City Lights
I rubbed my eyes as the city lights peeked into our hotel room windows. My lover was softly sleeping on the other side of the bed and the thoughts of earlier that evening warmed my smile and stirred my interest.

I briefly questioned my judgment as I snuggled up behind him and caressed him softly. It wasn't our first night together, but I didn't know if he'd startle awake as I slipped an arm around his chest. "I hope you don't mind...." and soon I felt him pulling me closer to him. The city lights lent enough light that I could see the outline of his body as I kissed my way down his side to his hip. He rolled to his back and softly moaned with encouragement to continue. I dragged my tongue from his hipbone to the base of his cock where I used the rigid tip of my tongue to foreshadow my next move. "Oh baby..."

Clothed in the early morning darkness, he pushed my head toward his hardened cock. I felt his hand in my hair and down my back as I sucked him in deep. My tongue slipped across his glans, wrapped around his head, then pressed against the underside of his swollen cock as it slipped in and out of my mouth. I felt him squirming and I could tell his orgasm was building. Hearing him pleased always stirs my pleasure and I love feeling him swell and cum. This time was no different. "I'm cumming..."

I'm so lucky that he's never been one to be finished after one orgasm. I wasn't sure if the middle of the night would be a normal round of play, or if he'd rather doze off again -- but my lover quickly pressed me back into the pillows and passionately kissed me. He slipped the straps on my nightgown off my shoulders and down my arms. He quickly bared my breasts so he could nip and tug on my nipples. I moaned at this pleasure and his hand traveled with soft pressure down to my mound. He opened my lips and put two fingers deep into my wetness while he sucked on my breast. The sensations were everything my body craved upon waking and he brought me to orgasm quickly. "Good girl. There's more where that came from..."

I sank further into ecstasy. His kisses followed his fingers from my lips to my clit. Bite... Suck.... Tongue.... and he built wave after wave into another orgasm that kept my clit throbbing. He pushed my knees up, laying his hard cock at the entrance of its desire. His eyes reflected enough light to connect in the dark. He pushed in slowly and left it in deep for a moment while he kissed me, sharing the taste of my wetness on his lips. He moved again, sliding out and back in while my I squeezed him tight - begging him to return. His return stretched me in all the right ways and I wrapped my ankles behind his knees to pull him closer. Soon, I was begging for it harder and deeper. He smiled and pushed in very hard as he came again and filled me with his orgasm. His throbbing and pulsing set off another hard orgasm and an intense sensory high.

He pulled me into his arms and pulled the blanket around my shoulders. Pushing my hair behind my ear, he tipped up my chin and kissed me before he pulled me tight to his chest. The city lights were giving way to sunrise as we floated back to sleep.
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