Finally spring is here. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and it's getting nice and warm in the day. I don't even care that it drives my sinuses wild or not. I'm so sick of the worst winter I had ever experienced!

On the 3rd of June Chris arrives to visit for a week with her 16 year old body looking like she had to at least 25 and she was all tanned from sunning at the beach. Her back had no lines so she must had unloosened her bikini top to get it tanned that well. She greeted us all with a hug and kis and asked where her sister Lisa was. I told her that Lisa had spent the night with a friend. "Yeah a man friend probably! she told us. "Ever since she lost her virginity she's always at a man's house overnight!"

We sat and talked and she told us about graduting from high school and she had planned to go to college at VA Tech in the fall. "I have no idea what to major in but my parents insist I go." she complained. I asked "what do you enjoy the most?" She told me "sunbathing and making out with my boyfriend are my favorite subjects!" Everyone roared with laughter. "I don't think I've ever heard of degree in either of those but hey it's their money." I told her.

Finally Lisa arrived after being fucked all night feeling chipper as ever and glowing like a bulb. she saw Chris and ran over to her and hugged and kissed her saying only "how's my baby sister?" She replied "I'm fine. I see you got laid last night from the expression on your face and your messed up hair! Go get a comb/brush and I'll brush it for you like I've always had to. Geeesh Lisa, you are amazing!"

I noticed Lisa whispering to Chris and then Chris told us all "look guys, I'd love to participate with each of you in your plans but I'm still a virgin and until my boyfriend takes that I can't have a cock in my pussy! I will suck every guy's cock and suck on all the women's cunts and you can do me the same but no cocks inside my pussy just yet. Okay?" She also told us that it wouldn't be long after she returned home from her vacation. She and her boyfriend had already decided to fuck each other then.

After she finished brushing Lisa's hair Lisa took her baby siter to the bedroom to make love to her. We could hear them through the walls with Lisa giving Chris the instructions as to what to do. After they had finished I went in and she placed my cock in her mouth and sucked on it like a professional. She told me "this I have done many times with my boyfriend so I don't need any instructions." She was right..she was very good so I went down on her pussy and licked and sucked it along with her. She came really close to putting my cock in her but she stopped and just rubbed the head of it in her opening.

Chris did have turns with everyone we knew but stuck to her word about being fucked by a cock.
I must have been the only one that she had put the head of my cock in her tight wet opening just to feel it. I could tell she wanted it so bad and knew her boyfriend was goiong to get some realy hot pussy when she went home. I was jealous of him for that!

She finally left for home the weekend before her 17th birthday to get ready for her last year of high school and get fucked several times by her boyfriend. It wouldn't have surprised me that if she had been deflowered that she gave it away to lots of boys. She really loved to fuck and suck otherwise!

We miss her so much and eaferly await her return before going off to college. I know I'll get to fuck that tight pussy and give her my cum then. OH yes!
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