Cold Cocked Part II
Part II as told by writing partner.

He caught his breath, thinking she has really outdone herself this time and to borrow from an old quote: "one good turn deserves another" As he sat watching her, that funny smirk still on her face, he thought to himself, just wait. She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, taking a deep breath and letting it slowly out. After a couple of minutes of boredom, she lay back on the bed and was soon snoring softly.
He got up from the chair and quietly walked over to the bed. Taking the handcuffs that had just so recently bound him, reached for her wrists and before she realized what was happening was now the one wearing the soft restraints. He sat on the bed pinning her down and opened one cuff up, taking her wrist he pulled are arm up slipping the now open cuff around the bed post, and before she could fight back clipped it around her free wrist. She was now bound with both arms extended over her head.
He got up, went to the closet and pulled a red velour bag from behind the hanging clothes. Walking back into the bedroom, swung the bad back and forth, showing her the bag and stating the obvious "sweetie, we've got toys!" in a voice that made her shiver with excitement.
He walked to the foot of the bed and dumped the contents on the floor making sure that they were out of her line of sight. Reaching down he picked up a silk blindfold and walked over to her. She licked her lips, her nipples now poking up under her button-down night shirt. He pulled the blindfold into place and she immediately started to struggle. Walking down to the foot of the bed, he grabbed a set of leg restraints and she quickly found herself bound spread-eagle and almost unable to move. Reaching down over her top, he took one of her nipples and rolled between his thumb and forefinger getting a low moan from her lips. He released her captive nub and got up. "Be right back, don't go anywhere" he said in a sly tone. He walked into the bathroom, turned on the hot water and waited for it to warm up, damn sticky stuff from the popcicle was drying and starting to itch. Placing a washcloth under the now steaming water, he let it get saturated, picked it up and wiped all the traces of the popcicle off his body, fun? It was for a few moments, any longer than that was just irritating.
He hummed a little tune while walking back into the room and over to his waiting victim, just to let her know he coming her way. He stopped by the foot of the bed again and picked up the next item that caught his eye. Sitting on the bed, he leans over and kisses her, long and hard, knowing that's the way she loved to be kissed, that's what got her juices flowing.
While he was kissing her, he was also undoing the buttons on her top, His kiss lingered on her lips, trailing down the front of her neck and them moving aside the cloth covering her nipples, began sucking on them. She arched her back up, trying to get him to take even more into his mouth, but he was focused on her nipples and responding to him, soon they were rock hard.
Slipping a loop-style nipple clamp over the erect tip he tightened it up. She couldn't see beyond the blindfold and wasn't sure what he was doing but, before any thoughts could register, she felt the same thing happen to her other nipple. The pressure made her nipples even more swollen which made the clamps tighter forcing the now tortured nipples to become super sensitive.
She could sense him lean over her chest bringing his mouth just over one of her throbbing nipples and blow lightly on it. Her hips thrust forward and up, as she felt her nipples react like never before, felt as though they were 10 more sensitive than they ever felt, tight, hard and throbbing, he could tell by a small warm puddle under her ass she was loving this.
She felt a light object trailing from one breast to the other, and then felt it leave as he lifted the chain attaching both clamps until it was taunt. He forcefully lowered his lips on hers, driving his tongue deep in her mouth, he knew she loved this and let his tongue dance around hers, then she felt it.
The feeling was as if her nipples were on fire, stretching upward tugging her large breasts with them. He enjoyed watching the reaction as he lifted the chain attached to the nipple clamps, enjoyed the sight of her swollen nipples captured in the gold loops, enjoyed the power he held over her. He lifted the chain up until both breasts were stretched tight, her swollen nipples a bright shade of red.
He released his grip on the chain and watched as her breasted bounced on her heaving chest, then lifted it again, watching the swollen nipples get even bigger. He was so lost up in the moment that he didn't hear her moans, didn't notice her hips lifting off the mattress, didn't see her so close to coming with this stimulation alone.
After a few minutes of this he was ready to take her the next level, Reaching down on the floor he picked up what looked like a short "turkey baster" a large plastic tube with a suction bulb at one end and a 1" opening at the other, he has never seen one up close but had watched videos of this little toy in action and was fascinated by it.
Taking the tub of Vasaline off the end table, he opened it up and dipped the open end of the tube into the tub. He licked his lips as he spread the folds of flesh back that surrounded her clit. Lowering the plastic opening over this little button, he rotated it around making sure he had a good seal around it.
It was ready, he squeezed the bulb and gently released it, watching has her clit was pulled up inside the clear plastic tube. She was moaning loudly now, her body fluids saturating her thighs and the sheets. He squeezed the bulb again and now her clit was growing, almost looking like a little penis now, this is so awesome he thought to himself and gave it one more squeeze. She came, hips bucking and thrusting off the bad, came harder than he could remember and kept cumming until she collapsed and even then lay there twitching! He released the pressure and put the toy down. Her clit stood at attention poking out from her lips.
Going to the foot of the bed he picked up a vibrator, one he has picked out especially for her. It was about the same size as his junk so when he put the next step of his planned assault in motion she would not be able to tell if it's him or the vibrator. This crazy toy felt like the real thing and even moved like the real thing.
He leaned over and whispered in her ear "do you want me inside you?" She nodded yes, "deep inside you?" she begged him to fuck her. He was lying alongside her and flipped over on top of her, slipping the vibrator all the way in with one push, yes she was that wet!
Until he flipped the button on she had thought it was him pushing into her. The toy hummed loudly and tilting it upward he could reach her swollen clit. It was as if she was hit by a bolt of lightning, her entire body went rigid as she came again. Her orgasm seemed to be non-stop and again her body sank into the bed as it finally subsided.
Not giving her a chance to catch her breath, her released the bindings on her ankles, moving in between her legs and put them on his shoulders, he slipped his cock inside her, all the way deep in, he made sure his pubic bone was rubbing up against her over sensitive clit, rubbing up and down it, as just as her body was working to meet his, he began thrusting long deep and hard inside her. She began to cum again, moaning louder and louder with each stroke. Now faster, he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer, he drove her hips into the mattress and just as she began to climax again, just when he was ready, reached down with his mouth grabbed the fine chain on the nipple clamp and lifted up.
It was too much for her to catch her breath, she came so hard and for so long that she passed out, her body going limp under his. He gave the chain one more good tug, watched her breasts jump and pumped into her the last of his cum.
She was out, he got up, undid her wrists, took off the nipple clamps, washed and put all the toys away. When she woke he was sitting naked at the table having a cup of coffee. Smiling at her, asked if she'd like a cup!

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