Chuck's Group
I met Chuck, my second year at college. He was an engineering student and had less free time than us Liberal Arts types. I had been somewhat active sexually, attending a lot of fraternity parties. The word gets around what type of girl you are. I am sure Chuck had heard that I had danced nude at one of the party's. I think that got around faster than the two guys who fucked me at the party.

Chuck was smart and a smooth talker. He did have a car, and our first date was straightforward. A small restaurant and we parked after leaving there. Chuck was all hands after kissing me once. The way he went after my tits, you would have thought he owned them. He did feel me up through the leggings I was wearing. The way his hand moved between my legs, I knew he was no beginner. I did like the way he kissed and gave him free rein of my boobs. It didn't take him long to have them out and enjoying himself on them. I wanted to fuck, but he was happy with the heavy petting. Too bad, as I would have put out for him if he asked.

On the second date, Chuck displayed his cock, and I just asked, "Chuck, you wanna fuck?" I had purposely worn a skirt so he could get at me easier. That question got results as I was on him after he took off my panties. His cock fits nicely into my cunt, and both of us got the results we wanted.

On the third date, we went nowhere but enjoyed ourselves in his apartment after he cleared out his roommates. I did like the way Chuck fucked me. Slow and smooth until it was time to pump like hell. He always rode me high, and that ridge on his cock head hit the right spot. My clit was overcome by that ridge, and I always orgasm-ed with him. I can't say that about every asshole I fucked.

We saw each other for about a month, when Chuck asked, "Would you be interested in going to a little group I belong to that enjoys it each other to the fullest.?"

"A swingers group?"

"Yeah, you could say that, but a little more organized."

"How do you mean?"

"We put everyone's name into a hat, one for girls and one for boys and take a random draw from each hat, and whoever the two have to do whatever they like sexually in front of us."

"Now, that is different."

"Everybody watches, quite a few masturbate through the whole thing."

"When do we go?"

"Good, I hope you would be for it. I think you would enjoy it. All of the group asked me to invite you."

Oh, that fucking reputation again. Suck one cock in a fraternity, and the world knows about it. I was hoping a few professors would trade grades for pussy.

Chuck picked me up, and we wound up at a pretty upscale address. Whoever lived here was an elitist. We walked in without even knocking. There were about 12 people in attendance, and Chuck introduced me. Some were boyfriend, girlfriend. Half of the group were married there with their spouses. I did get some comments, I liked, 'very nice', glad you could come', where have you been hiding'. I did get one or two that I didn't like, 'I heard about you', and 'don't think the men here are going drool over you'. Another couple arrived. A beautiful older woman said, "We are all here now, everybody get a drink, as we are going to pull the names from the hats."

It was an exciting group. Some wore very provocative clothes, while others were more casual. There was a lot of tit being shown, even the older leader. She was dressed in a green gown, very low cut, but sexy as hell. The first two names were Carrie and Bob. We all stood around a center platformed mattress. Carrie and Bob were not shy about it. They were kissing, and Bob had her boobs out. I watched the reaction of Carrie's husband or boyfriend and Bob's wife. I didn't see any jealousy, only maybe a little envy.

Watching two people fuck can be very hot. Carrie was very noisy when she came. Bob was the more grunting type. All during their fucking, some men rubbed the front of their pants. The women were more subtle, but it was apparent what they were playing with. A few with hands in dress tops, I would assume pinching nipples. It was a hot scene. Chuck rubbed my ass through the whole thing. I thought there would only be one little show, but I was wrong as two more names were pulled from the hat. Paula and Chuck were the lucky couple.

Chuck had his gorgeous cock out, and Paula wasted no time seeing that she got Chuck hard. Paula was like a little puppy dog licking Chuck's cock with enthusiasm. Chuck's cock head became invisible as Paula slipped it in her mouth, and then it became just a regular blow job. Strangely, Paula's husband did not watch. I assumed he was a wee bit jealous, and probably her idea to belong to this bunch. I give Paula credit. She did not spill a drop as my boyfriend came in her mouth. I used those sounds from Chuck. Paula was a swallow er. She reminded me of myself.

Next couple and last of the evening was Don and Nancy. Now, if anything that will get me horny is watching a woman get ate out. Nancy's husband openly had his cock out, jacking off. I had a hard time, decided to watch the couple or Nancy's husband. He had a magnificent specimen between his legs. I moved toward him and was in front of him. He came and shot his cum all over the back of my legs. It sounds stupid, but I almost came when he did.

That was it for the evening, and I was kind of disappointed by the lack of usage. Chuck consoled me, telling me, "Don't worry, Carol, the names are not put back into the hat until it is empty." Now that was encouraging. I tried to figure who was left, but it was just too confusing. Next Tuesday would tell the tale.

As we made our way to the door, Edith Dolan said to me, "Thanks for coming, maybe next time you will cum." She kissed me and not any peck. Chuck had enough left in him from his blow job to park and fuck me. He liked me climbing on him, but so did I

He dropped me off, and I made my way to my dorm room. I walked in, and my roomie had another gal in bed with her. Everybody was getting ate but me. I went and took a shower. I got myself off with the fancy sprayer that my roomie bought. As I was toweling off, she stepped into the bathroom and asked, "Would you like to join us?" It was tempting, but I told her I just had got myself off with her spray nozzle. She laughed.

"That fucking thing is good, isn't it. Okay, maybe next time, this girl thinks you are hot. Maybe if you just walked by my bed topless, I could get her going again."

"How about nothing on?"

"You are a hot cunt!"

One more time, I listened to my roomie whimpers of delight. Hot bitch. The gal she had in bed with her was the Dean's secretary. Interesting. I had seen her many times walking across compass, and I was sorry I passed up the opportunity with her and my roommate. She had the body of a goddess, and she knew it.

Chuck picked me up for our next get together. I was excited about going because I was hopeful that a strange cock would fill my cunt. We walked in, and it was kind of obvious who would be in the mix—a lot of tit showing tonight, including mine. I could not find a shorter skirt to wear, but this was daring enough. Although if I got fucked tonight, a lot of people would see my bare pussy anyway.

The first two draws were Dick and Jane. They were fun to watch, but as I did, I felt a tug on my hand. When I turned around, there was Edith Dolan, in a low cut dress. She was striking in it. She put her finger to her lips to say nothing and crooked her finger to have me follow her. She led me to a room and closed the door.

"I have a confession to make, Carol, I pulled your name from the girl's hat."

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh no, honey, I wanted you for myself."

"Won't they find out?"

"Not with 5 still in the hats, they will just think you were not picked."

I stared as she unhooked something on her dress, and it became lower, showing more of her exquisite breasts. Edith wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with an open mouth.

"Carol, I have nothing on under this gown. Does that interest you?"

I answered her by kissing her with my hand straddling her cleavage. I tugged at the dressed, and the front fell to her waist. I pulled on the sides, and the dress dropped to her ankles. She was beautiful, standing in red heels and nothing else. She took the bottom of my pullover, and in one swell swoop, pulled it over my head. Bare-breasted I looked at her.

"I just knew you would have the type of breasts I love."

She started kissing them as I wiggled out of my short little skirt. Both of us nude we made love for such a long time with just our putting our tongue into each other's mouth. I leaned down to suck on those nipples that stood out on this lovely woman. We both were gentle, feeling each other's cunt.

"Carol, would you go down on me."

"I would love to, Edith."

Her pussy had the same fragrance as her breasts. She was using a costly perfume, that well to do women use. I went down with my face pushed against her mound. It was lovely bare and well cared for. My soft licking was getting to her, and she squirmed every time I hit the spot that gave her pleasure. I concentrated on it, and I was rewarded with a push into my face as she orgasm-ed.

"I just knew you would be so fucking good at that."

Oh my, new language out of this high brow woman. I kissed her and asked, "Would you like more?"

"You know the fuck I do."

Back down, I went, and my lovely lady came just as hard the second time. I did not stop there, but the third was somewhat subtle but pleasurable to her.

"We have to stop, they should be about finished there."

"Can we do this again next time."

"Next time, I will just let you get fucked by the group."

I disappointingly said, "Okay."

Don't worry, Carol, I do have plans for you."

I never went to the group again with Chuck as he flunked out and left college, saying, "Diffy Q got me.", whatever the fuck that means.

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