Colleagues with Benefits 4: Miranda's Punishment
We were in our Daily Devotion (DD) session. Miranda was kneeling before me, head bowed. Her blonde hair in a plaited ponytail as I'd instructed. Tight black pants and boots that clung to her shapely ass and legs. Black button up shirt that she had purchased upon my request.

Normally, Daily Devotion consisted of Inspection, Instruction and then Servicing which usually comprised a fuck-suck session along with a game or task I had devised. Today however was different. Today she had been Inspected and Instructed but there would be no Servicing. No fucking and no games.

She had disobeyed me and was to receive her punishment. True punishment is not the same as role play discipline such as spanking or bondage. It should not be sought by either Dom or sub, for while it instils a sense of authority and functions as a form of instruction, it should not be viewed as fun.

Her transgression had been in not following my instructions. She was to kneel for me when she got up in the morning and kiss her thumb. Once she did this, she was to inform me. This was something that she did not do regularly enough. She had been warned once before and my patience had run its course. Now was time for her reckoning.

"Are you my sub?"

"Yes Sir."

"Who do you belong to?"

"I belong to you Sir." Her voice was cracked and halted as she tried to hold back her sobs.

"I am disappointed in you sub."

"Yes Sir. I know Sir. I am so sorry Sir.

"I know you are however that does not earn you my forgiveness. Do you understand why I am upset?"

"Yes Sir. I disobeyed you Sir. I knew what you required from me and I did not do as you instructed."

"Why not?"

"I don't know Sir," she wailed. "I know I must but sometimes I forget and sometimes I can't because I'm not alone and sometimes...Sir...I don't know...I guess I want see if you notice if I don't do it."

"You don't think I'll notice? Why not? And why this specific act. You do everything else I ask of you. And not being alone is no excuse. You know that you just need to say that."

"Yes Sir. I know. I don't know why. I know you'll notice."

"Do you not want to kneel for me?"

"No Sir. i love kneeling for you. I'm kneeling now. It feels so good to kneel before you."

"I'm struggling to understand sub."

"Sir...I don't know...maybe part of me wants to be a bad girl. To rebel. To be a brat. I'm sorry Sir. I can see how upset you are. I won't do it again."

"You understand that you will be punished?"

Head bowed, her shoulders sagged, "Yes Sir, I do."

"Daily Devotion is cancelled until I advise otherwise. Every day you are to kneel for 15 minutes, facing the wall and reflect on your disobedience. You will inform me when you do so. You are not to interact with me in any way other than what is required from a work perspective. You can dress as you see fit and wear your hair as you desire. I will inform you once your punishment is over. Do you understand?"

As I spoke my cock thundered, relishing the control and dominance, even as I willed it not to. This was not to be desired.

"Please Sir, I beg you, please reconsider."

"Begging will not help you in this case sub. My mind is made up. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." I could see tears trickling down her cheeks and had to harden my resolve not to back down.

I bent over and kissed the top of her head.

"Thank you sub. You may raise when you see fit." I left the meeting room, leaving her kneeling. Twenty minutes later she sent me a text.

"Knelt for 20, rising now Sir."

She walked past my desk, averting her eyes which were still red with emotion.

For the next week, the only non-work contact we had was a daily text. First thing in the morning.

"Knelt for 20, rising now Sir."

"Good girl," I murmured to myself as I read these messages, noting the additional time she was spending on her reflection. Then for most of the time we would basically ignore one another. If we attended meetings, there were no longer the furtive glances and secret words. It was like it was before we entered our arrangement. It felt wrong and there was in an ache inside me. I missed Daily Devotions. I missed her lips around my cock. The taste of her sweet pussy. The heft of her head as I tugged her hair. Her warm body pressed against mine. Her sly smile as she submitted to my will. In quiet moments, I jerked off to the thought of her but refused to cum. The feeling in the pit of my stomach as I thought of her prone before me bit and snarled. I ached for her submission and hoped that she yearned for my Dominance. During her punishment, she dressed in outfits that she knew I preferred and her hair remained in the plaited ponytail that I had last requested. But she did as commanded. She did not break and neither did I. I ran the risk that my punishment would be too severe, that she would no longer wish to be my sub.
But every morning, there it was.
"Knelt for 20, rising now Sir."

Then, on the eighth day, I schedules a meeting in her calendar for the next morning: DD
She accepted within minutes.

The next day, I went to our usual meeting room to find her waiting for me. In Presentation Pose, wearing a short tight black dress, heels, and her hair in that ponytail. I smiled as I entered, my cock pounding in eager anticipation. I stood before her, my feet almost touching her outstretched fingers.

"Good morning sub," I said softly.

"Very good morning Sir," she replied.

"You may rise sub."

"Thank you Sir." She raised herself slightly upwards, palms still flat on the floor before leaning forward and kissing each of my shoes in turn.

"Good girl."

"Thank you Sir. I want to be your good girl."

"Have you learnt your lesson little one?"

"Yes Sir. I never want to displease you again Sir. This last week has been one of the worst of my life. I missed you so much Sir. I missed this. Missed my submission to you."

"I missed it too my dear. So fucking much. Now rise and service me. My cock has missed you too."

With a wicked smile she moved to her knees and within seconds my cock was ensconced in her mouth. I placed my hands on her head and stroked her hair as she sucked me. Her tongue washing over my cockhead, teasing the slit, sucking up my pre-cum and cradling my balls.

"Do you like my new dress Sir?" she asked as she licked my shaft. "I bought it yesterday after I got your invite especially for this morning. It's just for you Sir."

"It's very sexy babygirl. I love it. Stand up and bend over the table. I want to fuck you wearing it."

She complied immediately, stretching her lithe body over the desk. I stroked my cock as I admired her body and how the dress clung to her curves. I lifted the dress up her hips, to reveal her naked ass and dripping pussy.

"Are you wet sub?"

"Always for you Sir."

"Good girl."

"Thank you Sir. It feels so good to hear you say it again. Please fuck me Sir. I've missed your cock so much."

I placed the tip of my dick between her exposed pussy lips. She pushed back, eager to envelop it but I placed a palm on her bare ass.

"Hold little one. I wish to mark what is mine."

"Of course Sir. Go ahead."

I slapped her ass firmly with the flat of my hand. The sting resounded through us both.

"One. Oh thank you Sir!"

I followed up on her other cheek. The red imprint of my hand visible.

"Two. Thank you Sir. My ass is yours Sir. My body is yours. I submit to you, My Dom. My Master. My Sir."

Unable to restrain myself any longer I slid my rock hard cock into her cunt. Instantly it clasped me, her pussy wet and tight. I grabbed her by the hips and pistoned into her. Her head rolled back as she embraced our mutual lust.

"Oh god yes! Thank you Sir! Fuck your sub Sir. Fuck me like the slut I am."

I flipped her around so that she was facing me and allowing us to kiss. Our tongues reunited in ardent fervour, wrestling and probing. Her hands were in my hair, pressing me to her as she bucked her hips to meet mine, matching my thrusts.

"Please Sir, I need to cum for you. I've been good sir. I haven't touched myself. I needed you Sir. Please let me cum for you."

"You may cum little one. Cum for me again."

She moaned as she climaxed, her body shuddering under me.

"Thank you Sir. Oh god thank you so much."

"I'm gonna cum too," I wheezed.

She slid off the desk onto the floor, mouth wide open, ready for my tribute. I groaned as I came into her mouth. My seed spilling from her lips to run down her chin and splatter on her new dress. She licked my cock clean, kissing it before tucking it back into my pants and zipping me up. She grinned as she licked her lips and wiped up my semen.

"Thank you Sir. I am so sorry I was a bad girl. I want to be your good girl more than anything, Having you mad at me was the worst thing ever. And not being able to talk to you, to service you. It was agony"

"Thank you, my girl. I don't like punishing you and not having you to service me was gruelling. Please obey me in future."

"I will Sir. Thank you for being my Sir. I cannot tell you what this means to me. i never believed it could be like this. This last week I've felt empty, hollow. I need this Sir."

"I need to it too, my good good girl."

We kissed long and hard before she resumed kneeling and I left to begin another day at work. My soul and heart full and satisfied, The dark satiated. Lessons had been learned but more were to come. For both of us.

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