Colleagues with Benefits 2: Servicing Sir
I set up a recurring meeting for myself and Miranda every morning, seemingly to discuss the roll out of the new Asset Register. I scheduled it as 'DD' so that other would take it as 'Due Diligence' but we knew its true meaning - Daily Devotion.

Her instructions were as follows:
She was to arrive before me. If we happened to run into each other before the designated time, we would not acknowledge one another. She would enter the room a few minutes before the start time, closing the door behind her and lower herself onto her knees facing the door. She was to place her palms flat on the floor and extend them forwards, lowering herself until her forehead was on the floor between her outstretched arms. She was to wait in that pose, presenting herself to me.

At the appointed time, I would walk in. Cock hard, the delicious feeling of power and control coursing through me. I would stand before her, shoes almost touching her fingertips.

"Good morning sub. Are you ready for your inspection?"
"Yes Sir. Good morning Sir."

I circled her slowly, admiring, taking in every inch of her. On this day, she was wearing tight, high waisted black pants and a black and brown plaid shirt that clung to her hips. Her pert ass was up in the air and I could see it quivering in anticipation.
"Have you been a good girl sub?"
"Yes Sir. Very good. For you."
"Did you do as I directed?"
"Yes Sir. Before bed last night, I kissed my fingers...your fingers...and then I played with myself until I was on the brink of cumming and then I stopped Sir."
"Who owns your orgasms sub?"
"You do Sir. They are yours. As am I."
"Yours Sir."
"Are you wet sub?"
"Yes Sir. Very."
I ran my fingers over her ass before resuming my stance before her.
"Good girl. You may raise."
"Thank you Sir."

As previously instructed, she kissed the floor before raising her upper body until she knelt before me, hands on her upper thighs. Her eyes sparkling, her breathing quick. I placed my thumb on her lips and she kissed it gently, closing her eyes and exhaling slowly.
"My Dom, I re-pledge my submission to you, Thank you for allowing me to service you. It truly fulfils me in ways I could never have imagined."

This was her addition, she said she acknowledge her service, that saying it aloud, made it more real and turned her on.

"Good girl," I replied, stroking her hair and smiling at her.
"Tell me how to service you Sir. Please."
"Take out my cock."
She unzipped my pants and cradled my erect cock in her cool hands. She gently kissed the tip in the manner in which she had kissed my thumb previously.

"Suck the tip sub. Then lick down the shaft, tracing the veins. Yes, like that, good girl. Now suck my balls gently before licking back up my shaft. Then a soft kiss where the head meets the shaft. That delicious,sensitive V-spot. Maintain eye contact sub. Good girl."

My cock throbbed in her mouth as her tongue and lips acting out my directions. I placed my hands on her head, grabbing her blonde ponytail in my fist and began to fuck her face. She moaned around my cock, her eyes locked mine. She smiled sweetly at me and then winked. That did it, unable to control myself, I shot jets of warm cum down her eager mouth. She swallowed every drop before cleaning my cock with her mouth.
"Fuck. Thank you, such a good girl."
"Thank you Sir. I enjoy servicing you Sir."
"Would you like to hear your task for the day?"
"Please Sir."
"Same as last night, you are to kiss your fingers, turn them into instruments of my will and then play with yourself. This time I will grant you release. I want you to cum hard but you need to send me a photo as you cum, thanking me. Do you understand?"
"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. i will cum hard for you Sir."
"Good girl. And for tomorrow's DD, please wear your hair out."
"Yes Sir, of course Sir!"
She beamed as I took her hand and helped her up. I noticed that there was a wet mark on her shirt collar, a spot of my cum that had gone astray. When I pointed it out to her, she giggled.
"If it's okay with you Sir, I want to leave it there Sir. A badge for good service."
I laughed and knew that I had made the right decision with this one.

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