I guess I've always had a fetish for the boys in blue, call me crazy. But I think it's hot. There's something about their authority that drives me wild. The way they walk, the chunky, kick some ass boots, and all that sexy junk hanging off their utility belts. I've never been a lawbreaker, but confess there have been times I've thought about it. Oh, just to be able to feel the cold steel of an officer's cuffs against my skin. I've often fantasised, in a kinky sort of way, how his body would feel pressed against mine if I tried to resist arrest. That thought gets me so wet. I know I wouldn't mind being locked up with one for the night.

I grabbed twenty bucks from my purse and shoved my driver's licence into my jacket pocket. I didn't feel like cooking that night, and a quick deep-dish peperoni pizza sounded like a good substitute. It was only a short drive into town down along the highway. I didn't realise I was being followed until I heard the siren. Glancing behind me in the rear view mirror, I noticed the red and blue hue of the lights. Blast it!' I cursed softly under my breath as I pulled off the road to where it was rather dark. I was a little nervous; I had never been pulled over before and didn't know what to do. I was both a little annoyed, yet aroused while I watched his approach in my side mirror. He tapped on the window with the head of his flashlight and when I saw the expression on his handsome face, I knew I was in serious trouble. My thighs were trembling; my palms were sweaty. I knew very well that I could be on the verge of having my naughty fantasy come true.

Hello officer,' my voice came out thin and weak as my lust crazed eyes roved over his uniform. I immediately felt my heartbeat quicken. I began to get so aroused. How would I disguise the blush burning my body? He flashed his light in my eyes.

Can I see your driver's licence please ma'am?' His voice was low and a little gruff as I fumbled around in the dark trying to think where I had put my purse. It was then that I remembered I left it at home, and sheepishly turned back to him with a nervous grin.

I'm sorry, but I left my purse at home. I am on my way back there now. I don't live far from here...I can give you my licence number. I know it by heart, and it's engraved on the back of my car stereo...' I couldn't believe the verbal gibberish coming from my mouth as though I were telling him my life story. He still he didn't react, but kept his steely gaze set on me; his lips pursed together. Such an expression was hard to define. At best, it sent a delicious shiver up my spine.

Please step out of the vehicle ma'am.' Still the same gruff tone escaped his tight lips and I physically shivered. My imagination began running wild as I opened the car door and stepped out onto the gravel road.

I'm telling you the truth officer, really. I only....'

Quiet.' He cut me off and when I looked down, saw he had handcuffs waiting for my wrists. He turned me around roughly and kicked my feet apart. You're under arrest, you have the right to remain silent....'

The cold metal made contact with my wrist and clicked closed around my flesh. I was so wet and turned on that I almost forgot to play my part.

Hey!' I verbalised my protest. I think you have the wrong person. I'm just on my way home with a pizza that's getting cold!' I was beginning to get frustrated, but he spoke over me, continuing to read me my rights.

You have the right to an attorney, if you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the courts. Do you understand these rights?'

No! Why am I being arrested?' I defiantly asked. The cold metallic cuffs were a little tight, pinching the fine invisible hairs on my wrists. Please Officer, tell me what I've done wrong?' He was so close to me that I could feel his breath close to the side of my neck. My knees were trembling, but not from fear.

He spun me around making me stand beside the bonnet of my car. I was thankful I could draw a little warmth from the heat of the engine. The cold night air was saturated with the smell of rain. I knew it wouldn't be much longer before it started raining again. My flimsy cotton dress wasn't very warm and the growing moisture saturating my panties made me squirm. I was so hot for him. He stood so close to me that I could feel the Velcro from his cargo pants brush against my inner leg. I swallowed hard, letting my kinky imagination run wild.

You failed to produce your drivers licence. I also suspect you might be concealing an illegal substance. Are you going to be honest with me young lady or am I going to have to frisk you?'

That's absurd! I told you I only live up the road.' The thought of his hands roving all over my body made the blood in my veins coarse through me like white fire.

Wrong answer love.' He yanked me from the hood of the car to spin me around and before I knew it, his hands had begun their ascent from my bare ankles up to my thighs. I gasped when his beefy fingers brushed against the crotch of my panties. I knew he's be feeling how wet they were.

Please....' I feigned another protest, trying not to let my quickening breath betray me. I'm innocent.'

His body pinned me down. Tell it to the judge love.' He whispered hotly in my ear. I couldn't stop my body from quivering at his touch. He cupped my breasts to frisk them; my nipples grew hard at his touch and I moaned. I wanted his hands to explore me and push inside my soaking wet panties.

I'm innocent...' I panted and couldn't help but push my arse back into his body. I knew this was totally wrong but I was incredibly turned on by it. I...I....'

Shh, I know. You're innocent. That's what all the pretty women say to get off the hook.' His voice lost some of its gruffness and was replaced by hoarse desire. His hands gripped my arse, and then he spanked me. You're a naughty girl who needs to be taught a lesson.'

Oh?' I found myself wanting him to punish me. It was then I knew his thoughts were a mirror of my own. His hands had ignited a raging bushfire within my bosom that threatened to consume me.

He yanked me up from the hood of my car and led me over to his. He opened the back door. Get in.' He ordered. His large, bulky mass acted like a shield for me from the cold night air.

But my car, my keys and pizza! I can't leave the car like that! Please let me lock it up first.' I begged but he shoved my head down into his car. I lost my balance and fell backwards across the seat. My dress came up exposing my panties, and his expression lightened up a little. He leant into the car to pull my knickers down around my ankles. Oh!' I gasped as he pulled them off and casually threw them over his shoulder.

Time for that cavity search ma'am...' He flashed me a surly grin and stood up to unbuckle his belt. The wicked twist of his smile was so incredibly hot that it burned me down. I wanted him to fuck my brains out.

Officer, aren't you going to use protection?' I tried not to sound too excited realising his cavity search involved the use of his penis. He removed his belt and threw it over the front seat. He dropped his pants and began to stroke his engorged member. My entire body trembled with anticipation; waiting for that delicious moment when I would feel his meat jammed inside me. My knees fell open voluntarily as I ground my bare arse firmly into the backseat. By now, I was horny as hell and couldn't wait much longer.

He reached into his lapel pocket and pulled out a silver wrapped package. He tore it open with his teeth and pulled out the flat, round, lubricated prophylactic. He placed it over the head of his cock, pinched the air out of the tip and quickly slid the thin sheath up along his member.

My breath quickened at his approach and I squirmed beneath his masculine form. The cold unyielding handcuffs restricted my movement. I ached for him to remove them. He probed my thigh with his protected rod. A wicked, wolfish grin masked his face. I knew he was just teasing me now. Please officer, can you remove these cuffs? I'll behave....' I whimpered, relishing the wicked thought of becoming a roadside whore.

He paused on the verge of ploughing my throbbing wet, fuck hole. I was expecting a vigorous entry but instead it was tantalisingly slow. I felt every delightful penetrating hip thrust spread me open as he ebbed his way inside. I shuddered at such pleasurable tenderness, taking a deep breath to savour the moment. He saw his opportunity and took advantage of it. He effortlessly slid the rest of the way in, sparking a rather loud grunt from both of us.

Hmmm...' He groaned, still slowly pumping away. What delights are you hiding in here?'

I'm not...hiding...anything officer...' I moaned breathlessly as he fucked me. He grabbed a hold of my legs and wedged his maleness deep within me with one powerful thrust. I cried out, trembling on the verge of ecstasy. I wish I could have held him, but my hands were still cuffed. Oh god....oh my god!' I chanted as he thrust a little harder and faster. I was on the verge of my own climax when he withdrew from me.

He slid off me, fondling my breasts as he got up out of the car. He stood there facing me, removed his condom and tossed it into the bushes. With that same wicked grin spread across his face, he dragged me from the back seat by my legs, hauling me to my feet. As he raised my skirt, I felt his erection pressed firmly up against my body.

I'm not entirely convinced of your innocence.' His warm breath caressed the side of my neck before his lips meshed with mine.

Curse you!' I moaned out of frustration as my body rocked and writhed against his. Still I was cuffed.

You want me to remove those cuffs don't you?' His voice had a playful tease to it now and I couldn't help but beg.

Yes please. Please take them off,' I gasped as he reached around my back. He spun me around quickly and hastily marched me into the bushes. I didn't know if I should be excited or afraid. We stopped just below the road out of sight, but I could still see the flashing red and blue lights from his patrol car. He removed my cuffs; they had begun to seriously chafe my wrists.

Get on your knees.' He ordered, to which I obeyed thinking he wanted me to suck him off. On all fours.' He corrected me, and my hands made contact with the cold wet grass. That's it.' He cooed and I felt him kneel behind me. He nudged my knees wider with his and I felt his hand gently tap my pussy.

Oh!' I cried out, incredibly turned on by his touch and dug my fingers into the grass. I knew this time I was going to cum hard if he kept that up. His cock wriggled between my thighs and I couldn't help but grind my hips along it. Just to feel the bulging veins on his cock rub against my snatch made my juices flow. He gripped my fleshy hips in his strong masculine hands and thrust his maleness deep inside, penetrating, stretching and loving me. Every slam of his body against mine sent delicious vibrations throughout my core. The animalistic motion caused me to buck, moan and squeal in wild delight. The light hairs on his thighs tickled the back of mine and I felt my explosive climax ready to erupt. A copious supply of his warm spunk filled me as I showered him with my own euphoric ejaculation.

That's it my dirty little whore, cum again for me.' His voice demanded as he slapped my ass, thrusting hard several more times until I came again.

Yes! Fucking hell...yes!' I cursed out loud, as he brought the woman in me out into the open, over and over again to a climactic flushed finish. He pounded my pussy like there was no tomorrow and I collapsed, unable to support my own weight. He left me feeling dizzy, weak but oh so utterly high. I felt like I could fly. Reality kicked in when I heard his voice low and calm next to my ear.

See you at home in a few baby for round two?'

I'll reheat the pizza.'
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