Christmas Treat
I admired Gillian's petite form in her light pink dress against the Christmas tree. It was quite sheer really, and quite out of character for her to be wearing in a party of this many people, not that I was complaining. I noted that underneath that sheer dress all she wore was a thong. "Turn around so I may kiss you.." I whispered in her ear.

Startled, she swivelled on her high-heeled shoes but calmed down when she saw me. "Baby... you startled me!" I grinned at her and placed my hands on her slender waist, pulling her towards me. As I leaned towards her she did the same, our lips meeting in a tender kiss. I had not seen her in a few days due to both our jobs.

"Hmmm" She sighed as we finally broke the kiss. "What took you so long baby?".

"I had to make an entrance baby" I replied with a wink. My hands reached under her short dress to cup her pert backside I loved so much.

"Oh I love your hands baby, but isn't this a little too public?" She was right, there were people all around us. But the very sight of her made me horny.

"It would be ok baby, trust me" I reassured her with a quick peck on the lips.
I hooked my thumbs into her delicate thong and pulled it downwards in one quick motion, holding it at her ankles.

She gasped. "Baby! What are you doing? Not here!" she said in a forced whisper

I however took my time lifting her feet out of her thong panties as she held on to my shoulders. I came up once again to her eye level hanging her rather festive-looking red thong in my index finger. I winked at her. "I'm just making an entrance baby".

She giggled, playfully slapping my chest and hugging me close. I reached out behind her and hooked her panties on to the Christmas tree. It did not look out of place with its colour.
"Oh, you're very naughty!" she said.

"Let's give them something sexy to think about" I told her, grinning..

I placed my hand under her dress, on her soft backside, guiding her to the back of the house. As she looked up at me I told her "Relax baby, they'll think you have a thong on". She looked like she wanted to retaliate, but was too worked up to do so.

But she surprised me then.
Unizipping my pants she reached into my underwear and fished out my cock, holding it firmly in her hand.

"Two can play this game darling" she said to me with a grin. And we walked on, each feigning a calm exterior while excitedly predicting where this game would end... ;-)
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