Continuing with part 3 of two becoming one
We continue to sleep in each others arms and hugging so tightly even in our sleep. Feeling the warmth of the other, my sweet sets my desires on fire. The love we have for each other just energizes us.

Sleepingly, I begin to kiss and suck her on the back of her shoulder. She moans a bit still sleepy too, but, its an enjoyable moan. I continual kissing her moving down her body slowly and gently. Wanting her to start dreaming of us together. My arm reaches down her back gently caresses her. I continue down and my hand reaches her buttocks and I circle her cheeks slowly. With my constant love rub and a litle lube. M fingers trail down her crack. My sweet is breathing quicker and heavier now.

I follow with my tongue and reach the top of her crack and start licking down to her rosebud. There! Oh, that sweet aroma of our love juices. My dick is screaming with hardness. The pulsating, the horniness is much. My love has made a cream pie for me. My tongue finds the treasure of are previously mixed juices gently draining from her arse and flowing down toward her 'gina. I probe her with my tongue she tightens up and then relaxes and some more cum drips out fresh and warm. I'm in heaven. My finger wanders in and is well lubicated. She moans more, so two fingers worked into a well lube frenzy.

I get a pillow and manage to get it under her stomach. I then swing my leg over her in a reverse 69 I guess, now on her back, facing her feet. I work her rosebud and down into the taint area messaging her with my tongue. ore moaning and gyrating. Just can't make it to her vagina. I then gently get off and my sweet love turns herself over so I can return to the 69 position. We both are feeling the heat and our hips are tune in the rythem. My dick is pulsing to explode.

She says, she needs to get up and relunctly I get off the top. As she gets on all fours, I quickly dive under her and start sucking her lips and drive my tongue deep within her. My sweet is frozen to the spot, "feels so so good". She says:"ready to explode but also pressured in the need to release some pee."

My sweet says "I want you to keep going but I'm going to flood any moment and I am so close."

My tongue is working her button. "I know love. We both don't want to stop. Cum in my mouth honey, I will catch and drink whatever you release. I want you...all of you." And with that she mouths my penis and sucking me all. My sweets nose is hitting my belly,completely takeing it all in. Hips are moving and she starts fucking my mouth and starts to cum. I feel the tension mounting searching for release. The muscle spasm ripples through and she starts to push some pee. My mouth clamped to her lips covering her pee hole and she let loose filling me so much and so fast unexpectly. I gulped her down not losing much. She tasted really good. This fortunately helped the swallowing issue. I cummed quarts in her mouth and all was nearly taken but some was saved.

Her legs clamped my head and she was using my nose to fuck her clit. What a great feeling for both of us. Now her cum cream was flowing forth. Another beautiful taste of My love, my love forver and I sucked it all in and let my tonguw swirl the juices.

We then get back to our missionary position looking into the eyes of each other and showing abit of the pending mix as our lips and tongues unite. We embrace as our mouths share ech other, my heat enters hers, Stroking hard as we can our love juices mix again as one

Needing short recharge, we slump back into our bed, gigling and hugging together and that we are Thankful we have each!
Until the next part.......Happy T day

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