Colleagues with Benefits
"What's this, then?"

I jumped in my seat and scrambled to close my laptop. I had been listening to music with headphones on and, under the erroneous assumption that I was alone in the office, was working on an erotic story.

"Nothing," I stammered, turning bright red as Miranda, the project manager, leaned over me to re-open the laptop.

"Nothing, my ass," she said, "I've been reading over your shoulder for the last five minutes. You must listen to your music really loud."

"Look, it's still early, and this is a personal laptop so..."

"Geez Gary, don't be so jumpy, I'm not going to report you. I'm just teasing. Now let me see..."

Her breath was warm on my neck and the erection I always have when writing dirty stories pounded at her proximity. I opened the computer so she could see my writing. It was a story about a sub submitting to her Dom for the first time. A personal story that was turning me on immensely as I wrote it.

Miranda's breasts were pressed against my shoulder.
Her naturally blonde hair tied in a short, tight ponytail. A single, intriguing streak of pink running through it. She was wearing tight, blue jeans and a long, matching blue sweater that clung to her torso in an alluring manner.

"Wow," she breathed," this is pretty hot Gary. I didn't know you harboured these thoughts."

"Well, it's not me, it's a character that..."

"Oh bullshit," she cut me off. 'This is way too well written and detailed to not be based on some reality. You like this? Women kneeling for you?" As she said this, she dropped to her knees next to me.

My cock throbbed viciously.

"Yes, I do," I admitted.

She turned to look up at me, her green eyes wide, thin lips smiling seductively. I had always considered her attractive and frequently stole admiring glances in her direction but she was generally aloof and we maintained a professional distance.

"She calls him Sir," she said, indicating towards my story. "Do you like that? Sir?"

"Yes, I do," I replied, authority rising in my voice. She bit her lip, noticing the change as I straightened in my chair.

" I apologise for sneaking up on you. I was curious. Sir. I guess I always suspected you had a hidden side under your quiet exterior and wanted to confirm it."

"Apology accepted."

"Does your wife know about this?"


"I've read lots of these types of stories Sir. i really enjoy them. The idea of servicing a Dom is a huge turn on but never knew how to take it to the next level. My husband would not approve."

"His loss, it can be most fulfilling."

"You have experience Sir? Not just writing about it?"

"Some yes," I turned in my chair so that she knelt directly before me and bent towards her to cup her chin in my palm. "Would you like to learn more?"

She nodded, her eyes locked with mine.

"Say it."

"Yes Sir. Please Sir."

"Good girl."

She shuddered slightly.

"You like it when I say that?"

"Yes Sir."

I smiled. My cock was an iron bar and I realized that it was level with her gaze.

"You're hard Sir."

"Yes my dear. Very."

She smiled and looked up at me. Eager.

"Can I see it? Sir."

"Yes but not here. Somewhere private." My head was reeling, things were moving extremely quickly.

"Yes Sir." She made as if to rise.

"No, my dear. Stay down there if you don't mind."

"Yes Sir." She began to crawl across the office floor to a vacant meeting room. I followed, admiring her shapely ass as it wiggled before me, beckoning and enticing.

Once in the room, I closed and locked the door behind us. She was kneeling again. Hands on knees, head bowed.

"Good girl. Are you sure about this?"

"Yes Sir."

"I am not going to ask you to submit to me now. We have much to discuss in this regard. This is a start. Understand?"

"I think so Sir."

"You had a request? Please repeat it."

"I want to see your hard cock Sir."

"Do you trust me Miranda?"

"Yes Sir."

"Can I trust you?"

"Yes Sir."

"How do I know this?"

"Please Sir. You can. How can I prove it to you?"

"Can I video you agreeing to this?"

She hesitated, thinking before nodding firmly, "Yes Sir!"

I took out my phone and started video recording her. Curious to see what she would say. She took me by surprise as she removed her sweater and bra and cupped her large breasts.

"Please take out you cock Sir," she said, addressing the camera. With my free hand, I unzipped my pants and took out my burgeoning erection.

"That's a wonderful cock Sir. May I suck it?"

"Yes, you may," the camera shook in my hand.

"I do this willingly. There is consent. Please don't show my husband Sir. I beg you."

Her lips wrapped around my cock, her tongue twirling around the head and her teeth grazed the sensitive underside.

"Good girl." I switched off the camera and placed the phone on the desk.

I stoked her hair as she sucked me off. My hips moving slowly to fuck her face.

"Good girl," I grabbed her ponytail in my fist and pulled her off my cock. "Do you like sucking my cock?"

"Yes Sir, it's wonderful. You have a very nice cock Sir. Would you fuck me with it please? I am very wet Sir. I've fantasised about this for sometime now. I never thought it would be you to fulfil it Sir but I am very happy it is."

I picked her up and placed her on the table. She unbuttoned her jeans and I yanked them off in a single action. I spread her legs at the knees and entered her in a fluid motion. Her pussy was tight and clutched on my hungry cock. I threw her legs over my shoulders and fucked her hard and fast. We kissed long and hard, her tongue wrapping around mine. The adulterous depravity of our actions spurring us one.

"Fuck me Sir! Sweet Jesus fuck me hard. Call me your whore."

"Take my cock whore!" I snarled as I fucked her.

"Oh god yes, Sir. Oh shit! oh fuuuuuck!" She convulsed . her hands reaching for her pussy. She was cumming hard and her exertions bright me to the edge.

"You're gonna make me cum!" I groaned.

"Yes Sir, in my mouth Sir." She slipped off the desk onto the floor, kneeling again. Her mouth open, tongue extended. With a lusty groan, I shot my hot load into her mouth.

That was our first tryst. It was by no means our last.

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