I had been working at the local community college and one of the local high schools for about a year now. Teaching both was a bit of a strain as teenagers and young adult are more nerve racking than anything else. They don't think of the consequences of their actions until it is brought to their attention most of the time when it is too late. I say this in the full acknowledgement of the fact, that I got caught up in a situation where the consequences were never allowed into the room. It all happened when I became involved with the Principal of the high school and college Provost of the communtiy college sons.

Troy and Nick had been good friends for some time in spite of the age difference. Troy Solomon was twenty and the son of Provost of community college where I worked part time to offset my meager teacher salary. He was blond, 6ft tall with rugged good looks and still the heart throb of his former high school. Nick Carlson who was seventeen had large deep blue eyes that were set off by his black hair he worn cut high and tight, it didn't stop him from being the high school current heart throb. As tall at Troy, Nick at 6.ft, built with broad shoulders and narrow waist line from all the years of being on swim teams as both guys had been on the swim team in high school and were now in my Biology classes. Nick in the high school one and Troy in the college one. I hadn't been aware of that until one evening after class at the college I saw Nick standing in the hallway outside of the lecture room. I was confused at first as to why he was there and then I saw Troy walk over to him and started talking. By then Nick had noticed me and I blushed as I remembered what had happen after school...Nick had kissed me.

Nick had such good grades in class that I had appointed him to be my lab aide during my other class periods. He would assist me in getting things set up for the other classes and sometime his own class. This day I had decided to do a nature walk around the school as an introduction into environmental biomes. We had walked down to a pond that was not far from the school to check out what we could find there and to see if it would fit into my lesson plans. After school Nick and I walked down to the pond and as I was looking around with him following taking notes I turned quickly not realizing that he was so close behind me and turned right into him. Nick dropped what he had in his hands caught me and for a second we looked into each other eyes and then he kissed me...

Now before you think anything wrong, let me tell you a little about me... I just turned 25 and I am not a cradle robber!! To look at me you would think that I am still in high school as many of the staff, students and parents had thought until I open my mouth and told them different. I had been told because of my youthful looks and attractiveness something else that I had been told to expect the male students to make passes at me. I was told to remember who I was and that I was there to do a job not play with the kids or anything else with them... The Principle Mrs. Smart told me that before hiring me as she would have been a fool not to... I am smart, come highly qualified and I am cheap... first year teacher. Now as to my looks... I am 5ft 5in tall, having a light olive complexion, oval face with large green slanted eyes with kind of a baby doll face and full lips. My hair is a mad mess of dark brown hair that when not curling around itself is hits me at the top of my hips... I tend to wear it up while working, which allow the viewer to take in my petit, but generous hour glass figure. To say that I was not the topic for the gossips at the high school and college when I showed up is to lie. But I kept my sense of humor and got through it all until Nick decided to kiss me and I decided that I like it.

The kiss will it was a surprise that was soft and sweet and then it vanished as quickly as it happened. Nick went back into his student mode and walked off talking about something leaving me there in a daze. By the time we had gotten back to the school I had convinced myself that it was all in my head and that it hadn't happened. That was until I found the note that was stuck between my classroom planner and my laptop. It was typed and this is what it said....

"You now know how I feel about you and in time you will know how we feel about you."

I remember staring at the note for some time, and then I put it back where I had found it my tote bag and went home to prepare for me evening class. Later as I stood up in front of my Biology 1 college students I felt that I was on auto pilot as my mind mulled over what had happened with Nick and later finding the note. I wondered if I had done something to get his attention or if I had in fact encouraged it?

At the end of class, I noticed Troy staring at me much in the same way Nick had ... Oh shit!!! I was then cornered by some students with questions about the homework assignment. I didn't see Troy again until I saw him with Nick standing outside of the lecture room. I could see that they were talking and then they both looked at me as I was putting my things in my tote bag the same one that I had found the note in. I stopped what I was doing and looked at them and I understood who the" we" was... the other person was Troy. I quickly got out of the lecture room and walked past them as fast as I could to get to my car. I got there without anyone stopping me only to find a piece of paper on the windshield. I took it off got in and locked the door started the car and drove home as fast as I could while obeying all the traffic laws. I sat in my car for a while breathing in slowly to stop the panic that was rising in me. It was then that I saw the paper lying in the seat next to me. I opened it and after reading it with light from the street and the full moon over head I closed my eyes and moaned a loud and piteful why me!!!???

"Now you know, please let us come and talk to you... "

"Thank God for weekends! "I said as I walked up to my front door only to be greeted by a sight that I hadn't planned or wanted to see. Troy and Nick had taken a seat on my porch and were waiting for me.

We looked at each for a moment or two before anyone spoke

"Look guys why me?" I asked as I looked at my closest neighbor's house and realize that they were still gone and the others were not home either.

The guys didn't say a word they just walked over to me Troy took my tote bag and Nick took the keys out of my hand and then each grabbed a hand and walked with me between them to my door. Once inside and my tote place on the floor near the door and the door locked from the inside the boys started to take off their clothes as they explain to me why they wanted me.

"Troy and I had noticed you the first day that you were hired and we knew that we want to get to know you. Yes, we knew that you might have a problem with Nick being a student in your class especially after finding out that you were only about six years older than he was and only about five years older than me. We felt at the time that I might be the best one to approach you, but I notice that while you noticed me in class you ignored all of my approaches so Nick decided to approach you on his own and that was today... the kiss, the notes and now. "

"You do want us, that we know as well as you do,' Nick said as I stood there looking at two of the most beautiful naked bodies that I had ever seen. Both were hard body and firm, their cock was stiff and begging for attention... my attention. I closed my eyes to steady my heart and to hopefully find a reason to not let thing go beyond class, where I was just their teacher, their instructor. I opened my eyes and saw them approaching me and I knew that I was lost. The hands that were laid upon stroked and caressed my body as they undressed me. I forgot all the rules and the regulations that said what I was doing was wrong on so many levels,letting them claim me and opening myself up to their desires. When Troy kissed me and he released me to Nicks' kiss which was just as demanding and passionate as Troy's..... I was gone.
With Troy at my back and Nick in the front, they started their duel seduction of my body as my mind and already fallen to their desire. Troy started down at my back of my legs, kissing, sucking and biting the skin as he slowly moves up my body. Nick starting at the top, he kissed my face lightly, my eyes, my nose my forward etc. and lastly my lips, but those he brutalize with force as his own passion seemed to override his slow seduction of me. Out tongues dance a mad dance together before he pull and push away from my lips to continue down my neck as Troy had reached my thighs. Massaging them as he bite the curves of my hips lightly Troy,started sucking on my skin very hard leaving a love bite...pain and pleasure.

I couldn't think and really I didn't want to, all I wanted to do was feel the pleasure and the pain that each was giving to me. Nick had found his way to my breasts and was on his knees alternating between sucking and teasing my nipples with his teeth. I arched my back pushing my breasts closer to his mouth and hands, as Troy rained kisses and licks down my back, shoulders and neck. If they had not been there to hold me up, I would have fallen down under their seduction of what was left of my moral and ethical resolve. My juice was running down my legs giving my thighs a glistening sheen and my body quivered from their passionate touch. The scent of sex filled the room to create a heady aromatic intoxicating aroma that fuels our desire even more.

Some point,the two men met in the middle and I was lifted up and impaled on Nick's cock in one swift move. I screamed first in pain and then pleasure over took me as they sought to claim me. Troy slid fingers into my asshole and fucked me as I rode Nick's cock and body, all while standing up. Holding on and moving my body up and down as I held on for dear life after being reduced down to my most basic primal sexual instincts. We ended up on my bed with me sandwich between the two, Troy and Nick. Their cocks pushing into and being pulled out of me at their own pace, it was madding to me as I had no control. I started to come as Nick bite my neck and Troy alternated pinching my nipples as he rode my ass. When my orgasm hit I seem to lose all control of my body and emotions. I cried and screamed as my body seems to come apart and my conscious mind joins it. I hurt with pleasure as every surface of my skin tingled with it. Then I felt the heat of their orgasm in me as they both shot cum into me. I was almost crushed between the two of them as they rode out their own orgasms. Later in a twilight state,I was aware of being held up in the shower between the two of them. They had found the strength and loving washed me not missing a crack or surface. When finished and had dried me off, in between soft kisses and caressed that were just enough to show care but not to rekindle the fire that lay just behind the surface. They put me to bed and after showering themselves they kissed me goodnight and left me alone to fall into exhausted sleep. The next morning I awoke to find myself naked in bed, sore and bruised, but very sexually satisfied. I got up and found the note from Troy and Nick. It was simple

"We will talk later after Nick graduates from high school next week. Please don't worry about anything. We understand the consequences and are willing to take the risk we hope that you are as well."

I sat there naked in the sunlight of my kitchen on a Saturday morning contemplating consequences. After careful consideration I smiled and rose to start my day.

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