Cock Warmer
He entered the back door of the cabin shaking the snow from his shoulders. Damn, why did he forget his underwear this weekend. He was freezing. A weekend in the mountains with nothing to keep his favorite appendage warm.

While slipping off his boots and jacket, he notices the buxom female standing in the corner wearing black leggings and a black hoodie. The monogram over her left breast says "Cock Warmer". She smiles at him.

What is this? Is he dreaming? Is this for real? Does he dare take advantage of this wonderful service?
He hears his friends behind him, but motions them to go on.

He stands in front of her and unzips. She slips her warm soft hands down the front of his pants, caressing his cold soft cock. She cups his freezing balls in her hands and gently massages and warms them. Then she begins to stroke his warming, firming cock. MMMMMMMM. He could get used to this.

Not knowing the protocol for this service, he slowly lifts his hand to touch her breast. She doesn't move to stop him, so he unzips the hoodie to view her cleavage. The sight of it definitely assists in warming him up. What luscious breasts!! She notices his admiration and lowers her zipper to allow him to view every inch of them as she continues to warm him. After a few minutes, scoops her breasts into her hands and... Oh, yes... she lowers her body and slides his now throbbing cock between them. Moving up and down his shaft, the head of his cock peaking out from between those glorious globes. Leaning her head back, he notices how much she seems to enjoy her job.

She lowers to her knees and begins warming him with her tongue. Licking and warming every inch of his once cold package. She runs her tongue around the rim of his hat, flicking away the drop of his cum that has slipped out. Her warm, wet lips cover his cock. He marvels at the genius who came up with this service. He spreads his legs to ensure he keeps his balance as she slides over him. Stroking him with her hands and her mouth. He has to brace himself with his arms stretched in front of him, his hands flat on the wall. This might be the best part of this cold weekend.

Closing his eyes, he realizes he is moaning and meeting her strokes with his thrusts. Her hands slip to his bottom. Warming and kneading his cheeks, as she presses him further into her mouth. One of his hands moves from the wall to run his fingers through her hair. Dreaming, he must be dreaming. He feels her sucking him deep into the back of her warm soft mouth, and then he feels his juices surging. She slurps and sucks until he has coated her throat with his cum. He looks down to enjoy every minute of her attention.

After giving him a once over with her tongue, she kisses the tip of his cock. She rises, zips her top and tucks him back into his pants, zipping him up. Finally she speaks for the first time, whispering into his ear, "Sir, I am a full body 'Cock Warmer' , if you would like to take advantage of my services over the remainder of the weekend, just think of your cold cock and I will appear."

He smiles and whistles as he goes to join his friends.

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