Close Ups
"Hey you." Her smile is friendly, open, and very honest. A saying hey to a friend smile, for sure. "Hey to you." He wondered what happened to hi, he liked hi from a woman, even if it was only a friend hi.

Her soft eyes fixed on his, studying him, measuring something, not physical, but the light in his blue eyes, she could see trust.

"I could use a big favor from you."

If one looks hard enough, one can see through the eyes of another. They can see the trust, or lack of it, they can also see what a person might be willing to do.

Jack is very willing, eager to do the favor Jill asked.

They met on a Friday night. Jill, showing him the functions of the camera, how to zoom and move the camera were all he really needed to know, also to watch the small instant playback screen on the side of the camera.

Jack, sitting in a chair, Jill standing very close, her perfume alluring as all hell. She's wearing a thin fabric pink robe, knowing she's naked under it has Jack only partially paying attention. What is about to take place has all his attention.

"Do you understand everything?"

He managed a quick nod, feeling very large drops of cum sliding down his shaft.

"Ok, I'll stand off to the side, when I nod, hit the record button?"

Her robe slid down her body, creamy white skin, no tan salons for her. His eyes fixed on her ass, small, firm, slightly muscled. He would have saw her back and legs equally muscled, but he spared no look for that.

Jack did watch her unclasp her pony tail, seeing her dark hair lay on her shoulders as a whisper in the night.

He sucked in a breath, sharp, catching in his throat when she faced the camera. Jill has very small breasts, quite easy to get almost all of it in a mouth. Her nipples are stiff and a healthy pink. She is thin, but not painful to look at. Indeed, she has a hot body, curves soft and striking to the eye. Her mound is clean, except for a wisp of hair in the shape of an arrow pointing down. She smiled into the camera, for her boyfriend in the service, but also for Jack, he was sure his tongue was hanging out.

Jill sat on the couch, a towel spread out under her. "I miss you like hell, babe. Please hurry home."

The camera, trained on Jill's face, loves her, capturing her sweetness. Jack was more interested as Jill parted her legs. Her fingers rubbed her inner thighs, moving closer to her thin lips, already wet with tiny drops of dew.

He never attempted to hide the bulge in his jeans by turning to the side or crossing his legs, it wasn't long before his hand was rubbing himself.

It was very hard to tear his eyes off Jill's sex, extremely hard, her thin lips swelled and spread, pink is so hot when it's wet. But Jack did, he knew this is a two part film. Her boyfriend loves to watch her face as she masturbates, seeing the changes as she builds, the intense change as she cums.

Her boyfriend has a point, watching her face was very hot. Jack saw videos of this type before, he never really watched them, but tonight he had to in case he had to adjust the camera.

A light sweat, not noticeable to the naked eye, but the camera sees it, miniaturized drops on her forehead, cheeks, and lips. Her tongue slides over her lips very slow, tasting her sweat. Is she thinking of tasting her boyfriend? Touching him? Feeling him inside her? These thoughts, and many other quite nasty thoughts crossed Jacks mind as his fingers unsnapped his pants and pulled down his zipper.

Jill's chest, in between her breasts and collar bone flushed red, it will be crimson in color soon. She bites her lips, that is so sexy, Jack makes a mental note to watch more of these videos, but none will be as hot as this one.

Her brown eyes darken, the whites standing out. Her lids flutter, her brows furrow down, not in deep thought, but in deep pleasure, to be sure.

Jill's breathing is heavy, her chest heaving a bit. Her moans are soft, but rising in deepness. Without warning, her pupils disappear under her rapidly fluttering lids, only the whites can be seen. Her moans are cries as her hand squeezes her breast, pulling it hard, pinching her nipple. She stills.

Jill noticed Jack's pants opened as he panned the camera down, then focused on her pussy, she had to admire his length and thickness inside his underwear, She and her boyfriend have an open relationship.

Watching Jills face was a eye opening experience. Jack thought she was ready to pass out at the end, seeing only the whites of her eyes was a little scary.

Zooming in on her folds though, soft, pink, dark pink, and soaking wet, it was Jack's turn to lick his lips as his hand pulled his briefs down, freeing his pent up cock.

Jill couldn't help but look. Just as big as her boyfriends, a little thicker. Her fingers played as she watched Jack watching her, his hand stroking himself very smooth.

"Look at her!" His cock whispered. The way her fingers slide in between her lips as her legs spread.

Jack watched, he stared hard, the camera captured all of her. He could see her lips swelling right in front of his. Her clit was poking out, her finger tip rubbing its small shape as fast as he was stroking himself.

Two fingers slid in, her moans as she is entered are sharp! Her wetness is spreading, reaching her inner thighs, glistening on her skin. She squeezes her breast, fingers pressing into the flesh as she fucks her pussy, her thumb flicking her clit.

Her thighs tense, muscles bulging under her skin like his cock in in his hand. The tensing in her thighs spreads to her body. All her muscles lock as she fucks her pussy fast and hard. Her eyes are half open, half closed, let each one choose which.

Jill is fixed on Jack's cock, long, bulging, its color much darker like her eyes are. What would it feel like? Would he fuck her hard? She looses it on that thought, her fingers are crushed as she cums! Her walls nearly splinter their bones! She cries out as she releases, feeling the burning heat of pleasure fill her body.

Amazing! Fucking Amazing! Her body bulges muscle every where! She is gasping for air! Her whites show again as her cry echos in the room! She cums! Tiny drops of clear, crystal clear cum explode out! Her hand is soaked, her thighs drenched, the towel under her a much darker blue!

"Hurry home, babe."

Jack turns off the recorder, still stroking his cock, holding back, barely, to be sure. Jill stares at him, "will you do me another favor?"

Jack nods.

"Bring that over here?"
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