Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop

Louise and Evan had planned the impromptu meeting on short notice. They had agreed on a small coffee shop halfway between their home towns.

It's was that little coffee shop in Hibbard, Evan was running a few minutes late, but when he entered through the door he could see Louise sitting in a back corner booth.

She looked stunning in her yellow flowered sundress that had spaghetti straps. It clung to every voluptuous curve of her body. Light brown sandals, softly tanned legs, so smooth from probably being shaved in the shower just before she left for the coffee shop.

Instantly a smile lit up her face as she saw him walking toward her.

Evan smiled back; he could see the gleam in her eyes.

"Hi Louise, you look delightful, should I sit across or beside you?

Louise slid over on the booth seat and patted the seat beside her. As she was sliding across the booth seat, her dress crept up her thighs and as her legs opened as she moved, Evan received a brief glimpse of a panty-less "main attraction". Louise reached down lifted the hem of her dress and pulled it back to about mid thigh, satisfied that she knew she had just flashed Evan in such an "innocent" way.

Evan sat down, leaned over and gave her a soft peck on the cheek, u-m-m-m, "I love your perfume, it's fantastic." "I love your dress, is it new?" Louise replied "I just picked it up yesterday, I thought you'd like it, I'm so glad you do."

Louise purred "You look pretty good yourself hun, I like your dress shorts and the pale yellow button down shirt. It matches my dress." She smiled.

She leaned to his ear and whispered, "I get to see your legs, maybe I'll even run my hand up inside. Evan's eyes met hers and they both started to laugh.

He taunted her "You'll be happy to know I left my underwear at home". "Great minds think alike," Louise said, "I did too!" Evan's earlier flash....confirmed.

Louise leaned toward Evan and lightly kissed his cheek, her hand drifting down to the inside of his left knee. U-m-m-m his skin felt so soft. She started drawing little circles on the inside of his thigh with her finger tip. It was so nice to be there with him and spend a little time together.

Louise ran her other hand up and down the front of his down shirt, just thinking about getting a chance to slowly unbutton it. Her fingertips lightly brushed across his left nipple and Evan immediately moaned an "u-m-m-m" "Great bodies think alike," Louise teased, "my nipples are sensitive too, I'm sure you'll find out"

"I'm so glad we could get together," Evan replied, "I've been thinking about you a lot lately."

Louise and Evan directed their attention to the waitress who had suddenly appeared in front of them standing at their table.

She placed two glasses of ice water in front of them and handed them menus.

Louise felt Evans leg press against hers as he turned to her and asked "Shall we order?"

"What's good here?"

"The Mocha latte is pretty good." Said Evan. "That sounds great. That's what I'll have." said Louise.

"Me too," Evan looked up to the waitress, Jenny on her nametag. "Jenny we'll have two Mocha lattes." "Coming right up." she smiled, looking into Evans eyes.

As Jenny turned to walk away, Louise lowered her hand again to Evan's leg, stroking the inside of his knee.

Louise lifted her hand and smacked the inside of Evan's leg as he watched her walk away in her short leather skirt. "I see you eyeing her ass..."

"Hey! I'm breathing ain't I... I can't help looking." A smile pursed on his lips.

"You can go back to stroking my knee... actually I think I'll return the favor, great minds, right?"

"I guess I'll just have to try a little harder to distract you from our waitress." Louise purred.

"She's young, she's cute. I'm a flirt,... sorry"

Evan noticed her hand getting a little bolder, inching under the hem of his shorts.

His hand now returning the favor, as he stroked the inside of her thigh. He looked at her, unable to miss the fact that her nipples were now hard and visible through the fabric of her dress.

His hand squeezed the soft, tender flesh of her thigh as he whispered in her ear, "I'm so glad to see you, may I kiss you?"

"Oh, please do." followed by a deep breath.

Evan put his arm around her bare shoulders drawing her close as their lips brushed each other so lightly, his breath escaped him. He'd been anticipating this kiss for so long.

Louise sighed "I've been waiting to feel your lips on mine, and I can't help but gasp and moan when you kiss me."

Evan paused to look into her eyes. He could feel her smiling through her eyes, so cool.

Louise loved the feel of his beard against her skin.

She cupped his chin in her hand as he kissed her again, this time a little firmer, his lips savoring the feel hers.

Opening his lips so slightly, his tongue gently teased against her lips.

Louise slid her fingers up to his ear, running her finger around it, then her hand into his hair, pulling him tighter against her mouth.

She opened her lips inviting his tongue.

Their tongues were just barely touching...

"Two mocha lattes," It was Jenny standing there holding her server's tray watching them.

They both had a crimson glow in our cheeks, slightly embarrassed at being caught.

Louise appeared more embarrassed than Evan. Jenny just stood there smiling at them, especially at Evan. She placed the lattes on the table in front of them.

It was as though her feet were nailed to the floor, she just stood there smiling, maybe waiting to see what was going to happen next.

The coffee was entirely too hot to drink.

Evan turned to Louise, "Would you like a pumpkin scone to go with your coffee?" "I love scones, that sounds great."

"Jenny, we'll have two pumpkin scones please."

Jenny finally stopped staring at them, turned and went to the pastry counter.

Evan took a sip of water and then leaned toward Louise to pick up where they had left off. Her tongue was waiting for his.

Being alone again, Louise allowed her hand to fall to Evan's lap.

She giggled as they kissed, feeling a sense of being "naughty". As their tongues met, Evan slipped a piece of ice cube he'd gotten from his glass of water onto her tongue.
They both hesitated remembering doing that as a teen... frosty fun.

Louise felt the evidence of Evan's excitement as her hand explored his lap. She slid her fingers under the edge of his shorts.

Their kiss became more intense, Evan's arm around her drawing tighter, his left hand caressing the inside of her thigh and inching her dress up a little more.

Louise's fingers slid over the velvet feel of his cock head and felt it grow in response to her touch.

Oh, that felt wonderful to Evan as his hand inched closer to the treasure it was seeking.
Louise could feel the heat as his hand moved closer still.

As Evan's hand reached it's target, his finger tip separated the supple petals of Louise's pussy, feeling the hot wetness envelope his finger.

Louise gasped and closed her fingers around his shaft, slowly stroking the length of his granite hard manhood.

"Here's your scones" the all to familiar voice interrupted. They both jumped and hastened to straighten themselves up.

She's enjoying this too much, Evan thought to himself. I think she waited on purpose just to catch us involved.

Louise at the same time was thinking to herself, "Oh, she's just jealous, I'm with such a passionate guy. She can tell by looking how turned on and hot he has me."

Evan was nearly annoyed at being interrupted, the ache in his groin was pleading for attention.

Louise and Evan were in synch with each other, great minds thinking alike,
"If she wants to watch so bad, maybe we should give her something to look at. After all the place is nearly empty this time of day. No one else will even notice."

As if on cue, Evan dropped his spoon under the table out toward where she was standing. As she bent down to pick it up they knew she couldn't resist looking under the table. Evan used his fingers to stroke Louise's pussy as Jenny looked, then stared in awe.

Evan opened his legs so Louise could gain better access to his crotch. Jenny just froze in place, her mouth dropped open.

A squeal of pleasure escaped Louise as she began to stroke his cock faster.

Speaking up loud enough for Jenny to hear, Evan said, "Louise, would you mind if I finger fucked you here in the booth?" Oh the look on Jenny's face.

Louise reached over with her hand and pushed Evan's fingers deeper into her pussy, in response.

Jenny was mesmerized as Louise slid her hips forward on the seat and leaned backward spreading her legs wide and her heels resting on the floor. Evan pulled the hem of her lovely sundress up to her belly, exposing her entire womanhood. The pink petals of her love nest were glistening with droplets of arousal.

Jenny looked at Louise's face, eyes closed, she was licking her lips and moaning then quietly, whispering to Evan just loud enough for Jenny to hear. "That's it, Baby. Make me cum"

Evan held his hand in place. His finger buried and palm cupping her mound rubbing against her clit. Louise was nearly in a trance as she humped up and down against Evan's hand and fingers. Her hips rocked back and forth riding his hand as if on a bronco.

Jenny was noticeably breathing heavy. She was totally consumed in watching these two in their passion.

Evan was watching both women and decided to push them both to another level of lust. He reached up and untied the spaghetti strap on Louise's left shoulder and then pulled the top of the dress down exposing her lovely breast and perfectly erect nipple. He leaned over and sucked the sensitive nub into his lips.

It was like a lighting strike, the nerve endings in her nipple triggered her pussy into violent spasms around his fingers as she lurched from the booth seat in a piercing orgasm.

Jenny could hear how wet she was as the gush of her womanly cum oozed from her love tunnel. Evan watched as Jenny slid her hand up under her skirt, pushing her lavender panties to the side exposing her shaved pussy and engorged lips. Her finger embedding itself into her slit of desire.

Louise recovering from her orgasm looked at Jenny knowing she had her totally transfixed. She slowly unbuttoned Evans shorts and gently pulled down his zipper. His unbridled erect cock sprang from his shorts as Louise wrapped her fingers around it stroking the full length. Watching Jenny stare at his cock, Louise continued to stroke up and down his cock, twisting her wrist around in a circling motion as she went. The low groan from Evan sent Jenny's hand in to a sawing action into her flaming hot pussy.

Evan bent down and bit Louise's nipple lightly and could feel her wanton love tunnel clamp around his fingers building toward another orgasm.

"Louise, you're gonna make me cum...Oh gawd, does that feel good."

"This will feel even better baby," as she leaned over and took his cock deep into her mouth.

Jenny had to reach and hold onto the table, her legs were weak from what she is watching.

Louise's hand was squeezing Evan's balls as she sucked him in and out of her mouth, stopping to swirl the tip of her tongue around the head of his penis.

Evan could feel the back of her throat against my dick as she went down once again.

"I'm getting close..." Evan groaned. His hand was on the back of her head, pushing her down on his cock. His other hand was still finger fucking her through another orgasm. She was totally lost between cumming and sucking, she felt dizzy.

"Oh Lou... do you want to swallow or have me shoot my load in front of Jenny. I'm so close.." as he grit his teeth.

Louise let loose of his fuck tool and said "Why don't you ask Jenny?"

"Jenny, would you like to see me cum?"

Speechless, all she could do was nod. Yes, she wanted to watch him cum.

"Will you finger yourself and cum for Lou and I while we cum?"

Again, all she could do is nod yes as both her hands were working her sex spot.
One hand had her fingers stuffing in and out the other lashing back and forth across her clit.

Louise untied the other strap at the top of her dress and pulled it down, so that Evan could cum on her tits.

Jenny's eyes glassed over, she was frigging herself crazy. Now it was Evan and Louise staring in amazement. Evan could feel Louise's next spasm gripping his finger.

"Cum Lou, cum hard...Cum Jenny, cum hard" Evan encouraged.

"Oh, how I want your cum, Baby. I want to feel you spray your cum on my tits." Louise gasped as her juices started squirt over his hand.

Going down on his cock again she could feel it twitching in her mouth. She knew he was ready to give her a cum shower.

Jenny was moaning loudly, she was so close. Evan lifted his sopping wet fingers to his lips. Jenny watched as he licked Lou's juices from his fingers. They watched as Jenny was pushed over the edge and saw her trembling in the wake of her orgasm.

Evan couldn't hold back any longer as he began to spasm deep in his balls. He pulled his cock from her mouth and gripping his fingers around his dick aimed it at Louise's tits.

Rope after rope of hot cum shot out across her tits.

The feel of his molten cum on her skin set her off again, cumming so hard.
"Y-yessssssssss" Louise hissed through clenched teeth.

"O-o-o-o yeh..." choked Evan.

"That's it, Baby cum for me, cover my tits with your load." as she ran her finger tips through the puddles of cum pooling on her chest. Bringing her finger tip to her lips, she looked into Jenny's eyes as she inserted it into her mouth and sucked it clean.

Jenny began to tremble again and leaned over the table with her legs spread apart as she jammed her fingers in and out of her pussy. Because she was leaning across the table her face was directly in front of Louise's chest. Louise swiped a dollop of Evans cum on her finger tip and touched it to Jenny's lips. Jenny sucked Lou's finger into her mouth tasting Evan's nectar. It triggered a staggering orgasm, this time squirting out around her fingers and down her legs.

Evan leaned across the table, reached behind Jenny and slid his finger effortlessly into her saturated hole. He pulled his finger out, brought it to his mouth and licked it clean.
So sweet, so delicious. Evan leaned to Louise and offered his tongue to her. She swirled the tip of his tongue with hers, enjoying the sweet taste. "M-m-m-m"

"It's a shame that's not on the menu." Evan coaxed as the three of them looked at each other and started laughing.

Jenny stood to straighten herself as Evan and Louise picked up their cups and started to drink their lattes...Just right!

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