After raining three days, I was anxious to lay out in the sun. I did put on my skimpy bikini hoping Sarah would want to join me for more than the sun. With the top untied and me on my elbows, I was getting horny. The sun always does that to me. I got to the point where I would even let Tim or Bob have their fun with me, but no such luck. I thought maybe it was some time for shopping at Clancey's.

Didn't take me long to shed the bikini and slip on the pullover and the mini skirt. I decided against wearing heels but went with a small platform sandal. I was already wet just thinking about Ken's monster, and with keys in hand, I drove to Clancey's. The store had a few customers, and I saw Ken's father, who winked at me, and I winked back. He seemed impressed enough. If Ken got his size from his father, I was sure interested in dear old dad. He approached me, and as he went by me, he patted me on the ass.

"I want to thank you for letting my boy feel like a man."

"You are very welcome."

"Lucy! Come watch the front."

Out of nowhere, a young woman appeared. My guess she was a little older than Ken. Although I had never seen the mother, Lucy must have taken after her because she was so pretty, it was hard to take my eyes off of her. Even in an apron, Lucy could be that sport's magazine model. Yikes! Was she a hot one!

"Let me open Ken's little place for you, and you can wait for him there," dear daddy said. I followed him to the same place I had visited with Ken. The door was not locked, so I wondered why the escort service. He opened the door, and I walked in but so did he, and it didn't take much genius why he wanted to let me in the little room. I turned around, and his cock was already dangling in front of his pants. And Ken got his member from dear old dad.

"Ken will be awhile, and maybe I could entertain you until he gets here."

With his hand surrounding his cock, I knew damn well he wanted. Ken must have given him full details. I pulled off my top and listened to his praise of my breasts with foreign words I did not understand. I dropped to my knees, and his grin told me that I had guessed right about what he wanted.
He approached me and offered his big dick to me, and I kissed it. More foreign words filled the air. The more I kissed on his head, the more he was pushing it towards my face. I knew what he wanted so I opened my mouth and he slipped it right in. That size is hard to get all the way in, but it was enough that he started humping my face. He was calling me names, but I had no idea if it was praise or it was calling me a whore. The only thing I recognized was ‘FUCK'.

As he was humping my face as I sucked, two hands came over the top of my shoulders and started fondling my titties. It wasn't dear old dad as both of his hands were on my head. I half turned which is difficult with that size cock in your mouth, and there was Lucy. Not an apron in view, or anything else, but that pretty face with auburn hair and two lovely breasts. She kissed my neck as daddy loaded into my mouth. I swallowed quickly because not much was forthcoming from his dick. He just sat down breathing hard as Lucy rolled me on the mattress. She spread my legs and started licking me in all the right places.

I could look down at her, and her eyes were watching me, as she carefully licked every bit of my pussy. Damn, she was good for somebody so young. I was on the verge of cumming when her father said something to her, and she rolled off of me. She kept kissing me and sucking on my nipples as her father filled me with that delicious cock of his. For an older man, he was a good fuck. He kept at me until I fired and it felt so good. He got off of me put his cock back into this pants and left. Lucy and I just lay there on the mattress.

"He ever fuck you, Lucy?"

"No, we share but never each other."

"How about Ken?"

"Same thing as with daddy. We share but never touch each other."

We continued our conversation, talking about how her mother puts up with it all, but never joins the fun. She did say she takes after her mother and I could only imagine that she was a hottie. Finally. I pulled down my skirt and put on the tank top. Never did get out of my sandals, in fact, it was the first time I ever got fucked in sandals. Some men like when heels are dangling in the air but never thought about sandals being a turn on.

I left the store, giving another wink to dear old dad. I got home and could hear the usual noise coming from my daughter Elaine's bedroom. I just thought it was Bob getting his afternoon fuck. I went about my business, hearing my daughter yelling to fuck her. It did make me horny. I heard Bob coming down the steps, and I struck a sexy pose just in case he was interested. He had done that before taking care of Elaine and then pushing for me to fuck him too.

I looked up, and it wasn't Bob, but Ken. Donkey prick Ken was the one fucking my lovely daughter.

"I came over to see you, and you weren't here. Things got out of hand with your daughter. She said she just wanted to kiss me, but it turned into more than that."

"How did you get involved with her?"

"My dad and sister would like to meet you!" he said as a defense.

I told him I took care of that., but then he sheepishly asked me if he could fuck me. Elaine appeared and said, "Go ahead mom, he is very fulfilling. If you do, mind if I watch?" I told her to get the hell out of here, and she compiled while I was taking that lovely cock from his pants. It was still wet from her, and I blew him, thinking about her pussy. Not supposed to do that, but I did. After Ken and I were done, he left, and Elaine asked, "How did I taste on him?" I almost told her I wanted it directly...
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