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This started out as a comment to the daily question, "Have you ever masturbated at work?" It got too long for that so I decided to share it here as a true story.

I used to work for a casino operation in London, at this time (the late 70s) the company had more than one casino in town, and several provincial ones too. I started as a dealer and at this time I had been with the company less than a year.

The thing that made the telling of this story possible was the construction and conversion of the building. The basic structure was over 150 years old, and substantial, even over done. Unfortunately it had been modified with flimsy partitions, which did not always reach the ceiling. This was the case between the staff changing rooms, we all knew it and never said a thing that we didn't want overheard.

In those days all casinos in this country closed at 4am and reopened at 2pm. After the punters had cleared the building all staff who had been off the previous day would stay behind to count the drop. This usually took an hour or so, and we left as we finished, not en masse.

On this particular day I was not one of the last to go, but I forgot something and had to return to my locker. On entering the male side I was immediately aware of voices from the female half, if I had been a gentleman I would have made a noise to alert my colleagues to my presence. Perhaps I wouldn't be writing about it now, if I had become one in the intervening years.

There were two voices in conversation, I have called them Anita and Carol, not their real names. I stood motionless, hardly daring to breathe, wanting to overhear, but not to be discovered eavesdropping.

Carol - Come on, I want to get home an hour ago, I hate cashing in.

Anita - Hold on I can't leave yet, I'm just too stressed, I'm going to be ten minutes, I'm going to the can for a quick release.

Carol - A what?

Anita - A twiddle, you know . . . I have to.

Carol - I don't believe you, we've been here all night, and you want to stay and . . . and play with yourself! Won't it wait?

Anita - No it won't. I've had Morris on my case all shift, and what with him and the bloody punters, I've had enough!

(there was a buzzing sound)

Anita - I never leave home without BOB, I won't be five minutes.

Carol - What am I supposed to do meanwhile?

Anita - You can watch, you can help, you can fuck yourself if you like, but its my car and I'm not going anywhere without cuming.

Carol - Watch! What do you think I am? I've never . . . well once or twice, but that was a long time ago.

Anita - Oh tell all, that will help me cum even faster, especially if you are doing it with me.

Carol - What are you doing? I thought you were going to . . .

Anita - You are in a hurry and so am I, here hold this . . . You just twist the end (the buzzing returned) yes that's it.

Carol - What am I doing? Just a few minutes then.

Anita - Hold it here, and then just move it . . . Yessssss like that, don't stop . . .

(There followed sounds of intense pleasure, escalating to orgasm, and giggling from Anita)

Anita - Now its your turn, hold still . . .

Carol - What! I don't want . . .

Anita - My word Carol, you are so wet! What have you been thinking about? (Long pause) Its me isn't it? My woman's body, you love it don't you? Do you know you turn me on too?

Carol - Do I? Oh yes you do, you always have, touch me, touch me please . . .

Anita - I can do better than that, hold still now, this is a treat for me too . . .

I do not know, but I guessed that Anita was now eating Carol's pussy. The sounds of sexual excitement were much more restrained, but unmistakable. I did not wait to hear the outcome, I felt I had listened enough, and now would be a good time to exit without being discovered.

I had been married a matter of weeks at this time, and woke my wife as soon as I got home. I never revealed the cause of my need for sex at that hour, she believed it was my love for her that had turned me on so. Mostly it was, but not that morning.

Anita and Carol both resigned a few weeks later, but did not work their notice. The rumor was that Anita's husband had threatened them both so they skipped. I worked with Carol 20 years later at a provincial casino, she and Anita had split after a few months. Anita had returned to her husband, and Carol had found true love, which I hope lasts to this day. I never revealed to her what I had heard, I hope she isn't reading this now.
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