Couln't Have Stopped It If We Tried
It was going to be an awesome three day weekend. My wife and I had planned an adult trip to catch up with some old friends we hadn't seen in quite a while. The plan was to meet up with Leiana and her husband Johnny and do an adult trip to see the highlights of Vegas

I was really excited to see Leiana in person...she's gorgeous. Hawaiian descent..caramel skin, dark brown eyes, dark hair and a body to drool over. An infectious personality that just makes you have fun anytime you're around her. Thicc toned thighs, gorgeous curves and a pair of tits that still looked like a teenagers in terms of shape and build.

Shari always liked hanging out with her and they seemed to be a fire and ice type personalities that just seemed to click. I could see Shari was excited to see Johnny as well...a tall dark skinned/haired handsome man that is an ex marine. Still built like he's ready to roll. I watched Shari's eye's light up when he walked in the room.

When we all got settled into our hotel we decided to catch a show. In true Leiana fashion she'd gotten us all tickets to the Vegas show adult strip show that featured both men and women. I could tell that my "lady in the streets" Mrs. was a little shy about it, but she shrugged her shoulders, took a tequila shot and said "hey, we're in Vegas and on vacation, what the hell?" That's my girl.

The show was arousing to say the least. A lot of nudity from both sides, but also entertaining and fun. I could tell that the longer we stayed there and watched, the more comfortable Shari was getting. By the end of the night I noticed that Leiana was rubbing Johnny's leg and Shari my leg and giving us small kisses...Johnny and I made eye contact and grinned, knowing we were both getting laid tonight.

After the show, the girls walked ahead having fun as Johnny and I caught up. Drink in hand we walked down the strip and continued to party into the night. After some time it was evident that the girls needed to head home and we made our way back to the suite that we decided to all share and splurge on.

We got everyone in the room and the I and Johnny were still in the drinking mode, so we got the girls put to bed. Both girls were having fun and I was a bit surprised when Shari went to get in bed and stripped completely naked, only feet away from eye sight from Leiana and Johnny. She just looked at me and grinned, with an innocent smile and smirk. I heard Johnny yell "hey, let's go have one more" and I kissed Shari as I headed for the door. Even though she was naked, I didn't think it was going to go much further. I left the door open to our room and as I walked out, I caught a glimpse of Leiana crawling into bed as well. In my glimpse she was bent over, her perfect round ass just staring at me, as she crawled into bed. I was positive I'd seen her pussy from behind as she did. I swallowed a big gulp and headed for the door.

We got to the bar and Johnny and I ordered a drink and shot the shit for 10 mins or so before our phones buzzed simultaneously. Our wives had sent a text to each of us asking us to come to bed. Both being men that assumed they just wanted us back in the room, we sent the age old "on our way" text. Well, we ordered one more and figured they'd both fall asleep as we continued to shoot the shit.

Another 10 mins passed and our phones both buzzed again. As I opened my text from Shari, I damn near dropped my drink and I choked over the ice in my mouth. I could tell by Johnny's reaction to his text that he got something very similar. My text was a picture from Shari's point of view looking down, with Leiana looking the camera dead in the eye, but her face was buried in Shari's pussy. Johnny's picture was the same, but with Shari buried in Leiana's pussy. Both of the texts came with the message "you should come to bed, like we asked." We both downed our drinks and damn near sprinted to the rooms. Both giggling, not knowing what to say, but muttering the words "fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, shit, shit" the whole way up.

As we fumbled with the key and pushed one another to get into the door, what we saw when we got in the room was nothing short of incredible. There on the bed, were our wives, fucking each other, scissoring their pussies together. Leiana was on top, grinding her pussy hard and slow against Shari's aroused clit. "It's about fucking time you two showed up!" Leaina said in her loud, boisterous voice that she can get. Leiana's caramel skin and thicc toned thighs were an incredible site to see. As I inspected her body, my dick sprang straight to life as I worked my eyes from hers and down. Never suspecting it, her tits were gorgeous, but that wasn't the surprising was the barbell nipple piercings that she had as her nipples stuck straight out, hard as can be. The piercings glistened in the light, as I only wanted to imagine it was from the spit Shari had left on them. Leaina's curves were incredible, and her perfectly smoothe soft pussy turned me on as much as anything. Her body was in perfect contrast to Shari's voluptuous tits, hard nipples and gorgeous hips. Her milky skin, fat ass and perfectly shaved bald pussy was something I could tell Leiana was really enjoying. For a minute or so, Johnny and I just sat there and watched our wives fuck each other, kissing and exploring one another's body.

Shari and I made eye contact as she smiled at me. She motioned for me to come over and I willingly obliged. I don't know how, but before I got to the bed, my clothes were already off. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Johnny walk towards Leiana as well. I was so fixated on Shari and how turned on I was with my "innocent" little wife, I was a little oblivious as to what was going on around me. I grabbed Shari and pulled her up to, kissing her deep, long and hard, as my rock hard cock rubbed against her soft stomach. She was on her knees on the bed. I could taste Leiana's pussy on her lips and tongue, which was so fucking erotic. The kiss didn't last long as Shari worked her way down to my cock and took it in her mouth, deep long and hard. She wasn't messing around with much foreplay as she gagged on my dick, forcing it deeper in her mouth. She did this for 30 seconds or so before she turned around and shoved her ass up in the air, towards me.

From what I could tell and when I got my mind straight, Leiana didn't waste much time either. She was on her back, hips and ass on the opposite side of the bed as us, and Johnny was going down on her. She was grabbing at her pierced nipples, pulling them and pinching as her hips bucked into Johnny's face. He was fingering her deep with his tongue devouring her clit.

I grabbed Shari by the hips and plowed into her pussy from behind. She was already soaked and I could tell she'd already came once. High five to Leiana. Shari's gorgeous ass bounced off of my hips and Johnny began his assualt on Leiana's pussy with his cock. As I watched Johnny and Leiana fuck, while I fucked my wife, it was one of the hottest scenes I could imagine. He was aggressive with her, slight choking and a little more physical. I could tell by her reaction, she absolutely fucking loved it.

As we're in the middle of our random fuck fest, I noticed the girls were purposely moving closer to one another. I had to climb up on the bed as Shari lunged out and Leiana. From on top, with Leiana underneath, they shared a long tongue sucking deep kiss, while Johnny and I went to town on them. Before I know it, Shari has Leiana's pierced tits in her mouth, sucking and massaging them, while I feel Leiana's hand reach out and start rubbing Shari's clit. Her hand ever so slightly grazing my balls. The girls continue to inch either way, to where Shari's head is at Leiana's hip and Leiana's at Shari's hip, in a 69 position, but beside one another.

In a rather quick move, Leiana rolls over to her stomach and is on her knees so Johnny can take her from behind. As I'm watching Shari, she's looking up at Johnny and making eye contact with him. They can't seem to take their eyes off one another. She's holding Leina's ass cheeks open so he can dive deeper into her. I get slightly pissed, but doubly aroused by the fact they are having that moment. All of the sudden I feel a hand on my thigh. I look down and Leiana is doing the same to me. She's stroking my thigh, but also slapping Shari's ass. She gets up on her hands and spits down Shari's ass cheeks. I watch the spit roll down between her cheeks, across her ass hole and onto my cock. She looks me deep in the eye as we make a long stare at one another. She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out, waiting for my cock. I know what I want to do, but am also cognizant of my gorgeous wife and not wanting to push the limits with out her approval. I clear my throat as we all four look at one another and no one says a word. It's the look that we all four gave each other, assuring our spouses that it's all ok. We're all nervous and a little unsure, but Leiana and I have always been the more adventurous of the two couples, pushing the other two out of their comfort zone. She looked back at me again, with her mouth open and tongue out, and I went for it. I pulled out of Shari and drove my cock deep into Leiana's mouth. Johnny did the same to Shari. At this point, we've officially wife swapped and took it up another level. Leiana definetely knew how to suck a dick, her large mouth working up and down my shaft. She sprang forward as I noticed Johnny began to finger her, while Shari tasted every last bit of Leiana off of Johnny's dick. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and tried to pull out of Leiana's mouth, but she was possessed and ready for a different cock. She swallowed my dick as Johnny continued to ravage her pussy. He pulled out of Shari's mouth and buried himself back in Leiana, as we now had a dick in her pussy and one in her mouth. Shari turned to face us, spread eagle as she fingered herself. I only had a few seconds left in me and I lost all control. Leiana loved it, as I shot my deep sticky load down her throat. She swallowed every last bit of me. At this point I didn't care and pulled her up to me. Pulling her away from Johnny, Shari was more than eager to take her place. She sprung over to him just in time to catch his load all over her pussy. I had Leiana in my arms now. I kissed her deep, long and passionately. Tasting myself as our tongues explored one another. Shari and Johnny weren't far behind, as I looked up he was buried in Shari, spread eagle, her legs on his arms. He picked her up by the ass and carried her over to a chair, resting her legs on the sides. I could tell by Shari's reaction that this new and different cock was fucking her good, as she was cumming almost immediately.

Leiana shoved me down onto the bed and straddled me, sitting down on my cock. She leaned over and whispered in my ear "I've been fucking myself to this moment"...she sat up and started to grind her pussy up and down my shaft, her laser shaved pussy glistening in the light. I grabbed her pierced titties, gently pulling and tugging on them with one hand while my other reached up and gently grabbed her neck. Her hands were in her hair as mine explored her body. The moans of all four us filled the air, along with the sounds of hips hitting hips. I needed Leiana on her back...I had to see those beautiful brown eyes light up with urgency as I entered her. I flipped her over with force, ripping her legs wide open as I put them on my shoulders. I teased her pussy with my cock making her ask for it. Making her beg for it. Slowly at first, then slammed into her with all my might. Her eyes lighting up as she experienced a new dick for the first time in many years. I had her by her thighs, knees, calves and pushing them in any which way I wanted. Leiana just needed to be fucked. I picked her up, shoved her against the wall and pulled her hair. She bucked and squirmed against me as I pushed her up against the wall again, her wrapping both arms around me as I assaulted her pussy.

Johnny had Shari bent over the bed, railing her from behind as I watched her beautiful fat ass bounce and slap against him. I threw Leiana on the bed as they were in the same position we all started in, only this time we were swapped. Leiana crawled over Shari and they were 69'ing while Johnny and I fucked each others wives. Every couple of strokes we'd each pull out of the others wife and our own wife would take our dick in their mouths, tasting every bit of one another.

We separated again as I lay Leiana on her back. I was going to cum and I don't know if Leiana could have cum any more. I pulled her in close so we were face to face. She tensed up one more time, biting her lip and pulling my hair. Her pussy grabbing my dick was the last straw. I lightly grabbed her neck and pulled her in, mouth to mouth but not kissing. I pulled out enough to slide right back in between her lips and rub against her clit as I shot my load on her stomach. We looked up and came to and watched as Shari rode Johnny hard and fast. Slapping her ass and grabbing her hips making him grind on him, it was one of the hottest moments I'd ever seen my wife in. Leiana reached out and put one of Shari's nipples in her mouth as she came all over Johnny's dick. She jumped off as Johnny shot his load into the air, much to the delight of the ladies. Leiana was eager to clean it off Johnny and Shari cleaned mine off of Leiana. We all took a deep breath as we tried to process what just happened.

We went back into our separate rooms with our spouses. I had never been more turned on or more in love with my wife. We drifted off to sleep with no problem. I woke up the next morning to the sight of my dick in Shari's mouth, listening to the sounds of Johnny and Leiana fucking...what a weekend it was going to be....

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