I went to the Ski Patrol Christmas party, thinking I'd end up with the guys and a totally boring night. I was drinking a glass of wine when I saw Kevin come in with a lovly young woman dressed in beige with a jeweled top that set off her deep blue eyes and creamy complexion. They must be connected! Lucky Ken.

I was nursing a great Pinot Noir and listening to some fellow members tell war stories for what seemed to be hours. All of a sudden, I felt a tug at my coat sleeve to find the same gorgeous lady next to me, asking me to dance.

We took the floor and she danced in my arms gracefully and never stopped looking into my eyes, then told me that I must be a great lover. I asked how she came up with that idea. She told me that she had never danced with a man who let his partner lead without her ever knowing it. She thought we were the best dancers on the floor and it was one great turn-on.

She was a graceful and great dance partner, and I was envying Kevin for his having this woman as his lover. She asked me if I were attached and I told her that I was married, but not happily. She buried her head on my chest and we danced three sets together.

She went back to Kevin, but I sawher looking at me occasionally during the night until she was back at my arm once again. She wanted to dance and her date didn't like to. I was on again! I gladly took the responsibility.

During that set, she asked me if I had a lover. When I said no, she asked if I would like one. The answer to that was obvious. She slipped me a card with her address and phone number on it and told me her husband was off to work at 7:30 and she had no qualms about my coming to visit.

The very next day, a Monday, I called her asking if I might stop by on Tuesday. She loved the idea and I said I'd be there.

I was in uniform when I arrived on that chilly morning and I rang her apartment bell. I was nervous, waiting, waiting... then she opened the door. This gorgeous young woman was dressed in cotton shorts and just a Tee shirt - her bed clothes, obviously , and looking much younger than I imagined her at the party. She welcomed me in, closed and bolted the door before she attacked my clothes. First the tie, my shirt and then she attacked the silver belt buckle normally a challenge for the uninitiated, but she had it open in a flash. My pants fell and she had my Tee shirt off me in equal measure.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom where we fell onto the unmade bed, kissing, caressing, groping and in total need of one another. I gently lifted off her Tee to find small, but firm breasts with very hard nipples. I kissed them slowly and sucked her nipples hard, making them stand up in need of more attention. Cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples and alternating pinches and bites, she began to writhe in need of more.

I reached down to her waist, pushing off her shorts, revealing a shaved pussy, swollen in lust. Kissing her, my hand cupped her mound, a finger playing with her lips there...I moved down so I could kiss her sweet pussy and lick her wetness. I felt her hands in my hair as I devoured her, licking, sucking, nibbling. I then slipped in two of my fingers into her very wet pussy, plunging deep in search of her G spot. mmmm, I hummed on her clit, licking, sucking and biting her tender little knob. She shuddered and I tasted a flood of wetness as her pussy squeezed my fingers. I had never made anyone cum like that before!
She told me that she wanted the feel of my cock in her, NOW!, and rolled over onto her knees, her ass high up in the air. I knelt behind her and guided my erection into her orgasm-tight pussy, pushing gently so she could take my size without pain. I held her waist and slid deeper as she took me. She felt wonderful on my glans! We sync'ed up in a rhythm that matched both our passions and we fucked hard for a wonderful period! I felt her tighten on me and I stroked her as I heard loud cries, signalling her over-the-top orgasm. I soon felt her cunt squeezing me, and that did it for me. I came hard in her. My cock swelling, pulsing and squirting my cum deep inside.

When we started coming down from our orgasmic highs, I realized that Colleen was crying. I instantly came out of her and turned her to me to see if I had hurt her. She held me close and told me I hadn't, but she had an orgasm like none other.

We hugged tightly together and collapsed in ecstasy, totally spent. After that, we made love several times before I had to leave, regretfully. That was the first of many memorable times together.

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