Cleaning cloths
With two knocks she inserted the keycard she had been given by Janet for those times Debbie needed to get something for her boss.
Opening the door she saw what appeared to be a scene for the police to see.
"Janet are you alright?, I just got a text to come help".
" Come to the bedroom sweetie" was the reply
"Leave the mess for a minute"
Debbie was curious now as she entered the bedroom.
The look in Janets' eyes and the musky smell of sex was thick in the air. Having her juicy smell still on her fingers and feeling the tingling starting to return
As Janet patted the bed for Debbie to sit, it didn't take much for her to sit.

The three people sat on the bed now still covered in sweat Debbie looked at the male she had also known in a carnal way.
It was Janet who needed her help first though and she could tell by her eyes this was no normal clean up job.
Since getting the text message Debbie had felt excited about the chance to join as the noise that she had heard earlier and the state of the dining room gave her a big clue at what had gone on.

Sitting in the background his load spent all over the sheets he watched silently as the two females began to touch each other's breasts
This was going to be an interesting day indeed.
His hands finding his manhood erect and throbbing but not wanting to disturb the girls he just started slow rhythmical strokes. He could feel the heat from the friction already.

Her nipples grew ever so hard again just by the touch of the others hand brushing over them. The space on the sheet was already getting wet again but she didn't care, not while there was fun to be had at least.

Janet enjoyed the touch of the younger woman as well as teasing her man who had once again had a bulging member that she so liked to suck and tease until he could handle it no more, but that would wait for now she thought.
Debbie continued to tickle Janet and she could see the amount of pleasure she was giving it excited her even more.

Janet flopped back onto the pillows and Debbie went straight on top of her and started to kiss her cheeks, then nose and finding her way into her mouth they both kissed each other passionately all the while Janet's lover was holding back his explosion that he thought would surely give him a stroke if he didn't finish soon.

Janet was loving being at the bottom of such an embrace and was loving the feeling of a mound of Debbie rubbing up and down.

He could take it no more and had to do something, so getting behind Debbie he lifted her up by the hips dragging her mouth down to pleasure Janets mound.

Debbie being younger and now wetter made it easy to insert his rod doggy style into Debbie.
Both women let out a squeal as Debbie had the very full eleven inches of his member trust inside her.
She took it with ease and continued to eat out Janet's mound. Flicking her tongue over her now heated and swollen clitoris.

The huge cock was slipping out of Debbie now, she was just dripping with sweat and juices.
Janet's lover didn't want to stop all the excitement they were having so the next time his moistened rod fell out he gave Debbie a slap on her rump and held her butt cheeks open.
Before Debbie knew what was what he had inserted himself into her star. She didn't say a word and took him all the way up. (it wasn't the first time she had sex that way but a threesome in this manner it was)

Debbie could feel his member making her legs tremble but she was enjoying being loved by these two people that had given her a break.
Janet was the first to fold, giving into the wild happiness that had come over her, wave after wave of glororgasms .sms. She could still feel Debbies face rubbing up and down her body as her lover ploughed Debbie.

He could take it no more and plopped his penis out and stroked every last drop out of himself all over Debbies back.
Debbie was last to cum as she lay flat on the bed between Janet's thighs.

Both women were crying and holding each other as Janet licked her back Debbie wiped the tears away and kissed Janet.

Janet's lover came in for a cuddle as well.

"Who's for lunch".

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