Yes, I cuckolded my husband, but it was his idea. His brother had lost his wife recently in a car accident, and he thought it would be a good idea for me to fuck him. I asked why he could not find a woman in a bar or something. He said, "He is shy, Carol, and will never get any that way. You could seduce him, and I would be there to see that he does not hurt you."

"Hurt me! What about all that shyness?"

"Honey, I mean, he is hung like our dad."

Now that got my interest. I had seen my husband's father by accident when he didn't lock the bathroom door, and the man had enough meat for three women. He had come off the commode and pulling up his pants when I walked in the door and saw enough to make me sigh. He heard me sigh and said, "Carol, anytime you want a little of that, just let me know." Now, that was a temptation I wished I would have fulfilled. That night I fucked my poor husband like crazy. I could not get his father off my mind. I told myself if he ever became a widower, I would definitely call him. I didn't do it then because I would not hurt my husband's mother, who treated me like a queen. Unfortunately, she outlived him, so I never got my chance. Things changed when my husband told me his brother had the weapons of his father.

My husband kept pressing the point, so I just asked him, "How do I know he has the package of your father?"

"You want a picture."


"If I get one, will you do him?"

"Yes, if you want me to."

I acted like I was pleasing my husband when I knew I would be pleasing myself. My husband suggested we plan a picnic and invite his brother to go with us. When I asked where we would go, he suggested, "We could go that park that has that beautiful waterfall, but also it has plenty of high grass along the trail to the falls.

"You mean you want me to fuck him in the great outdoors? Are you sure you can handle another man taking me?"

What my husband didn't know is that I was fucking my boss in the supply closet whenever we had the chance. Most people went out for lunch, and we pretty much had free reign. My boss got promoted and moved to another city with the company. I missed my lunches, but my husband never found out about my dalliances. I always enjoyed blowing my boss, but I always took off my panties before lunch. A good Girl Scout, is always ready! My boss was a very horny man. He was doing me, his wife, and the company's receptionist at her apartment.

My husband's brother was all enthused about seeing the fall, and after seeing the picture, my husband gave me, I was enthused too. How my husband got that picture, I never asked, but it showed his big balls along with a prick that would make a woman cry after seeing it and not having it.

I packed our goodies for the picnic, and we arrived at the falls early afternoon. I wore my sundress that exposed a lot of my chest. I knew his brother liked my boobs because he stared at them often enough. We did find a grassy place off the trail to the falls. When my husband went to scout the area, I asked his brother if he would put sunscreen on my back. He agreed, and I handed him the sunscreen.

"I will hold my hair up, and you can unhook the dress so you can get my shoulders also."

I am not sure what he thought about letting my top drift over the front, only being held up by my breasts. He put the screen on my back. He did have gentle hands. I needed him just a little closer to feel that big cock against my back.

"Get a little past my shoulders on the front of them. I have to hold my hair so it won't get all icky from the cream."

That did the trick. Jules moved closer to do my front, and I felt that warm cock against my back. I pressed back against him. I was hoping it would get bigger. I turned to him, and when I did, the front of my dress slid off my breasts. Our faces were so close to each other. I watched him look down at my tits.

"Jules, thank you so much for doing that. I don't want to get a sunburn."

He was now very uneasy with our lips so close and my bare breasts so close to him. I decided to go for it.

"Jules, have you ever wanted to fuck me?"

"Oh, Carol, so many times, even with Evelyn alive."

"I wanted you too. Your brother won't be back for a while. Take me, Jules, take me."

Then it happened. Out it came with veins popping out all over it. Up close, it was bigger than what the photo showed. He started caressing my tits. I wanted it in me before some fool would see us from the trail.

"Jules, I don't have any panties on. I will just lay back, and you can push my dress up and mount me, and fuck me good."

That is all he needed to hear, and my skirt was up to my waist. I spread my legs and felt myself being stretched. God, did that feel so good. There wasn't a spot on my cunt that wasn't being touched but that glorious cock of his. He probably hadn't had any in a while and filled my pussy with his cum. Still, I wasn't about to get anymore. We had to scramble as a group of kids were being led up the trail. Jules and I covered ourselves and went back to nibbling a sandwich. His brother showed up with a smile on his face, apparently witnessing the whole thing. Nothing was said about it for the rest of the day. We packed up, went to see the falls, and went home.

Now my husband and his brother fucked me for over a year. I called it my year of plenty. When Jules found some young pussy, he remarried, and that was the end of plenty. It was a year I will not forget, having that cock of Jules, filling me up. All was not lost, because we did swap every holiday when we were together, What the boys didn't know is that I like young pussy too. Little Maryann liked it both ways also.

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