Christmas Blues
It is the day of the 24th and my husband and I are running our last errands to the grocery store, last minute other stores, and general browsing. We both were able to get off work today and spend the day together. As we finally get home, we set the bags down and prepare to cook. I loved cooking with him because he was fairly skilled at it and always fun. Things were measured, pured, and beginning to bake when I start to mix and spice the pasta. He starts on everything else. I feel him come up behind me and hug me. Both hands around my tummy and press against me tight. I also feel the result of one month of no sex against me too. Things had been so hectic lately for us that we came home totally exhausted and to make things worse; had barely spoken more than 20 minutes at a time. He buries his nose in my hair and I hear,"uhhhh the smell of your floral shampoo and the warm vanilla body wash.... yummy." I ignore him and give a little smirk which drives him wild. He then murmers in my ear with that lower gravely voice of his that I played with him and he will get me back. Even though he has no clue I will fully seduce him tonight.

He leaves to set the tables as I make our plates and i take a deep breath to compose myself. We sit down and look at the black window other than a faint street lamp and the moon reflecting off of the falling snow. He feels me looking at him and turns back to me. I take a single noodle and hold out my tongue and guide it slowly to my mouth. He watches in a curious satisfaction with an eyebrow raised the takes a big gulp then going back to eat after I return to being a lady. We finish the festive heavily flavorful pasta and clean up. He heads into the living room to build a fire in the ornate greenery decorated mantle and I pour us some brandy. As I sit on the sofa sipping and watching his gorgeous tight yet round butt move to him building the logs and striking the match. I think about buying him more of those jeans.

He turns around to join me on the sofa and I look at his buttoned up shirt fitted perfectly across his muscular meat body and I get a little hot flash. He joins me on the sofa and wraps his legs around mine cradling me. I lean back and lay on his chest and enjoy the atmosphere. After an hour the warmth of the drink, the dark orange flames dancing across us, and the potent smell of the greenery get to me. I start to take off my sweater and he takes his hands and puts them at my side. His hands are pressed against my body rolling the sweater up to my breast and stopping for a little caress. It is finally over my head, and tossed onto the floor.

I take my hand and rub it across his chest and down his stomach rubbing his thigh. On the final stroke, I go up to his crotch and press hard. He starts to twitch under the jeans and I know I've got him. He brushes my hair back and begins to kiss me so lightly up and down my jaw and neck. While kissing me he makes his hands down to my buttons, undoing them and then to my zipper. I know what is about to happen and I eagerly await his fingers. His hand rubs the outside of my panties and goes down until he feels me getting wet. With a casual yet quick slide he is in my panties. His hand cups my plush pussy and storkes it. he get deeper and deeper into my lips. He takes my jeans and slides them down giving him greater access to my already wetness. He slides two fingers in causing me to lift up to get him in further. His long fingers make me start to squirm as he reaches his thumb up to my clit and rubs firmly and quickly. I start to moan and squirm more with my butt rubbing against him making him moan too. After I tighten up then soak his hand, he lets go and slides out. I need more than just his fingers in me....

I make him lie down on his back at the other end of the sofa and take off his pants, then shirt, and boxers leaving him naked. I take the rest of my clothes off and he sees the red lacy panties I wore just for tonight. I strattle him and kiss his tight chest all the way around and then hold his cheeks while biting and tonguing him madly. I straighten up again and bring myself to his waist. My hands stroke him to make him fully erect grabbing his balls occaisionally. He touches my hips and I move up to finally get him inside me. I slide on with no problem and begin moving my hips back and forth. We both just look at each other remembering the wonderful feel of him under my legs and me around him. He ask me to turn around and rids him in reverse; which I oblige to . I turn and get back on him and I feel his hands massaging my cheeks and moving me up and down. I bounce on him holding his knees and I get faster and faster, louder and louder while my G-spot is rammed and I feel my cheeks clench as I climax. To help me there he shoves himself fully into me and holds me until I stop screaming YES YES OHH OOOOUUUUHHHHH! and fall forward over the arm.

I want him again and again even though I don't have the energy. The rest of the night we lay there under a blanket and kiss sweaty and sticky.... and not caring.
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