Christy's Class
Christy sat upright in class. Her hands were folded elegantly in her lap. Her honey blonde hair had been pulled back into a pony tail. A pretty green velvet bow lying atop the band hiding it. Her long light lashes had been darkened just a smidge with mascara and eye liner. Her deep hazel eyes sparkled with mischief. A faint touch of lipstick made her full lips look as though they were pouting and moist. Her bright white blouse clung to the delicate curves of her petite breasts. Every button had been secured except the top two. The two open buttons revealing just enough of her cleavage to be a tease. Her white lace bra was seen easily through the top. It didn't look cheap as one might think. Christy's form was perfect her subtle curves made her more inviting. It looked exceptionally classy. Her narrow waist was encircled by a wide glossy black belt. The dark green plaid skirt matched the bow in her hair. She wore a pair of thigh high hose held up by a white garter belt. A pair of four inch glossy black heels covered her small narrow feet. The heels made her stand a bit over five feet tall. The length of her skirt started at her hips and stopped above her knees. Today she knew she would have Mr. Sumner for American History. That was why she had decided today was the day not to wear any panties.

Mr. Sumner was new to the area. He had started teaching at pleasant view high one month ago. He had deep brown hair along with the bedroom brown eyes. He always had a scruff of a beard but not a full beard. He always dressed casually even though the board did not approve. They allowed him to get by with it. He had been the only teacher that had not run away screaming within a week. The board wasn't about to let him go now. He always wore a tie. The knot was always lose and his shirt was always had a button or two undone. He always wore tight fitting jeans. They outlined every curve of his masculinity. The girls had not seemed to notice or to care. Christy on the other hand had from the first day. The first time she saw him she knew she wanted him. She wanted him bad and eventually was going to have him.

Christy waited patiently until Mr. Sumner was well into his speech of George Washington. Christy had lost interest the moment she started watching Mr. Sumner pace back and forth across the class room. She caught him within mid sentence. She lowered her gaze seductively and un-crossed her legs. She slowly spread her knees and leaned forward resting her chin on her palms. The skirt slid up upon her warm smooth legs stopping along mid-thigh. Christy could tell that Mr. Sumner could see exactly what she wanted him to. He had become lost in mid sentence. He cleared his throat lightly and asked the class to read chapter six quietly. He then went and sat behind his desk. The desk she chose to sit in was placed directly in front of Mr. Sumer. She had taken great pleasure in shaving her pussy that morning. She had wanted that mound and slit just as smooth as it was the day she was born. After two tries she had reached her goal. Now as she sat before Mr. Bradley Sumner she could tell it had all been worth it.

The clock ticked by slowly that afternoon. Finally the first bell rang and everyone rushed out the door as quickly as they had rushed in. Christy did not rush she gathered her things painfully slow. She was the next to the last to start out the door. Mr. Sumner stopped Christy before she could reach the door. "Would you mind if I have a moment with you Christy?" He had asked softly. She nodded faintly but said nothing. Mr. Sumner slipped from his seat. Silently he padded across the floor to his class room door. He slowly pulled the shade down. Then locked the door before walking back in front of the desk Christy had sat in. She eased back into her seat as if this was a normal thing.

Several moments ticked by before Mr. Sumner leaned over placing his palms on the top of her desk. "Young lady I don't know what you think you're doing. However I know what you are doing. You're making it extremely difficult for me to teach my class. Are you aware I could see up your skirt?" His voice was trembling. Desire had already made him edgy and he wasn't sure how much more he could take before all the rules he had made were blown out the window. Christy nodded slowly with her deep hazel eyes fixed on the lose tie knot. Her voice was a warm and sweet as natures purest honey "I know exactly what I was doing Mr. Sumner." He cleared his voice and leaned back against the edge of his desk. Bradley knew he needed to say something but right at that moment he found himself lost for words. His chest rose and fell with struggled breaths. "You know I could put you in detention for this for the rest of the year!"

Christy knew this was her moment to shine. Mr. Sumner's idle threats were not going to detour her from her goal. "I know you could Mr. Sumner, but you won't." She held out a small slip of paper which was folded in half. "Here is the address of my house. My parents have gone away for a vacation in the Bahamas. I have the entire house to myself for the week. I'll be expecting you lets say around seven." Christy did not give Bradley time to think. Instead her palm slid over the obvious bulge in his pants. She squeezed it gently her voice a soft whisper. "Don't be late." With that she walked coolly out the door.

Mr. Bradley Sumner stood starring after Christy as she boldly walked from his classroom. Thoughts were running wild through his mind. All the things he wanted to do with this young lady. All the rules Bradley had been private to himself. They were also mandatory from the school board. His mind was screaming NO but the huge throbbing bulge in his pants was begging for a hardcore yes! He fell back into his seat as she went out of sight. He plowed his fingers through his dark hair and sat there breathless for a time. Struggling to slow the over whelming thoughts rolling through like freight trains of their tracks. His mind was going every where and no where at the same time. The ragging hard-on took well over an hour to subside. It was then he gathered his things and locked his class for the night. He walked to his car. The address to Christy's house lay in his palm tempting him. His dark brown gaze went from the address to no where in front of him. Until his car was parked in Christy's driveway. Then as if a light bulb flashed in his mind there it was. There was Christy's house it looked like every other suburban home. The white picket fence the two story windows that gave a wonderful view at night. It was a perfect warm yellow. It was as if the house itself was inviting him to come inside.

Once Christy had drove home and was safely inside. She pressed her back against the door and let out a long sigh. The rush of the day's events swirled in her mind like a whirling tornado. Christy had been aching to have Mr. Sumner's attention. Now she knew she had it but at what cost. She had no idea what effect if any this would have on her grades. If Mr. Sumner did turn her into the principle she would have detention for the rest of the year. The worse case scenario was the fact she would be removed from his class room all together. She would never have him as a teacher. That simply could not happen. She knew she read his actions right. He would show up she just knew it deep within herself.

As soon as she had enough time to think Christy had ran up the stairs. Once was inside her room she flung her clothing off. She took a long bubble bath making sure her mound was still smooth. She did not want even the slightest of stubble. After her warm bath she slipped from the water. She wrapped a towel around her beneath her arms. The towel reached the top of her thighs keeping her body hidden from herself. She knew if she looked at herself in the mirror. She would end up masturbating and tonight was special. Tonight she wasn't using her fingers. Tonight she was having the man she had lusted over for months. Christy slowly slid the fine bristled brush through her honey blonde hair. Once all the curls draped loosely around her neck and between her shoulder blades. She stepped into her walk in closet. After going from one long satin gown to another her hazel eyes stopped and fastened on a peach colored one. She tilted her head slightly. Her top teeth gently bit into her lower lip. It was a habit her mother had reprimanded her for often. Now she did not have that concern. Her mother was not there to fuss at her for anything she had done or was going to do

The peach gown Christy had chosen had noodle straps. It was pure satin with a see through lace bust. It was made to entice and that's exactly what she was going to use it for. The gown stopped just beneath the curves of her ass. The lace held her young perky breasts easily. Then it had wound down her body stopping just above her navel. It came with a matching satin thong the same soft peach color the strings on the side was tiny. The small triangle over her mound disappeared into a string along the crevice of her ass. It fit her firm hips and ass perfectly. The tiny triangle was barely large enough to hide an ant, let along her small mound. It was perfect simply put.

As soon as Christy found the gown she wanted. She dropped the terry cloth towel and slid the gown on. The soft peach satin molded to her flesh. She turned to gaze into the full length mirror. Her hazel eyes slowly roamed over her reflection taking in every inch of her body. The smooth glistening satin of her gown set off the golden blonde strands of her hair. The hazel in her eyes sparkled with every ounce of light around her. The soft lipstick she had picked out was perfect. It made her lips gloss but not to the point of standing out. Every curve was elegantly outlined in her reflection. Right down to the rock hard nipples piercing through the fabric.

Christy finished by slipping on a pair of two inch heels. Just as her foot slipped into her shoe the door bell rang a soft whimsical chime. Christy smiled as she slid her foot into the right shoe. She slowly sauntered down the stairs. She took in a light breath and opened the door. Bradley met her gaze head on. He looked as though he had been dragged through the pits of hell on his knees. His dark brown hair was standing up straight in total disarray. His eyes looked so much darker than usual. His lips looked sore from where he'd chewed the lower one nervously. His voice ragged as he stepped inside "What the hell am I doing here Christy?"

She said nothing instead she gently closed the door. She took the time to turn the dead bolt locking the house down. She did not bother to say a single word. Instead her fingertips pinched the tip of his tie. She started up the stairs again guiding him with her. Bradley stopped grasping her wrist he spun her around to face him. He started to argue but he could take no more. His long arms engulfed her waist pulling her against his hard body. She gasped in shock and desire. Her hazel eyes grew dark and hungry. His strong hand cupped her left breast. She groaned her arousal only to whimper when his hungry mouth begin nibbling it through her gown. His warm wet tongue lashed around the hard bud. Only to have his lips pinch it. His hands slid down her hips slowly. As they came up they gathered her gown bringing the soft material around her waist. He let out a soft groan as he felt her bare ass in his palms. He cupped them tightly with ease he lifted her against his body. She wound her legs around his waist locking her ankles as he did. In a ragged breathless voice he struggled to speak. "Where is your bedroom?"

Her voice was breathless as she kissed the side of his neck. Her lips sipping nipping sucking the warm flesh roughly. "It is at the top of the stairs first door on the left." Without another word Bradley climbed the stairs easily with her cradled against his chest. He shoved the door open with his foot. He carried her across the room and threw her on the bed. Grabbing her ankle he pulled her back and tugged the satin gown over her head. She looked up at him from the full size bed. He leaned down placing a tender kiss directly on the moist line in the center of the triangle. Before slipping it down her short slender legs He carelessly tossed it to the side. Her nude body flushed needy aching. Bradley tossed the tie to the floor. He didn't take the time to unbutton his shirt. He tore the material apart sending the buttons showering to the floor. He roughly tugged the leather of his belt open. He flicked the button of his jeans open. He ripped the zipper down its tracks. He shoved his jeans to his ankles and kicked his shoes off before stepping out of his jeans.

His voice was strained as he searched her eyes. "You have tortured me all damn day. I have fought the desire you stirred inside of me weeks ago. Now you fucking little bitch you are mine!" With that his large hands flipped her onto her hands and knees as if she were weightless. He buried his tongue in her juicy pussy and groaned aloud as his thoughts were confirmed. She had the sweetest snatch he had ever tasted. From his first taste he could not get enough. The harder and deeper his tongue dipped inside of her. The deeper he wanted it to go. Her squeals and moans drove him insane but he held himself in check. He found her little clit that was so small and hidden within those smooth lips. His tongue lavished it roughly. Then and only then his lips sucked it roughly. He sucked that hard bud painfully pulling back shaking his head. He shoved that protective hood back and forth over that raw button. His fingertip pressed against her ass but she was clinching so tightly he didn't have a prayer of slipping inside.

Christy had never had anal and she was not about to start now. Bradley's hot wet tongue slid from her clit over her smooth silky entrance to that tight dark star. Christy felt sensations she had never felt before. The feeling made her pussy kiss and suck at the air. Her armor was gone she no longer cared what he did to her ass. She just knew she had to have him. His tongue fluttered over that tight hole. Slowly gently he pierced it with the tip of his tongue. He slid the velvet softness down over her pussy again. He gave three resounding slaps to each cheek of her ass. Then he took a long lick from clit to ass. He stood up straight before she could stop him. He guided the head of his cock against her tight star. She started to tense but before she could he pressed forward. He reached around cupping her petite tit in his palm. He twisted her nipple between his finger and thumb. She whimpered a moan in response.

Tiny beads of sweat began to form on her smooth tanned flesh. Bradley softly kissed her back her shoulders. He whispered beautiful words of endearment. Christy could not comprehend anything. She was feeling things she had never felt before. Her ass was being stretched to the max. Her small tits were ripe for the picking so pink and needy. Bradley's fingers left her nipples sliding his open hand down her torso. He slid it lower. The pads of his fingers were pressing her little love button. He ground the hard pearl in a tight circle. Within moments she started screaming her first orgasm of the night was rippling through her body in tidal waves. "That's it you little slut." Bradley's palm grounds into her pussy making it throb. Just when she thought she would lose her mind. The thick head of his cock slipped inside her ass. He was surprisingly gentle. He did not force it. He took her ass as she gave it to him. It was not long before she had to have all of him. His mouth closed against the side of her neck as he drove deeper into her body. He made her form mold to his so tightly. You could not tell where one body left another. Sweat began to trickle down her soft sensual curves. His own sweat beaded on his shoulder blades and ran rivers down the small of his back. Her soft luscious moans turned into melted gasps. It wasn't long until every muscle of her body strained tightly. Her head pressed back against Bradley's strong shoulders as a loud passionate scream ripped deep from within her soul. Bradley matched her frantic cry with an animalistic growl of his own. In four urgent thrusts he gave her all the seed his body held for her at that moment.

They were both lost in the aftermath of passion. Bradley slowly eased himself from Christy. He turned her sideways and kissed her lips tenderly. As gently as an angel could pluck a rose from its vine He scooped Christy's small body into his arms and carried her off to the shower. He started the shower with her body still cradled into his. His lips were now soft and tender. Once the water was warm and steamy he helped her inside. He slowly eased her from his arms and they stepped beneath the warm spray. The water flowed over her hair making the honey blonde look much darker. Her eyes were dark if she was not in love with this man before. She definitely was at that very moment. Bradley's warm lips barely left hers as he gathered shampoo in his wide palm and slowly washed her hair in his hands. Rinsing it carefully making sure he had rinsed all the lather out of her hair.

When all the lather was rinsed from her hair He began to wash her body with his hands. She washed his in a similar fashion. Both were exploring one another's flesh from head to toe. It was not long until they had run out of warm water. Bradley reached around her turning the water off. He wrapped his arms around her waist lifting her gently. Her long spindly legs wrapped around him locking her ankles around his ass. His hands slid down her back to her ass. Cupping her cheeks gently squeezing them he carried her out of the shower. He leaned her ass against the sink and started grinding against her. To her surprise he was hard and wanting already.

She purred her excitement as she kissed the side of his neck. He felt as though a fire was burning deep in his loins. He rolled his hips slowly gently grinding into her. The moment the tip of his sex met her warm pool he dove in with no re-guard. She gasped loudly which he swallowed as his lips crashed down on hers. He cupped the back of her knees lifting them up higher. Her palms held onto the back of the sink to keep from losing her balance he drove into her hard and rough. Within moments she was climaxing. Her velvety warm sex quivered around him so tightly milking every inch of his desire. Without saying a word he slid his hands up her thighs to her ass. He lifted her as gently as before he carried her back to the bed. His manhood became swollen even larger inside of her. As he laid her on the bed He spread her thighs wide. Bradley slowly withdrew his cock from her juicy love nest. Leaning down he slid the full length of his tongue deep inside of her up her slit. His wicked tongue danced over her tiny clit hard and fast.

She clawed at his shoulders his hair, anything her fingers could dig into. In moments she was having another earth shattering orgasm. Her body arched tightly as her little entranced gushed her love for him. Slowly he kissed her beautiful soft mound as her body slowly sank back into the mattress. He slowly kissed his way up her body. He paused at her smooth navel kissing it lightly. Before going upward his hand cupped her breast. His warm lips sipped the inside of her bosom. His voice was soft and warm "What are we doing Christy?"

She softly kissed the top of his head whispering softly "I don't know about you Mister Sumner but I'm busy getting an A+" She giggled pressing her lips into his hair. He laughed as well and shook his head. Slowly he raised his head looking into her hazel eyes. "Are you using me to make better grades young lady?" She giggled again and faked a nod slipping her fingers through his hair. He slid his hand from her tit down her body to her ass. In one swift movement he rolled over taking her with him. When they came to a stop she was astride his middle. With a quick swat he smacked her ass burning the flesh with the pads of his fingers whispering softly "bad girl!"

They both kissed and nuzzled one another affectionately. He indulged himself in her delicate touch. He groaned aloud when her fingertips grazed his stiffening shaft. He slid his hands behind his head lacing his fingers. He watched Christy explore giving her free reign over his body for the moment. She slowly slid down his body and settled between his long thick thighs. Bradley Sumner had always been athletic. He closed his eyes as Christy explored his masculinity with her fingertips. They slide through the dark wire like hair. She slowly gently rolled his balls in her fingers. His breath caught when her soft lips barely brushed along the side of his cock. He wanted to open his eyes but he refused. He was afraid this dream would end and he never wanted it to. She gently kissed the crown looking up into his brown eyes. She grinned to herself when she saw they were closed. The gentle flick of her soft tongue over his cum slit made him squirm. His fingers clutched the sheets. Even though he desired to touch her golden hair at that moment He knew the consequences would leave her screaming in pain. He gave her free will over his manhood. She manipulated him so lightly he could barely tell she was

actually touching him. When the release took over his knuckles turned white. His head pressed back into the pillow and he struggled not to drive it down her throat. She groaned as he arched so tightly. She slowly slid her mouth over the tip as her fingers fluttered over his full length.

Bradley trembled knowing it wouldn't be long he whispered low "Christy unless you want a mouth full, you should stop now!" Christy looked up at him slowly rolling the tip of her tongue around his prick cap. She slowly started climbing up his body. She leaned down leaving soft warm kisses starting at his navel. The trail ended on his lips. That's when he could take no more. His hands pulled apart and came together on her ass. She nearly cried out into his hungry mouth. His large hands guided her straight down on his shaft. He struggled not to jerk her body down on his ruthlessly. Instead he looked up into her hazel eyes and whispered breathlessly. "Please for the love of god fuck me!" That was all the coaxing Christy needed. Her small palms slid up his chest as her hips began to grind and roll. He groaned loudly as her hot wet walls worked every inch of his drooling sex. It wasn't long until he started chanting her name over and over again. He was so close to releasing he was trembling. He had no idea Christy was in the same direction. Until her head tossed back and a ravaged scream tore through her lips. Her hot wet walls clamped down around him so tightly. Quivering as her honey drenched him again and again. Bradley pulled her down tightly, pinning her body to his. His cock twitched as his own un-earthy scream drowned out the night sounds. His cock spewed its seed deep within her womb. He over filled her young womb with his seed. Their eyes stayed glued to one another's for what seemed like a small eternity.

Once both had calmed again Christy leaned over lying on top of Bradley's chest. His long arms wrapped around her as if they were a safety net. They fell asleep in that position. Hours later when he awoke she was gone. Bradley nearly freaked he could not begin to imagine where she had gone. He jerked his pants on. He did not bother with anything else. He rushed down the stairs skipping two at a time. He fell at a dead stop when he saw her in the kitchen. She was standing there in his shirt smiling. She had been fixing breakfast. Her hair was still damp from the fresh shower she had while he was sleeping. She had placed two plates both held French toast sausage and scrambled eggs. There was orange juice and coffee off to the side.

He looked at her in shock. He had always thought she was the type of girl who demanded being waited on hand and foot. He knew her parents had a maid but had not seen her since his arrival. He slightly tilted his head before asking. "Where is the maid?" Christy grinned from ear to ear. She took her vacation when my parents did. She was extremely happy to have a week off with pay. With the agreement that I do not have any wild party's that she will have to clean up when she returns

There it was summed up in a nut shell for him. The girl he had been dying to have for months was here. She was real it was not a dream. She was all his for an entire week. He knew from that moment he would make every moment as special as he could.

Once the week had ended they started meeting at his home. It was not long until she left for college. Bradley Sumner applied at the same college for a professor's position and got it. They rented a small cottage house off of campus where they slept together every night. They ate breakfast and supper together every day. Both of their fairytales came true with that one little seduction.

-=The End=-

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