing your voice.
Of girls who give sexy phoneline pleasure
You rank as my Number One choice.

On the website a message you've written,
Encouraging fellows to ring,
Saying you'll be their perfect playkitten,
Their Chinese experimental thing.

I love the tantalising illustrations
Of you in your panties and bra.
I remember past phone conversations
And think how delicious you are.

When my cock's been as stiff as a steeple
We've talked about threesomes and stuff
But today i don't want other people,
Having you would be more than enough.

I fantasise how I might meet you
One morning, eleven o'clock.
To a lovely day in London I'd treat you,
I'd buy you a gorgeous new frock.

We have dinner in a restaurant at seven
Which belongs to a topclass hotel.
The sweetness of your company is heaven,
Your smile is as sexy as hell.

In a bedroom I start to caress you
And passionately kiss your soft lips.
I unfasten your frock and undress you
And stroke your bare breasts and your hips,

We turn each other on good and proper,
Please pardon my description being blunt -
You skilfully suck on my whopper,
I'm fingering and licking your cunt.

You lie on your back and you giggle
And I fuck you with a feeling of bliss.
You're squealing my name as you wriggle.
For weeks I've been waiting for this.

And then you climb on top and that's splendid,
You know that you're thrilling me to bits,
Your eyes locked with mine, your arms extended,
The energetic bounce of your tits.

We take a five minute intermission,
You put on a nightdress trimmed with lace -
And now you're in the doggie position
With a mirror reflecting your face.

Eventual explosion of semen,
Volcanic eruption almighty,
In a quantity sufficient for three men
All over your face and your nightie.

We lie closely cuddled together
Till I hear your quiet breathing as you sleep
And your panties as light as a feather
I put in my suitcase to keep.

I know it's imagination merely
But it does get my brain in a whirl.
It's what I would like most sincerely,
Lovely Oriental telephone girl.

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