Cold Cocked
After being out of any kind of seductive erotic mood for quite sometime, it finally came back around again with a vengeance. One night I was feeling very relaxed and a bit on the high side. I was in the mood for my favorite ice cream pop,which I have an entire bag of them in the freezer. The classic "Big Stick". But I only like to eat them when I am alone unless I am planning to tease him with it. Then it can prove to be very seductive.

This time was just one of those times. The creative juices were started to flow through my brain like electricity, sparking all sorts of ideas.

He was sitting at his computer, busy with whatever he does on it. The first thing I did was grab my furry handcuffs and soft silky rope. The lights were dim throughout the house and quietly I crept up behind him in his big computer chair. I reached around the chair and grabbed his arms quickly and pulled them around to the back of the chair and clicked his wrists together before he knew what was happening.

Next,I blindfolded him with a satin bandana. Then I started lightly kissing his ear and whispered that he had been a bad boy and needed to be punished.

I slowly went down to his jeans and unbuttoned them slowly. I could feel the swelling already building up in his pants. I felt a rush go through me and was instantly turned on. But I was determined to keep my plan in motion. I pulled his jeans and boxers down and off his body very slowly and threw them behind me on the floor. Oh yeah, he was standing totally at attention now. I gave it the littlest peck of a kiss on the tip and it jumped and I whispered, "Not yet!".

I took my soft silky rope and tied each ankle on two legs of the chair. I then wheeled the chair out of the room and down the dark hallway and into the living room, where I had a raging fire going in the fireplace.

There was incense burning a subtle pleasant scent that lightly filled the room. I rolled the chair right up to the Alpaca rug in front of the fireplace. Beside me was an small ice chest with ice in it and, Yes, you guessed it, my "Big Stick".

I found a pair of scissors and began cutting his T-shirt off his body ever so slowly. I ran my fingers around his chest and gently encircled his nipples one at a time.

I reached for my Big Stick and put it into my mouth pressing my tongue to it as I sucked on it and began getting it moist and my tongue was becoming colder and colder. When it felt nice and cold, I took it out of my mouth and placed it back in the cooler on the ice.

I moved towards his left nipple and started breathing on it and then touched the tip of it with my cold tongue. He jumped and moaned and I took it into my mouth and twirled my cold tongue around and around. He was moaning and writing in the chair.

I was trying to control the urge to just strip down and jump on his throbbing cock. But I had to stick to the plan. Plenty of time for that later.

I continued to squeeze it and roll it between my fingers and with my other hand, sucked on my popcycle again until my tongue and mouth was cold once again. I moved toward his right nipple and repeated the process with the same results. Perhaps a bit more intense even.

I was also immensely enjoying the process and the reaction that I was getting. It aroused me intensely.

I slowly began kissing lightly and moved slowly down his torso as I kissed and suckled my way down to his erect cock, now dancing with anticipation. I took another few licks of my popcyle and returned it to the ice and took the entire tip of his hardness into my mouth and caressed it with my mouth and tongue.

He raised his hips to signal that he wanted to go deeper. So I took it all the way into my mouth pushing my tongue hard against the underside of his cock and I took it deeper and deeper. I wondered as I took it into my mouth if he would have his usual self control and withhold climax for a while.

As I moved back up his shaft sucking tightly and rolling my tongue around it as I withdrew it to the tip and plunged back down forcing it deep into my mouth, he lost all control and shot his load so forcefully, moaning loudly that I almost gagged because I was not expecting it. As he finished and fell limp in the chair breathing heavily, I sighed with satisfaction that I had pleased him so quickly and so well. Always a great thing for the self esteem.

He said, "You better rest up, because you're next"......

Stay tuned for part II...

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