Chronicle of a Fellatrix--Chapter 4 The Game
Chronicle of a Fellatrix
By: Rachel R. and Sassy Sue

Chapter 4 * The Game

It had been a few weeks since I gave my first blowjob and I was yearning to do another one. The act of fellatio had become all-consuming for me, I was reading, watching and practicing fellatio every chance I got. The word fellatio in itself evokes passion, a burning hunger within me. The memory of Jami is still fresh in my mind, along with another half dozen boys since then. However, I have yearned for another cock in my mouth for the longest time now. This fact I have shared with Lexi and Lexi always encouraged me to grab the brass ring.

Lexi had continued to mentor me and one of the things Lexi has been after me to do is to shed the fur pelt between my legs. Now I have finally summoned the courage to shear my pubes, but having never put a blade to my vulva I asked Lexi.

"Lexi, would you shave my kitty?"

"What did you just ask me Penny?"

"I asked you to shave my pussy after all it was your idea and I don't want to cut myself. I have everything we need and it would not take you long. After all you shave your pussy, don't you?"

Lexi jumped off her bed, "Here I will show you," and Lexi hooked her thumbs in the band of her thong and pulled it down revealing a smooth bare mound that glistened in the light. "Wanna feel it," Lexi asked reaching for my hand.

I pulled back a bit "No, no, maybe later Lexi," I stammered. Let just make mine look like yours."

We went into the bathroom and Lexi saw the scissors, shaving gel, a new razor, a washcloth, and a towel all laid out on the vanity.

"Where do you want me Lexi?"

Penny, you have to take off your panties in order for this to work sweetie, then on the vanity.

Slipping my blue bikinis panties over my hips and then plopping my butt on the edge of the vanity I spread my legs for a haircut and shave that Lexi was prepping to administer.

Scissors in hand Lexi sheared and snipped my dark curly pubes and my thick labia saw daylight for the first time since the onset of puberty. My full lips divulging just a delicate line for my slit, and my hood sat like a crown for my virgin pussy. A carpet of rough stubble was all that remained of my thick carpet of pubes when Lexi laid the scissors down.

Whoosh, a heaping mound of shaving Gel in the palm of her left hand and then three finger of Lexi's right hand began to apply the gel to my vulva. Giggling at the touch of Lexi's fingers and I was squirming, uncomfortable to say the least that another woman is touching my pussy. Lexi smiling and enjoying my discomfort, rubbing the shaving gel where pubic hair did not grow. I did not tell her but I found her touch to be arousing.

I am all lathered up, in more than one way, I nervously waiting for Lexi to draw the sharp blade over the most intimate and private part of my body. No one had seen me naked since I was an infant and now Lexi has seen me naked several times in the past few weeks. Lexi drew the sharp blade over my mound leaving a trail of tender, supple, bare flesh in the wake of the razor. Each touch sent shock waves through my body, and to my clit. I could not believe the position I was in; sitting on a vanity with my legs splayed wide and my sexy roommate was between my legs with a sharp razor and I couldn't do anything about it. Rinse and repeat and within a matter of minutes my pussy was naked, bare and smooth as a baby's bottom. Lexi had not missed a single hair and ran her hand over my mound, lips and thighs to be sure. Penny moaned softly as Lexi inspected her handiwork. My soft pink lips are gaping just a little; my tiny pearl-like clit is aroused and peering out from my clitoris hood. I have incredibly smooth skin and Lexi thought she had noticed moisture between her folds of flesh or was it just the wishful imagination of Lexi.
"Look in the mirror and see the new you."

I stood there, looking, feeling the smoothness of my soft skin and I spread my lips slightly and I liked what I saw, then picking up my blue panties, slipping them on. My panties are hugging my bare mound, the soft material hugging my now naked lips and clearly showing a graphic relief of my bare kitty. I was purring with delight.

Peeling my panties off again and I sat back on top of the vanity so Lexi could finish. A warm washcloth in her hand Lexi gently rubbed my freshly shaved mound. Leaning back, enjoying the caresses of Lexi, and I could feel a knot forming in my tummy.

Lexi handing me a tube of aloe cream said, "Now, take a shower and afterwards go lie on your bed and rub this cream all over your vee-jay."

I did as my mentor instructed, I rubbed the cream on my pussy and soon I was asleep and very wet with my own cream.

I was slowly changing her style of dress, little more risqué, and I was going out more with Lexi and we usually could score an invite to a party or two on the weekends. I did not mind giving head; as a matter of fact I was becoming quite skilled in the art fellatio.

Invited to a big party at a local club in town, on Saturday night, Lexi thought this was the perfect time to play Sniper, one of her favorite games. Sniper is best suited for a party environment but can be played in any venue where there are lots of boys. The rules to the game are simple taking turns, each one of us will select a random man in a crowd, someone we do not know, and then the other person has one hour to be on her knees and have his cock in her mouth. Where and when the blowjob occurred was up to the guy and you. Once you accomplished your mission you had to provide proof of cum to the other girl. If at the end of the hour you did not give head, you did not have some of his cum in your mouth, you started the play again with a new target being selected for you.

Lexi played the game hard and very rarely failed in her mission, as I have seen many pearls of cum on her tongue. Me, I was struggling the first few times, as I lacked the confidence to ask a complete stranger if he would let me suck his cock. I would take too much time getting to the meat of the subject. After a few times of losing I learned that it was essential to get my target hard as fast as I could because once a man has a hard-on the rest is just a matter of time for you to convince him to that he wants your mouth on his dick.

Lexi has told me many times that it is how you market your goods that is the key to getting his cock out of his pants and into your mouth. If you wear a business suit to a party you will never see a cock. Lexi was a prime example as she would wear short dresses or skirts and very revealing tops with plunging necklines that allowed her full breasts to bubble up and almost out of her top. Lexi always went commando, her nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress or top. Her dress or skirt barely covering her vee-jay, with the skirt wrapped tightly around her apple bottom butt and no visible panty line. If she bent over she would flash her kitty briefly and a man could easy pet her kitty without much effort if she wanted him too. She wore hold up stockings as it was so sensual to feel man sliding his hand over the stocking and then touch her bare thigh that lay just below her moist snatch. Tonight she had selected a midnight blue satin cocktail dress with her breast erupting form the V-neckline and the hem of the dress just below the top of her black hold up stockings. She wore three inch heels which pulled her ass tight.

Whining, Lexi begged me to go commando, to leave my panties and bra in the dresser drawer. I stood my ground.

"Lexi I am not going to screw anybody, I am going to be a virgin when I get married and that is final, but I will wear a thong or a G-string and leave the bra in the dresser," I acquiesced.

Lexi, smiling at her small victory, held up my thread of a silver cocktail dress that was way too short and definitely the scoop neck showed more of my breasts than I cared to display. I slithered in to the dress and had to tug it over my butt and like Lexi I showed a lot of flesh, my goodies were on display. The hem of the dress just covered the tops of my smoky black/grey stockings with lace tops. Thank god I had a black G-string on to cover my slit. I pulled my long auburn hair over my shoulder in an attempt to conceal some of my exposed tit, it did not work. Black heels and I could feel my gluteus maximus muscles pulling tight and my bubble butt, butt was accentuated. I felt I was dressed like a whore, but Lexi disagreed and we headed out the door.

Lexi drove, her skirt riding up and in the flash of the street lights I could see an occasional flash of her womanhood and each time my gaze lingers. We found a parking place about a block away from the club and as we approached the club you could hear sounds of a party in progress in the air on this warm summer evening. Upon entering the club the place was not overly crowded, there were scantily clad women, all marketing their goods, as Lexi put it and we just blended in, my self-consciousness's faded a bit. The men all dressed in hip, urban fashion, many with a nice patina of stubble that seems to attract the ladies. Lexi swears by the sensuality of a man's stubble on her thighs, not having experienced that yet I am neutral.

We mingle with the crowd, get out drinks and Lexi is surveying the target rich filed for my first challenge.

"Him," Lexi gesture towards a man at the end of the bar.

I can barely hear Lexi over the thump of the bass and the buzz of the crowd, but I see her nodding her head towards the end of the bar. Leaning against it, surveying the club, is a man in jeans and a black button-up shirt. He's on the shorter side, but very wide in the chest, and his muscular arms are sleeved in intricate tattoos.

"The man at the end of the bar," I ask, pressing my lips against her ear so that I can be sure that she hears me.

Lexi nods, "That is your man, hour starts when you first speak to him," then a sly smile, "And you finish with proof in your mouth. It should not take you that long I doubt it will take you that long at all."

I take several deep breaths, trying to slow the rapid beating of my heart. My insides squirm with tension. It's up to me perform my task with as much grace as I can manage. I can feel Lexi squeeze my hand and pat my butt as I make my way towards the man at the end of the bar. I'm feeling a little calmer there other cocks I have sucked have been those of my own age, this is an older man.

Now, I am navigating my way across the dance floor to the man leaning against the end of the bar, my gut feel as if it has been tied into knots. I hate the idea of failing, but the temptation to veer off and hide myself in the ladies room is almost too strong to overcome. I force myself to keep walking in the man's direction. As I draw closer, I see him turn his head to look at me. His eyes travel from one end of my body to the other, and he smiles at me when he sees that I'm approaching him.

When I get close, I can hardly bring myself to look at him. My skin feels hot all over, and I know that my face must be bright red. I manage to get close to him and introduce myself. He reciprocates. I try my best to make casual conversation, but my efforts are mediocre at best. I glance at the clock over the bar and see that fifteen minutes have already gone by. The man, he told me his name is Vincent, and he is giving me a through once over and is not bothering to conceal it. I'd have to be stupid not to notice his interest in me. I just can't seem to bring myself to steer the conversation anywhere but to the most innocuous subjects.

When half an hour has gone by without any progress I begin to feel a little panicked. The idea of failing in a task makes me feel truly miserable, and I decide that it's time for me to put away my embarrassment. It's time for me to find my inner slut and to force her into action. I take a deep breath.

"Can I suck your cock?" I say, and the minute that the words are out of my mouth, I wish that I could take them back. I've been way too forward, too brusque. How could he say yes to such a fumbling question from a complete stranger? If he laughs at me, I'm going to spontaneously combust from embarrassment.

"What?" he asks. He looks taken aback, but not affronted.

All I want to do is run away, but I force my voice to function, and I repeat myself, leaning close to Vincent so that I can speak into his ear. "Can I please suck your cock?" I say, not able to stop my voice from trembling.

He pulls back from me a little and looks into my face. I don't know what it is that he sees there, but he turns his head and presses his lips against my ear. "Yes," he says the words echoing in my ear.

I feel a shiver goes through me at the implications of that single syllable word. Vincent steps away from the bar and takes my hand. "Where do you want to go to do this daring deed," he asks?

I've already given this some thought, and I point to a secluded spot at the edge of the dance floor.

"This way," I say, leading him towards an alcove behind a huge speaker which is almost completely obscured by a huge art deco statue of a frolicking nymph.

As we walk, I look around and see Lexi hovering close by, keeping pace with us as best she can through the crowd. I only catch a glimpse of her for a second, but I know that she will be there, watching the best she can as I pleasure this tattooed stranger, waiting for me to return to her with his come on my face or in my mouth. The clock is still ticking I have to get his cock in my mouth in order to stop the countdown.

By the time we slip into the alcove, I am trembling all over. I know that Vincent must be able to feel it in my hand, still clamped down on his. Before I can figure out something to say to get things rolling, he says "Why are you shaking so much?"

Behind the speaker, the din of the music is muffled, and I can hear him clearly.

"I'm nervous," I say, "because I've never done anything like this before in such a public place."

"Why do you want to suck my cock?" Vincent asks.

He is studying me, his eyes going from one end of me to the other and then focusing on my face.

I wonder if I should try to fabricate some kind of story, a story where I'm here all alone cruising for dick. Then I recognize that at this point, my thoughts are just not coherent enough to put together a convincing lie. I tell him the truth.

"My friend and I are playing a game called Sniper and it is my turn to find a man and take his cock in my mouth before an hour goes by. I only have a few minutes left," I inform Vincent.

Vincent smiles, "Alright then," he says. "Get to it, I'm game."

Taking a deep breath, my body relaxing and now that I've been given permission to perform my task; I feel my nervousness beginning to evaporate. I glance to the side and catch sight of Lexi standing near the statue behind which Vincent and I are concealed. She can see us, but yet is far enough away not to rob us of the illusion of privacy.

Vincent follows the direction of my gaze. Then he cups my chin in his hand and turns my head so that I'm looking into his eyes. "You may be doing this for her and the sake of a game. But right now you're going to focus on me and my cock."

"Yes Sir," I say as if I had just been reprimanded by my father. I can feel myself sinking deep into subspace, and it seems natural to call him that. He tangles his fingers in my hair and tilts my head up towards his. When he kisses me, my lips part for him at once and his tongue slips into my mouth. He kisses me hard, and thoroughly. When he pulls away from me, I'm short of breath, and I can feel myself getting wetter, my pussy throbbing in time with my rapidly beating heart.

"Now show me how good a cocksucker you are," Vincent says.

By this point, I am more than happy to oblige him. I get down on my knees and raise my hands to his belt, undoing it and his jeans in a few quick movements. I work his jeans and boxers down to his knees, and I can't repress a little gasp when his cock springs free of the cloth. It's large, and although it is bigger than Jami's penis and the other boys, it is much thicker and an inch or so longer, it is a man's cock not a young boy's cock. A cock that has been in other women's mouths, their cunts and may be in their ass, but when it counts it is going to be in my mouth. When I grip the base of his cock, I can't close my hand around the girth of it. I add another hand, and squeeze gently before beginning to move both hands up and down thick shaft, slowly, getting a feel for his rigid flesh.

Lowering my head and kissing the very tip of his cock, sucking gently at the opening. I have serious doubts about my ability to take the entire thickness of him into me, but I'm going to try my best. I open my mouth as wide as I can and take the head of his cock inside of my mouth. Vincent gives a soft moan and grabs two handfuls of my hair as I begin to suck. I concentrate my attention on his cockhead, sucking hard at first, and then pulling back to lick my way around the corona, circling it over and over again with the very tip of my tongue. I lap my way down his shaft and lick back up again and then I fasten my lips around the head of his cock once more.

Now that I'm warmed up, I am taking more of him into my mouth and down my throat. Wrapping my arms around Vincent's waist I use the leverage to help propel his cock deeper into my throat. Vincent is using his hands with his fingers tangled in my hair to help me, pushing my head down and then pulling me back up again in a steady rhythm. I gag a bit and choke, every now and again having to come up for a few gasps of air before returning to work. Saliva is dripping from my mouth, slicking my face, darkening the fabric of my silver dress, and forming a puddle on the floor beneath me.

Despite my efforts, I can't seem to get much more than three quarters of his thick cock length down my throat, but Vincent seems more than satisfied. He is moaning and the hands clenched in my hair are shaking a little. I can tell that he's getting close.

I begin to suck faster, using my hands to stroke his shaft as my lips and tongue servicing his glans. Caressing his scrotum by raking my nails over his nuts, he stiffens. Vincent begins to push my head down with intensity; I take his throbbing cock as deep as I can, speeding up the rhythm of my strokes, until Vincent grunts and he starts to ooze cum.

I kneel in front of him, his cock deep in my throat when Vincent's entire body braces and as the come begins to erupt from the end of cock, and his hips thrust as if jolted by an electrical current. He gives a series of deep moans that make me shiver with pleasure. A shower of his hot cum is surging down my throat. Scalding droplets hit my lips as the overflow backs up squirting from the corners of my mouth and I am swallowing as much of his seed and the remainder drips into the between my knees. A warm glow begins to fill me. I have accomplished my task, and brought pleasure to the man who helped me beat the clock.

Vincent's hand gives a few more slow strokes, squeezing, and milking every last drop of cum out of his cock and into my now gaping mouth. I restrain myself from licking my lips to catch some of his seminal fluid. I had to save some as proof of cum for Lexi. Our eyes meet, and the warmth of accomplishment that fills me increases. I see that Vincent is smiling, and I know that I've pleased him.

Vincent sighs and then pulls up his boxers and jeans. He looks down at me and smiles. "You look good in cum," he says, holding a hand out to me.

I clasp it in my own, and he helps me to my feet. It takes me a moment to find my balance, and Vincent slips an arm around my waist to steady me.

"Thank you," I say.

He laughs. "Anytime," he says. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an elegant business card. He rummages, comes up with a pen, and then jots a phone number on the back of the card. "This is my cell," he says. "I'd love to hear from you some time." He pauses, "Maybe from you and your friend."

I take the card from him. I catch his drift, and the idea gives me a thrill. For now though, all I want is to return to you, to present my success to you. I tuck Vincent's card into my dress nest to my bare breast, and take a step back, disengaging myself from him. I slip out of the alcove adjusting my dress and seek out Lexi.

Lexi has been watching me take this man in a crowded club knows her turn is next. But first she demands to see proof of cum so I stick my tongue out and a creamy gob of pearly cum rests on the tip. Lexi nods and I draw my tongue in and make a production of swallowing the evidence. Now it is my turn to be the sniper and send Lexi to her target.

We dance and have another drink when I spot my target. There standing in shadows, near the bar I see a man who is about to become very lucky tonight. An older man, older than most of the young twenty somethings that flock to the club. He looks to be in his late twenties if not early thirties, his hairline is receding; he has no facial hair and is not buffed like most of the guys. In fact he has a very effeminate appearance in his dress. His white and black shirt is open two buttons down. His black slacks, tailored to snugly hug his butt. A thin gold chain hangs from his neck and a pair of glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. A couple of gold rings on his left hand, which held his drink and he was watching the crowd. He was perfect and I tapped Lexi on the shoulder, nodding to the man in the shadows.

"Him, that is your target, remember one hour from your initial contact," I said.

"I am so horny after watching you suck that man's dick in this crowded bar. Penny I thought your puritanical religious roots would prevent you. Wow was I wrong; you are a true cock slut."

Lexi went to the bar and got a fresh drink eased over to where the man, her target was standing. Her back to him, she bumped into him.

Turning, facing him now she exclaimed, "Oh I am so sorry, I was not paying attention, I am such a klutz," Lexi said rolling her best puppy dog eye at him.

Steadying his drink, he gave her a half-hearted smile, he took a slow glance of her skimpy attire and his smile became warmer, "That's ok Miss?"

"Lexi, just Lexi, I was looking for my friend but I don't see her. I will just wait for her here, she will come back to the bar for a drink, of that I am sure."

"Forgive my lack of manners, my name is Sergio. It would be my pleasure to wait with a pretty young lady."

Lexi giggled a little and causally put her hand on his shoulder and sidled close to him, so close their hips were just a frog hair separating them. She let her hand linger, she could feel the heat from his body growing as they chatted. I could hear them as I stood on the other side of Sergio. He told her he was from Puerto Rico and extolled how Puerto Rico is an island for lovers.

"Have you ever been to my Island, maybe with a lover?"

"No, no lovers in my life," Lexi laughed, however I would not mind one."

"You would make a man a very good lover, I am sure, I would not mind being your lover," Sergio said laughing lightly.

Lexi, smiling, let her hand slip from his shoulder and brushed his crotch with her hand. Sergio was firm, not erect but she was arousing him.

"I feel you" Lexi said playing with her words. "I would not mind that either. Maybe I could audition for the position of your lover, Lexi said flirting with Sergio.

"I don't know I am so much older than you, and you are such a fragile flower."

"Nonsense, you must be 25 if a day, any way I don't care about age."

Lexi took her hand, stroke his cheek and gave Sergio a cheeky kiss. Tugging on his hand and he obediently followed her across the dance floor to a very dark alcove at the back of the club. There was a storage room and it was unlocked she opened the door and pulled Sergio into the room. The room had a single light and the light was dim at best. The room was filled with spare bar stools, some benches for booth and a collection of other bar hardware. Wrapping her arms around Sergio's neck she gave him a fiery kiss. Sergio started to protest, but Lexi's tongue prevented him from speaking.

Now I could not see them so I started the timer on my phone when the door to the room closed.

Sergio let his hands slide down Lexi's body, down to the hem of her dress and he could feel her bare ass cheek peeking out, he squeezed her gently. She could feel him pressing a full erection against her mound and she started to unbuckle his belt. Sergio drew his hands back up her body, pausing to cup her breasts, to feel her hard nipples that pressed against the Midnight Blue satin of her dress.

Lexi was kissing and licking Sergio's bare chest, running her fingers over his hard nipples. Now her fingers, eased his zipper down, unbuckled his slacks and ran her hands over the cheeks of his ass before slipping her hand into his slacks. Lexi is pushing the form fitting slacks from Sergio's butt and down to his knees. Lexi, drawing her hand up Sergio's thigh stops abruptly. Expecting to encounter boxers or briefs was surprised by the unexpected sensation of lace and silk ensconcing Sergio's erect cock. Lexi groaning unwaveringly Lexi is stroking his silk covered tool and then kissing the silk covered cock.

Sergio was blushing, "I hope you don't mind my little fetish, I like to wear panties."

"No not at all sweetie, you are yummy in pink panties and licked his silky balls."

Lexi dipped her fingers under the panties and rolled them from his hips as she sank to her knees and took Sergio's cock in her hand. It was a stout cock, a good girth and over six inches long. Sergio was as smooth as Lexi's pussy and this was a first for her. His masculine scent is strong but not overpowering and Lexi rolled her tongue over the tip of his cock and then circled the head in a clockwise movement. Each time she made one revolution of his glans, she pauses, lingering with her tongue on his frenulum string, dabbling her tongue against the skin.

Sergio taking a sharp breath, coupled with a slight gasp as Lexi teased his cock

Lexi taking his cock in one hand, holding it like a flute and teasing the foreskin on his shaft, as she popped the tip of his cock in her mouth. Lexi head is bobbing slowly as she he put the tiniest amount of pressure on his cock and between every four or five sucks she licked his glans, until it was gleaming wet with her saliva. Lexi is looking up at Sergio, her eyes meeting his, as she ran the inside of her lower lip under his cock and then kissing it gently. It is a blow job in slow motion, every lick, every little bit off suction of her lips was a moment frozen in time.

Lexi is pleasuring his cock, licking him one way and then reversing the movement. Lexi She lick his shaft, beginning just above his balls and running her tongue the length of his shaft until his dick bobbed against her nose. Lexi could feel her body reacting as she sucked him, she found her own body responding. Her pussy was becoming so wet; she thought that she may cum.

With no hint of shame, Lexi put two fingers between her pussy lips, covering them with her juices and then proceeded to rub the same two fingers over his cock. Sergio moaning softly and is gripping the edge of the bench pushing his cock to Lexi.

Sergio's body is trembling; Lexi can feel his hand on her head, stoking her hair as she sucked his cock with unbridled passion. Lexi drawing her head back, she lingering on his little slit with her tongue. Drooling a long line of saliva and then caught it with her tongue, half way down his shaft. Lexi could feel the throbbing of his cock grow more intense as she held him in her mouth slow sucking, relentlessly.

She began, albeit softly and steadily, to play with his foreskin, fondling him with the tips of four fingers as Lexi slurped on his prick. The glans is growing more bulbous and the throbbing was increasing, Lexi did not stop. Aware of Sergio's growing discomfort, his groans of pleasure were now beyond any polite acknowledgment of her art, they were pleas for release.

Lexi giving Sergio's dick another series of wet licks and she might have speeded up, she didn't. She sucked him again increasing the pressure and quickening the movement of her fingers ever so slightly, but it was enough to bring Sergio to his edge. His cock twitching and his groans, gruff, guttural, Sergio is begging to cum Sergio's legs shaking and his cock spurting cum out onto Lexi's lips. Tasting the fine strings of cum hanging from her lips, and over her chin Lexi lick her lips and swallowed his gift. Lexi jerking his shaft milking the semen from his prick and taking it in her mouth as Sergio is unloading in her mouth.

His cock spent, Sergio is becoming flaccid, and Lexi pulls his pink panties up, tucking the wilting penis under the pink silk panties.

"Thank you my Latin lover," and Lexi slipped from the room leaving Sergio panting and getting dressed.

I was waiting for Lexi when she came out, "Show me the money, honey."

Lexi opened her mouth and there in a small indent in her tongue lay a shimmering puddle of Latin cream. Lexi flipped her tongue back and the creamy gob slid down her throat.

"Let's get out of here Penny and we left the club.

On the trip, back to the dorm Lexi related her experience and could not get over the fact that Sergio was wearing pink panties. This would be our last adventure for this semester. Final exams were approaching then summer break. I have come to the realization that I cannot got the entire summer without fellatio

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