Clean Laundry and Sparkling City Lights
I have been at this hotel for going on two months with only a few days leave in between. By now most of the staff know me by name, all genuinely courteous, probably wondering if I'm a homeless person.

It was a Friday night, I had grabbed a salad for supper, eaten lightly and decided that it was laundry night. It was 7:00 PM and I decided I had better get started early if I wanted to get a shot at the lone washer and dryer on the ground floor of the hotel.

"Damn", I said to myself, upon finding someone else's stuff already in the washer, "and by only minutes." The warm water hadn't even fully filled the washer. Irked, I decided to wait it out and when the load of whites finished, I began transferring them to the dryer but not without noting delicates, both tops and bottoms.

Ever curious of details, I pulled a bra from the washer observing a very fancy one with beautiful translucent cups surrounded by lace with cutouts which would have allowed the wearers breasts to show through in artful places. This kicked my visual into low gear. Pursuing my curiosity, I found the tag on the back, it read: Fantasy brand, 34DD. I knew that I had to wait for her return.

Continuing my laundry transfer, I found matching bikini panties with a very high hip-line of similarly translucent silky white fabric and matching lace and with similar artful cutouts in a size small. The fantasy of the shape of this owner in her lingerie was an effortless line of thought proving to have effect on my own shape.

Planning to wash all of my underwear, I had worn only a pair of jeans. Somehow, me being naked beneath my jeans, combined with the fantasy of a body packed into the fancy lingerie I had discovered, put me in a mood I had not enjoyed for awhile.

As I finished sorting my underwear and pushing quarters into the slide of the washer, I started the dryer on the delicate and low heat cycle. I had just pushed another dollar of coins into the machine when she slipped into the doorway.

She had neck length honey blonde hair that splashed over the collar of a sleeveless white tailored shirt, possibly the one she had worn to work. At this time of night she had perhaps allowed another button to be undone or had thrown it on quickly on the way to rescuing her lingerie from imprisonment of the hotel laundry.

Regardless, her haste was my treat since the opening of the top two buttons revealed a very nice curve. At about 5'6" or so and probably around 110 to 115 pounds, she was gorgeous. Hopefully my slack mouth didn't hang too long as my eyes finally fell to her open-toed black dress heels and then back to her face. Her green eyes were riveted to me and I decided I'd better explain.

"Hi, I didn't know when you might be back, so I started your load just a moment ago on delicate. I hope you don't mind." I said as I marveled at that dazzling set of green eyes.

"No problem at all." she said. "One never knows if the owner has abandoned their clothes in place for the evening while they've gone to dinner or what. In fact, I'm pleased that you were attentive enough to put them on delicate for me. I don't want my nice lingerie damaged by an industrial dryer run amok."

"Nice? That lingerie is beautiful in hand, and I trust even more so in place." She replied with a casual smile and with not a hint of patronizing.

Fearing the growing gap in conversation, I came back, "Say, how long do you figure the wash cycle for? I'll need to move my load of darks in next?"

"I set my iphone timer on twenty five minutes," she purred. "Did you have to wait long?"

"I think you had it about right. I waited no more than maybe 3 minutes before it finished but hey, I'm done for 25 or so."

Then she filled the gap, "It doesn't look like you have a full load of dark clothes. Let me return the favor; you can piggy back on my load of darks if you like."

Wow, I thought. She's as comfortable and practical as she is beautiful." What a honey! "Sure," I replied, "we'll both be done with washing quicker. While we're waiting, would you care for small drink, I picked up some miniatures the other day?"

Her smile answered the question before she replied. "Are you reading my mind? I had a hell of a day and washing was not what I really wanted to fill my evening with. There aren't any places around here that I felt comfortable going into. Yes, a drink would be great while our clothes get to know each other better."

My smile answered her beaming green eyes.

"It's paper cup cocktails then," she said.

"Nope, I can do better than that," I teased. "The Blue Note Bar is on the west end of the 4th floor, look for a sign that says 425 West.

She turned and looked back with a smile, "10 or so be fine?"

"A perfect 10", I said. I noted the tip of her tongue on her lips as she turned and walked toward the elevator.

On my return, I stopped by the dining room where the last waitress granted my wish for two martini glasses to be returned the next day, but only on condition that I save a little for her as a rental fee. I readily agreed to the terms.

After 16 minutes of waiting, I began to wonder whether if the previous 30 minutes had been a waking dream, then the phone rang. I thought to myself, here's the let down.

"It's me," she said, "our clothes are getting it on downstairs in the washer. I got a call that I had to take and the caller wasn't taking my hints at closing the conversation. I'm on my way."

Restored from my fall into the pits of despondency, I stood in my 4th floor window, curtains drawn wide, looking across the twinkling city lights as I heard her playful 'shave and a haircut two bits' knock at West 425.

"I hear there is respite and rejuvenation for tired souls at West 425", she called quietly into the door.

"Yep, come in, come in".

She looked like she had been out again since she had a coat on. May I take your coat?"

"Sure!" she said, "but first what are you mixing?"

After picking up the martini glasses, I had stopped by the vending machine and gotten a bottle of cranberry juice. "Tonight, I have a special on Cosmopolitans."

"Perfect, what are you drinking?", she asked with eyes full of mischief.

"I'm having a scotch and water on the rocks martini."

"What kind of martini is that?"

After making a big deal out of mixing her drink in a paper cup, I surprised her when I handed her a perfectly chilled martini glass containing a well shaken cosmopolitan. I held out my 'Scotch and water martini' and toasted. "To clean clothes and sparkling Las Vegas nights."

After taking a healthy first sip she unbuttoned her coat, "Help me with my coat?" she coaxed.

I had been right, her lingerie was beautiful in hand and visually stunning in place.

As I slide her coat from her shoulders she shook her hair. I was dazzled by her creamy shoulders bearing, a blue lace bra filled to overflow and matching string panties. My eyes seemed to follow the line of her body for a country mile as I watched her kick off her black pumps. Standing again, she turned on tippy-toe, extended her free arm round my neck and drew nearer.

Trying to control myself, I calmed down long enough to reward her advance with the warm kiss. She seemed to drink in deep, my utter awe of everything about her. "Hello," I breathed into her ear as I pulled back for another incredulous look at her.

Taking advantage of he pause she raised her glass to me."To a gentlemen who knows delicates and how to handle them,"she toasted. Then she coyly slid onto the bed facing the open picture window of the shining Las Vegas night-line and started waving her naked feet in the air behind her. She held me captive with her playfulness and self confidence. My feet were lead as I stood there still stunned.

I finished hanging her coat, slipped my shoes off and slid up next to her and began spooning her the full length of her body. I snaked my arm around her chest, my hand cupped the overflowing blue lingerie. I began kissing her shoulders. Those creamy white shoulders. I was losing it. Our bodies whispered provocatively--I don't know what--my pointer had gone to attention and my mind was telling me, "Go West young man. Go West!"

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