Colleagues with Benefits 3: sub Training
Miranda was on her bed in presentation pose, on her knees, ass in the air, arms stretched before her with her forehead touching the sheets. She was facing the head board away from where I sat, on a comfy chair at the base of the bed. Her ass and cunt were directly in my eye-line, delicious droplets of lust shimmering from her succulent pussy lips.

I had denied her orgasm for nearly a week, edging her to the brink in Daily Devotion and instructing her to masturbate every night before going to sleep. Any sex with her husband entailed her faking orgasm.

We had snuck off from the office for "lunch" and headed to her nearby apartment. Now she lay before me, blindfolded with my tie, clamps on her nipples, the rubber tips pinching delightfully.

I stood up silently and removed my belt. She gasped and quivered at the sound.

"Rise," I said and rise she did.
"Hands behind your back, crossed at the wrists."
She complied.

I looped the belt into makeshift cuffs around her wrists before pushing her forward. She landed on the bed with an aroused whimper.

I unzipped my pants and she moaned. My erect cock sprung out into my fist. i pumped it once..twice and then with a grunt entered her, hard and fast.

"YES!" she cried as I began to fuck her. I grabbed the belt looped around her arms, pulling her up to me. Her hips slammed into me, her pussy tight and warm around me.

I slapped her ass hard with the flat of my palm, an instant red imprint marking her flesh.

"Count them sub!" I snarled.
"One Sir! Thank you Sir!" She had been listening to my instructions.
I spanked her again on the other cheek.
"Two Sir! Thank you Sir!"

She was thrashing her head, her blonde hair in disarray as we fucked like beasts. I bit her neck, careful not to leave a mark. I released the belt and she collapsed forward again, her hips slamming into me, driving my cock deep into yer yearning pussy.
Another spank.
"Three Sir! Thank you Sir!"

She was grinding her ass against me, squeezing her vaginal muscles around my hungry cock.
"Please may I cum Sir? Please, I'm begging you!"
"Not yet sub. Keep fucking me."

I had told her previously that I liked it when my subs begged and now she knew exactly when to do so. Such a good girl.

I pulled off the nipple clamps, causing her to squeal and gasp.
"Feels so good Sir," she gasped.
We had arranged safe words and she knew that if I did or said anything she was uncomfortable with, she could make it known.

She was squirming beneath me, desperately trying to make me cum in the hope that I would grant her own release. It was a good plan.

"Do you want to cum for me little one?"
"Yes Sir. Pleeeeease Sir!"
"Will you cum hard for me?"
"So fucking hard Sir!"
"Who owns your orgasms sub?"
"You do Sir! You own all of me, Sir."
"Cum for me baby girl. Cum for Sir."

She bucked as I finally gave her the gift of cumming. She moaned and shuddered around my cock as I fucked her climaxing cunt.

I spanked her again, harder, marking her.
"F-F-Four Sir. Oh god thank you Sir."

Unable to hold back any longer, I threw my head back and roared as I came. My cum showering her ass and back before I collapsed on top of her.
She scramble around to clean up my cock, licking and cradling my balls, savouring my cum.

I loosened the belt and blindfold so that we could cuddle and spoon in a post-coital haze until we had to return to the office and once more become mere colleagues. One another's filthy secret.
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