Confession 1: Salad
As often happens when I find the my Dominant levels rising, I go through my records of the interactions I've had with my subs. The memory of my most recent (and longest) D/s relationship is still painful so it might be awhile before I can revisit her.

Her predecessor, however, was a delightful girl. She was also married, dark hair, green eyes with a naughty twinkle and an insatiable appetite for kinky sex. We met online and quickly established a dynamic where she enjoyed being controlled, directed on how to fuck herself, being verbally humiliated and punished. Her name was H. but I called her slut, a title she took great pride in. Like most of my experiences, our interaction was only online and although she sent me many photos of herself, I never reciprocated. She seemed to relish the idea of me being a secret master who commanded her without revealing myself (although I would describe myself to her).

Every morning she would kneel before me in her bathroom,kiss her right wrist to reaffirm her submission to me and send me a photo as proof.
I revel in the feeling of control over my sub so she would tell me what she intended on wearing that day for my approval.
I would set her daily tasks such as objects she had to insert into her holes, items she had to purchase, phrases she had to work into conversation or locations where she was to cum. She would send me photos or detailed descriptions as evidence of completion.

The photo that I looked at today that sent a shudder of lust through me was of a salad.
A simple garden salad in a large transparent bowl that she was about to put on the dinner table to serve to her husband and guests.
Protruding from bowl was the handle of a wooden spoon that earlier that afternoon we had used to redden her bare ass.

She had arrived home from work excited as I had promised her she could cum after a few days of denial.
"Take off your skirt but stay in your heels and blouse," I instructed her once she was inside.
"So wet, Master," was her reply
"Well, then slut, we aren't going to wait or get comfortable. Grab the wooden spoon and get on the table."
"Yes, Master"
"Panties down to just above your knees. On all fours, ass up."
"Ready Master. Kissing the spoon."
"Good girl. Four hard blows on each cheek. Count them off and thank me for each one"
"One, thank you Master"
"Harder bitch"
"Two, thank you Master."
"Does it sting slut?"
"Yes Master, just how your slut likes it. Three, thank you Master."
"My cock is throbbing for you slut. Harder."
"Four, thank you Master. You know your slut loves your cock, Sir."
"Pinch your nipples through your blouse"
"Five, fuck that feels good Master"

She finished counting off and sent me a photo of her rosy ass. Two symmetrical discs of pinked flesh that sent a rush of primal desire through me. She had previously explained to me that she disassociated from her body in these moments so that it truly felt like it was someone else spanking or fucking her. il icked my lips and squeezed my rampant erection.
"Good slut now turn around, get on your back, spread your legs and ram my cock into your wet cunt."
She carried a dildo with her that she was to treat as if it was my cock.
"Kissing your cock before you slam into me Sir."
"Good girl"
"Fuck, we've just ripped my new panties Master."
"I don't fucking care," I growled, "slam your hips against my cock."

She shaved her pussy every morning and it was a tight fit for my cock that she clutched with a fierce grip. She got wet rapidly when in my presence and the sounds of her wet oussy being fucked were echoing around her home.
"Oh fuck, feels so good, oh fuck, please can your slut cum? I've been so good. Please Master."
"Not yet. 4 more with the spoon"
"Yes Master. One thank you Master."
"I don't stop fucking you! Harder!"
"Fuck! Two, thank you Master"
"Are you ready to cum for me slut?"
"Yes Master! please!!! three thank you master"
"clench on my cock"
"clenching. oooh fuck. four thank you master please can i cum please"
"Not yet"

I love orgasm control and knew that the days of denial (with instructions that she was to play with herself to the brink of cumming and then stop) meant that she was ready to explode.
"I don't think i can hold it back Sir, im going to cum"
"No! You do not have permission!"
"Please sir please let your slut cum"
"Pinch your nipples"
"Yes sir fuuuck"
She begged me for about five minutes to grant her release, writhing on the table until finaly I relented.
"Cum slut"
"Thank you Master"
We fucked on the table for some time, she came twice more, the last time by spanking her clit with the spoon as I fucked her.

She sent me picture of her licking up the large puddle of cum that was on her dining table after she pulled my cock out. She regularly sent me pictures of her creamed panties and I knew that when she came, it was a deliciously messy affair.

It was her idea to use the same spoon for serving later knowing what a rush it would be for both of us. Her ass was marked for a few days after and she regularly used that spoon both in and out of the kitchen.
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