Cream Pie from My Lover
Cream Pie from My Lover
By: Sassy Sue

When I first got married to my husband Mark, he urged me to stay at home. He told me his job would support us just fine and unfortunately, I listened to him. At first, everything was all right and like most newlyweds, we fucked our brains out. After about a year, Mark told me he needed to work longer hours and like a fool I believed him, our sex lives faded into obscurity. I was getting laid several times a week and after he started working longer hours, I was lucky to see any action once or twice a month and I became isolated at the house.

I began to get suspicious; I could swear I smelled a perfume that I did not wear on his shirts. I wanted to confront my husband but I needed real proof. I was also getting damn horny. If my husband had another woman on the side, he was not giving me any sex and I had an itch that I could not scratch with my fingers or a vibrator. I need to have a cock in my pussy filling me with real man cream. I decided to get me a man that could and would fuck me silly.

I had my eye on a neighbor up the street. He was actually much younger than I was. His name was Jake, he was college age, and I think he was going to one of the community colleges in the area. Jake got my juices flowing and he is just the kind of man I wanted. He was tall and thin and I was betting he had a big cock. I just had to get his attention. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

One day I saw Jake out in front of his apartment building and I ran out the door of my house to flag him down. I told him a whopper of a lie about needing some help inside the house. I did not let him ask too many questions, I did not need him to know what kind of help I wanted at that point. I just wave my hand in order for notice me and for him to come to me. I only had a tight shirt and shorts on that day, hoping that would help my cause. Jake came inside and he looked around and there is a confused look on his rugged, young face.

What is the problem," he asks me?

"The problem is Jake; I need a man right now."

He gave me this quizzical look and I could see that there is no use wasting time explaining, actions speak louder than words. I pull my shirt up and I gave Jake his first look at my 36C boobs with my nipples standing tall. Jake's eyes went wide and I knew I had him right where I wanted him. Reaching down I wiggle out of my tight shorts, sliding them down my legs to the floor and Jake gets to enjoy a great view of my shaved pussy.

"I need a good hard fucking Jake, are you man enough for the job," I told him, "that is what I need help with today."

Maybe Jake needed a woman or maybe it is my impulsive, lascivious display of my naked body just lures him into my clutches; I did not care. Jake quickly got undressed for me. He was just as I pictured him, tall and lean and he had the right size cock too. I am betting he is nearly eight inches in length, thick something every woman would want in her cunt. His dick was dangling down between his thighs well on its way to becoming a full-fledged hard-on that is ready for fucking. I made it easy for him. I toss my shirt to the side and kicked off my shorts. I plopped my naked ass on the dining room table and spread my legs wide for Jake.

Jake knew just what to do, he steps between my legs and as he got closer and he takes his rigid meat into his hand. Jake rubbing that large mushroom across my wet pussy lips and I thought I might just cum right there.

"Don't tease me Jake. I need that cock, I need you to fuck me hard," I reprimand him.

Jake nestles the head of his cock between my fat, juicy pussy lips and eases the velvet head of his cock into my cunt. I do not know if I was tight or that Jake was so big. It hurt at first. Jake was pushing into me an inch at a time. It took a few minutes until he had that monster deep in my pussy where I wanted him. Jake lifts my legs up and he begins to fuck me hard. Long, deep, powerful strokes, slamming his thick eight inch cock into my puckering cunt. God, how I missed being fucked like Jake was fucking me now. It had been a few months, for sure. Jake's big balls were hitting my body. I leaned back on the table and watched as Jake fucked the hell out of my pussy and I arched my hips to take him.

"So you want me to fuck with my thick monster Heather?"

I am pleading, whimpering for Jake not to pull his cock out of my gaping pussy. I do not think there was any danger in that happening. Jake pushes in and our pubic bones were rubbing together. There was one thing I did love is Jake fucks as if he was some animal in heat. My tits in his hands he squeezes them hard and kneads my big melons. Jake is using my tits to pull me onto his prick. Who knows how long that Jake is fucking me; it felt like most of the morning.

Jake never slowing down. He pounds my sloppy pussy until I heard him starting to growl. I knew he is to filling me with his seed. We did not even speak of whether he would pull out and cum on me or in me. I need to feel his hot male seed inside my cunt so I just thrust back hoping he will cum in me. Jake thrusts into me a few deep, searing strokes and then he arched his back. I felt him explode inside my aching pussy with his hot seed filling me and painting the walls of my pussy.

All I can tell you was that Jake had a big load that he gave me. I could feel his cock expanding and contracting as he floods me with his cum. Once Jake came in me, I enjoyed my own orgasms as my pussy constricts on Jake's pulsating cock. My climaxes came on me so fast. I lost control of my body. Shaking, panting as Jake kept stroking my greedy hole. I am betting he fucks me for another fifteen minutes or so.

I can Jake slowing down. I was just trying to catch my breath and I am all fucked out. Jake slowly withdraws his cock from me. His white cum is dripping out of my slit. I cannot move for some minutes nor do I want to move. I lay their legs still spread, our cum is pooling on the table after dripping from my pussy, and I make a feeble attempt to stand. My tits heaving, I finally get my feet back onto the floor and I tried to stand. My legs, wobbly at first and Jake holds my naked body in his arms.

I was going to have to wash that dining table cover for sure. I feel a copious amount of Jake's seed in my pussy and I struggle to keep his warm seed in my cunt. I watch, as Jake gets dressed and hide that monster cock from me.

"I really have to go. I'm late for a class."

We kiss each other and I give Jake my cellphone number. I ask him to call me around midnight if he could. Jake goes out the door and I try to pull myself together. I sit on the toilet and let Jakes seed flow from my body as I rub my clit. I shower and dress again for the third time that day. I can still feel Jake's love offering swimming around inside me and I knew I had to have him again.

Mark finally got home. He ate dinner quickly and then he went to bed. I knew right then I had made the right decision with Jake. Around midnight I went down to the laundry room and waited for Jake to call. He is prompt; I will say that for him. I told him that I need him to fuck me again. He could have me anytime he wanted to take me and anywhere is fine with me. I did not think I had to do much convincing.

Jake said he would meet me when he was between classes or when he did not have any classes for the day. That was the start of our secret love affair. Jake is just the kind of lover that I need, young, hard and would fuck me endlessly without question. He seems to fuck for hours when we have sex. We try to see each other every day and I take Jake back into the spare bedroom which has become our love nest. This is where we get naked, and we fuck like animals in heat.

I have been riding his hard bone these past few months now. I love that Jake can squeeze my tits as he pushes his fat cock into me as far as he can. That he fucks me like the wanton. After not having sex all these months, I find I need Jake constantly. I am taking birth control, so Jake can seed my pussy for as long as he wants. Having a younger lover is a big plus. Jake is a sexual dynamo. He can go every time and he always has a hot load of his sauce to give me.

One day when we were in bed, Jake is fucking me doggy with his cock is buried deep in my pussy. I am on the cusp of cumming when Jake announces he will be graduating in a few months. What are we going to do then; I could not let Jake escape from my bed so I inform him that I would leave my husband for Jake and his magnificent cock. I told him if he wanted me to leave my husband that I would for him.

Jake got a big smile on his face. He started giving me the deepest strokes he could. He was pulling out and then slamming his bone all the way inside my cunt. Jake whispers in my ear that I am his from now on and I will be his bitch to fuck. That sent chills up my spine when he said that I was his possession. We came together that day. I could feel Jake's hot seed splashing against my pussy walls. I clamped down tight and I took his love offering from him knowing that there would be many more hard fucks coming my way. After Jake fills my cunt with his cream, I purposely hold his cream in my cunt.

I know it is just a matter of time before I leave my husband for Jake. So sooner was better than later, After Jake left I will clean up a bit and put something very sexy on for Mark. This was something out of the norm these days and I had a surprise for Mark tonight. Now even given the fact that Mark has been getting pussy on the side, I knew we had not had sex in a couple of weeks and he would not turn me down tonight. I sent him a text, with a selfie, telling him I much I wanted him tonight. That I had been thinking all day of Marking eating me and laying his pipe to me tonight. Mark is a fiend to munch a pussy but I do not feel a thing for Mark these days. My mind is always on the times that Jake is filling my steamy pussy with his cum.

Mark walked into the house and as I figured, he was ready to fuck me and I was ready to fuck him. I wore some Frederick's of Hollywood red and black crotch less panties and a matching bra with nipple cutouts. Quickly I undressed him and began stroking his cock. It did not take Mark hard to get an erection and soon he had me on the bed with my legs splayed wide. He likes me to look like a slut that is why he gave me this bra and panty set. He could fuck me and never have to take my panties off.

This is what he is doing now. His cock is pumping in and out of my slit. I lay there; my head fills with the memories of Jake fucking me this afternoon a few short hours ago. I let Mark hump me putting very little into the sex, just enough to get him to cum in me. Mark's first orgasm popped off in my pussy. I can feel his cock squirting into me. Not the violent bursts of cum that Jake would give me but enough to do the job tonight. I moan, hump my hips and pretend Mark is the man of the hour giving his wife what she desires. His body stiffens and I take his climax as if it the best he ever gave me.

I then collapsed, holding Mark close, he fondled my tits and rubbed on my pussy lips.

"Mark I need more, eat my pussy, please."

Mark likes to hear me plead for sex, and tonight was no exception. After sucking on my nipples, he kisses his way done to my pussy and I spread wide for Mark once again. His fingers spreading my labia open, I can feel his anxious breath on my wet slit and then his tongue. A long deliberate lick, drawing his tongue up my glistening slit. He flicks his tongue in me, I let a faux groan pass my lips and that drive Mark to delve into my pussy even harder with his tongue. I slip my legs around his head, squeeze gently feeling Mark bury his tongue in my honeypot. I know that he can taste not only his cum but that of Jake's, which I have saved for Mark all afternoon.

Mark ate me out, sucking what he thought was the cum from the orgasm that he thought he just gave me. I rolled my hips, spurring Mark on to slurp all the pussy juice from my cunt. Mark licked and sucked until I had nothing left to give him but one thing a fucking he so richly deserved. After Mark had finished cleaning out my love hole, I lay there like a cold fish and closed my legs. I stood, stripping off the cheap Fredericks of Hollywood bra and panties and I tossed them to Mark.

"Here, take these to your girlfriend, she seems to likes things I have used before, these should be perfect for your side slut," I said in my most spiteful voice.

Next was a brown legal size envelope that contained divorce papers for Mark and I laid them before him.

"Oh by the way Mark since you have been fucking this side slut and not me for the past few months now, I got myself a lover too. Just so you know, I did not cum tonight that was my lover's cream pie that you just ate, he gave it to me just a couple of hours ago I thought you should have it."

Mark sat there, then dressed and gathered up his stuff and that is the last I saw Mark in my house.
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