Clarissa's First Adventure
Clarissa stood in the shower and let the water run over her curvy body. She turned up the hot water and liked the way it stung her back, almost scolding her. She liked the way the steamy hot water felt both sensuous and near dangerous at the same time. She rubbed her hands on her smooth buttocks, the same ones that made heads turn when she walked down the street - both men and women. The shower was a large one. It was a good thing too, Clarissa thought to herself, and smiled when she felt something push up against her ass.

"What's on your mind?" Clarissa laughed and pressed her hands against her hardening nipples. She pulled her flat stomach in and slightly bent forward. She opened her long, slender legs, and her long mane of wet, red hair fell forward and partially hid her face and the soft moans that escaped her lips. The man pushing against her was quiet as his stiff cock pushed open her buttocks. This time her moans were louder and didn't escape his attention. Knowing what it would do to her, he pulled back and slapped both cheeks. She gasped but didn't turn around. The hot water flowed over her, biting into the quickly raised welts on her otherwise perfect derriere.

"No, you tell me, what's on your mind," the man demanded, his voice a near growl. He slapped her ass again, and this time, before she could help herself, she whimpered out loud from the deeper stings. With sudden anger, she turned around and faced the virtual stranger standing there, in her shower, with nothing on except his very large, engorged penis.

"How dare he," she thought. How dare this man she'd only known for a short time be so daring? What right has he to think he can be so brazen and treat me like this?

Claressa all but stamped her feet in anger, and her hazel eyes narrowed. The golden specks in them appeared to jump out like daggers of hard light. Without fear, she faced the large, dark-skinned man through the thick spray of steaming water. Her large breasts jutted out, and she held her legs open and stiff, ready to do battle.

She looked like a Celtic goddess, the man thought, as she stood inches from his face, her lower stomach teasing his cock with its nearness. He wasn't an easy man to surprise, but her turning on him like a tigress wasn't something he'd known about her, until now. She was fearless, a rare quality. He'd known a lot of women, but very few like her, his instinct told him. Just the thought of taming her excited his intellect and made his body respond in kind. He felt the blood rushing to his penis and knew that anticipation caused a drop of his fluid to mix in with the water and poured into the tiled drain by their feet.

Clarissa held her chin up and faced him, the man who called himself David. She stared into his deep, brown eyes. He was tall and strong. Something about him was dark, not evil, she thought, but the kind of darkness that spoke of night skies and hidden mysteries; the kind of mysteries that might scare you if you knew what they were. His skin was dark, more than tanned. She didn't know his ancestry, and she didn't care. The pecs in his chest and the veins popping out in his quads were a testament to long hours spent at the gym. She schooled herself from looking down at him, knowing what she would find there. She was afraid now, but the fear wasn't physical. She was afraid that if she saw his state she'd lose her resolve to show him she was a woman to be reckoned with.

Still, she shivered when he leaned forward. He grabbed her wrists and held them against her sides, "new rules tonight, bitch," he growled. With one hand he reached up and turned off the shower.

Clarissa pulled out of his grasp, but the tingling sensation and excitement that coursed through her threw her off guard and made her hesitate. She ran her eyes down the muscular curve of his body and stared. It was huge. She'd never seen anything like it, and she stared at his dark, wet and glistening cock, mesmerized. The heated anger she'd felt only minutes ago turned into a different kind of heat, and she bit her lower lip to hold back a primal response that rose up to her throat from between her legs. She took her free hand and reached down to touch the part of him that now seemed to be in control of her world. She had to suck it, to taste it, to make it part of her. At the moment it was the only thing she cared about.

David saw the lust in her eyes and watched as her nipples and swollen breasts reached out. He knew he had her now. He could do whatever he wanted, and that's exactly what he intended to do.

Clarissa reached down to touch him with her free hand, but David reacted almost with violence. He gripped the folds of her soft behind and pulled her towards him. He jammed his index finger into her and kissed her, bruising her lips. She took in a gulp of air as his tongue snaked its way down her neck to her taut nipples. "What are you doing?" she managed to stumble over the words. "What's going on?" she stuttered.

"Shut up," he growled, and a bolt of excitement shot through Clarissa's body when she saw the wildness reflected back at her through his eyes.

"Maybe you should be more careful when you pick up strange men in coffee shops," he whispered and flicked his tongue against her lips once. "They're not always as they appear, and you never know what they might do to you," he hissed in her ear.

Clarissa felt the darkness of the man's soul wash over her, and she held her body tense, the fear mixed with her excitement. His fingers rubbed her clit and she moaned, feeling the tension inside her mount.
David's voice startled her, when he spoke, "No. This isn't about you tonight. It's all for me. You're going to have to wait until I give you permission," he growled with cruel pleasure.

Clarissa's eyes opened wide, and she stifled a scream when he slammed his cock into her cunt. His hands dug into her buttocks, forcing her to tighten her legs around him, and he made quick and stabbing thrusts into the dark depths of her, taking what he wanted. In spite of what he told her, she found herself rocking back and forth on him in search of her own path of elation and need to cum. Suddenly, he pulled out of her and Clarissa squirmed, with her frustration overpowering and a tangible monster. "Please," she begged and touched herself.

"I said no," he shouted at her. David's own frustration was mounting, but he had to teach her that he was always in control, and that she would have to learn to submit to him. He took both hands and grabbed her hair, holding the thick red threads and pulling her head back.

Clarissa gasped and stopped touching herself as he then forced her to her knees in front of him. She eagerly took him in her mouth and he pushed himself to the back of her throat. He fucked her mouth, his movements quick and hard. She felt his cum, and tried to push him out, but he put both hands on the back of her head. "Suck me harder," he commanded, feeling the first giant waves of cum explode inside her throat. She gagged, and he reached down with one hand and grabbed one tit. He pinched her nipple and twisted it. The pain of it was sharp, but it made her feel alive at the same time. She gagged on the volume of cum in her mouth, but his roughness turned on the same dark switch inside her that resided in him, and she sucked harder on him, wanting to please him and swallow every drop of him. She liked it, and she didn't ever want to stop.

Surprising her again, he pulled himself out of her mouth. He rubbed her face with the still engorged sword, and the last ounce of cum trickled out of her mouth.

"That's my good little bitch," David whispered, and pulled Clarissa up to him and kissed her with tenderness. Surprised at herself, Clarissa's face lit up and the tingling in her body increased when David added, "I have some friends I want you to meet soon. I think you're going to like them."
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