Cock Slut
Cock Slut
By: Rachel R.

Moving in to my new apartment a little over three months ago I had only made one friend in the building and that was an older man in the apartment across the hall. A man that is in his mid to late fifties and almost six feet tall; he is handsome for an older man. He has a good body, lean, with a little paunch and his hair is silver with a dash of pepper. Gary is a gregarious man with a great sense of humor.

We shared a pizza and beer from time to time at the sports bar, (aka breastaurant) where I worked. We wear those tops that your breasts spill out of and tight little hot pants and Gary had told me that why he came here so often. I would often bring some food home Gary would come over to my place for a late night talk and we got to know each other.

Now one thing I never revealed to Gary was that I am, shamelessly, a cock slut, a cum slut, a whore. Whatever label you wish to apply to me. I know no pleasure greater than the bruising of my throat by a large cock, the almost pain of strong hands buried in my hair, pulling me tighter, owning me, and controlling me. My body quivers and aches just to think about giving a man head and to recall the men who made me feel this way.

Now Gary nor I ever discussed sex but we were both guilty of some innocent flirting from time to time. Gary is a widower and I am single. I have nothing in my apartment that is enticing or sexual in nature and I have never been in Gary's apartment. Gary is smart and our conversation ranges from the mundane to the unusual. At times, I found him sexy and attracted to him, but I never acted on those impulses.

One night, when it was busier than usual at the bar, I had a few drinks that men had bought me with the hopes of getting in my pants and I was more than a little drunk. Gary had been there for a while and he stopped by the bar and inquired when I got off work. I told him in about a half hour.
He knew I had been drinking so he ordered a beer and a pizza to take back to the apartment. I talked with him until it was quitting time and the conversation had a definite sexual tone, which I was very receptive to tonight. He asked me if I would mind having the pizza and beer at his place. I saw no reason to refuse his invite. I have wanted to see what his place was like.

We walking the few short blocks to our building, the conversation had become very sexual and I still have no clue how this conversation got started, but Gary asked me to come over and suck his cock.

Did he know how much I loved cum? I don't know. I don't remember ever telling him I loved to give head. I could not recall ever discussing sex with him. I finally quit my pondering and said yes but only on the condition that we eat the pizza and have a beer first. Gary laughed and agreed.

Gary opened the door and I walked in and looked around the room. It was definitely a man's apartment. There were porn magazines on the coffee table and on the end tables. There were pictures of men getting their cocks sucked by young girls and I flipped through several of the magazines and all the pictures reflecting older men with young women. I could see the light come on in my alcohol fogged brain.

"Got anything we can watch," I asked.

Gary turned on the TV and his DVD player and there on the 54-inch screen was a young blonde with her face buried in the crotch of a gray haired man, and her head bobbing like a sewing machine on his rigid shaft.

My pussy is dripping wet in my little hot pants and I am looking forward to sucking Gary's cock.

Gary was being very polite, trying, I suppose, to calm my nerves, nerves I didn't really have. However, his voice, soothing, seductive and almost overwhelming I suppose that showed. My eyes as huge as saucers, and I know I was blushing, but I remained silent. Gary is trying to break my silence and finally I gave in to him. I am laughing and I said "But I swore I wouldn't talk!"

After that I everything was cool and we watched the man cum in the girls mouth.

Gary said he had a cramp in his leg and asked me to rub his leg, that confused me, but then I realized he wanted me to start so I did. Gary is wearing khakis and a blue dress shirt. I finally manage, with extremely nervous fingers, to undo his pants and unzip them. I reached inside and found the largest cock I have ever seen in real life. Seriously, the damn thing is made for a porno flick.

Gary mentioned that it measured six inches around and I thought he was lying, but he is not. His cock is not only thick but long, easily nine inches or more! I forgot for a moment, that there was a man standing there because his cock became my only focus. I think I fell in love at that moment. I have never seen a cock that big before. Now I am sure larger cocks exist, but not in any of my experiences. Heavy and warm in my hand, and as I stroke it, gently, lovingly, as it stiffens, getting harder and harder in my hands. The heat of the monster prick is shocking to me. It was like a satin covered furnace it is so hot.

Pushing Gary's pants down further past his hips and to the floor where he steps out of them. I am fondling his balls in my hands. They are engorged, heavy, hot, and filled with his cum. His balls, roughened by his coarse pubic hair, feel wonderful in my soft hands and my pussy is quivering with desire. I am ready to suck his cock.

Finally, I could not take it and leaning in I took large bulbous head of that incredible, engorged prick into my mouth. Sipping and tasting his flavor with my tongue and my lips. My hands are still gently stroking and caressing his furry balls. I hear him moan softly as my tongue darts down a little further, around the flare of the mushroom head to lick and suckle the tender skin there. I was afraid I would not be able to fit the head into my mouth it was so large, slick with pre-cum, but happily, it did slide right on in, though my jaw was quite stretched by the size of the monster dick.

My tongue loves the rapturous feel of this cock, I could tell he had recently showered and his taste is simply clean, manly and it tastes so good I couldn't get enough.

Then I heard Gary's voice, "Oh wench, what a wench you are, you love that cock don't you?"
I was lost! My nipples tingling, my pussy was soaking my hot pants, and my mouth could not get enough of this mammoth prick into my mouth.

Feeling is hands weave into my hair, pulling My long ha which is straight, no curl and I could feel him wrapping it around his hands, tugging gently at first and then harder. I am working my mouth a little further down on his turgid his cock. I knew I would never be able to take it all. It was simply too huge. But I needed to devour as much as I could. I was in cock heaven.

I continued stroking him with my tongue, fast figure eights s one minute, long slow lapping strokes the next. I could hear him above me, his fists wrapped in my hair, "What a slut you are, to come and suck a strangers cock, and loving it. You love it don't you fucking whore?"
I could only whimper an affirmative, because no way was I letting go of that delicious cock or taking it out of my mouth. Gary the gentleman had vanished and replaced by Gary, the man with the monster cock, Cockzilla.

He was pushing deeper into my throat, this is a natural for a man and I knew he wanted to fuck my mouth. I must have seven inches of his cock in my mouth and throat, but I wanted him balls deep in my mouth. My gag reflex kicked in couple of times, I relaxed my throat and it subsided. Gary only tightened his hands in my hair again and holding my head tightly so that I could not pull away as he is ramming his cock deeper in my throat. My jaw open wide as I could so that my teeth would not graze the sweet meat and I feel Gary's cockhead probing deep into the hole in my throat. I did gag then, and tried to pull back, but he would not allow it, and pushed deeper then, a little harder. Gary was filling me and I was in a blissful state.

It was useless though, since his strong hands held my head completely by my hair. "It's ok my little cock sucking slut. Just relax."

Almost as soon as he said that he fucked hard into my throat. I didn't realize it at the time, but later I knew he had bruised me from inside, I had a sore throat for a week but I had taken all of his cock. I was shocked to feel that cock buried in my throat and I loved it in my throat. I kept trying to swallow, to breathe, but it wasn't going to happen. I felt one of his hands then close around my throat, stroking and massaging his cock using my throat. I wanted to swallow his cock but couldn't. I wanted to breathe but did not and a tear welling up in my eye and my nose was now running.

Finally, though it was perhaps only for a moment, he pulled back out enough that I could breathe and I looked up at him and he just laughed a little.

"It is ok baby, damn your throat feels good baby. Here, lick me, no hands now ok?"
I did just that, I wanted that cock so bad and in a pose of utter submission, though I'd never done it before, I clasped my hands behind my back, up on my knees and leaning into his crotch I am licking and sucking his bobbing cock. My breasts were on fire at this point, and I felt one of his large hands start to knead them, the other still locked in my hair.

"That's it baby; damn you suck a mean cock. What a good cock slut you are."

Gary's voice is driving me to madness, his cock satiating a hunger I had never known I had. He released my breast then and pulled up his shirt to reveal a strong flat tummy that actuating another wave of juices from my pussy. Tilting my chin up, Gary is burnishing his silky cock on my face, my drool drenching on my skin, and I could feel it dribble down my chin. I love it, loving the heat of his hot cock slapping me in the face, of the warmth of my own spittle coating my nose, cheeks, chin, and dripping onto my tits.

"Suck my balls you cock hungry slut," Gary rasped.

Hands free ball sucking is my goal and lowering my mouth to his throbbing, hot orbs, and I am licking gently at first, teasingly. Gary is moaning which is my cue, and opening my mouth as wide as I could, to suck his hairy balls into my warm, wet mouth. Hearing the groans, I knew I was pleasuring him. The sensation in my cunt, twisting it in agony, I am wanting this man inside of me. Sucking Gary's balls like a newborn suckling on a mother's tit, refusing to let go, wanting satisfaction by making Gary cum.

Finally, Gary easing his nuts from my mouth and the engorged head of his cock is back in my mouth again, lapping his cockhead some more and tasting his salty juices. Releasing my head Gary is placing his hands on my jaw, commanding me to open my mouth wide and hooking a thumb into my mouth to hold it open as wide as it would go the other hand jacking his cock off. Strands of creamy hot cum, spewing from his cock and splattering on my face. Feeling the thick cum sliding down my cheeks and chin was enough to trigger my long awaited for climax. The little, black hot pants were filled with girly cum and no one has touched my hot little slit. An ache in my snatch, spasms racing from my back and down to my clit and even my asshole are clinching tightly from the carnal desire of wanting this man. My face covered with gobs of his cum and I can feel the thick clumps in my hair, on my face and best of all in my mouth. Gary's cum finally receding, and I greedily sucked his softening cock to pull every little last bit of cum from him.

Gary is stroking my cum, encrusted hair then, pleased I look, lovingly into his eyes and I whisper softly.
"Thank you," with his cum still decorating my most of my face.

He laughed at me then, but kindly. "You're welcome. Thank you too..." and then he turned and melted back into the darkness.

I let myself out, returning to my apartment where I lay on the bed licking my fingers, wiping gobs of cum from my face and hair and sucking it off my fingers like the last bits of candy. Loving the taste, the feel, even the burning in my eye where a large amount had landed. I loved every bit of the decadence.

Later I sent him a text, ""Wow, thank you, I want to do that again!"

Now I get to suck that luscious cock. We never fuck. We never kiss. But, in every way imaginable, I belong to him whenever Gary wants me.

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