Deb's Special Birthday.

Deb was a week from turning thirty-five but she wasn't in the mood for celebrations. In fact, she'd been depressed for nearly six months because her husband, after fifteen years of marriage, had left for a younger woman. He was the only man she'd ever been with, having been high school sweethearts and getting married two years after graduation.

Deb worked from home on her laptop and, after her husband left, she'd basically moped around the house, only venturing out to shop. Her best friend, Sarah knew about the depression but she had an idea that could make Deb's birthday special.

Her scheme required a guy she could trust — and she'd already decided that guy was Dan. The son of Jen, one of Sarah and Deb's friends, he'd recently turned eighteen and they'd hung out with him and his mom on more than one occasion and always had a great time.

Dan, a little over six foot and weighing around 180 pounds, had blond hair and kept a few days stubble on his face. Generally, he was in great shape from regular gym workouts and, quite by accident, Sarah had discovered something else about the fit young man.

Dan lived with his mom and, on this particular day, Sarah was drinking coffee with Jen in the kitchen when she felt a need to ‘powder her nose' and headed for the bathroom. Sarah opened the door and gasped, putting a hand to her mouth, as Dan stepped out of the shower. Although startled, Sarah's gaze went straight to Dan's cock. It was the longest and thickest she'd ever seen — and it wasn't even erect.

Struck dumb and rooted to the spot, Sarah couldn't avert her eyes. But she stared for too long because a grinning Dan suddenly swiveled his hips, setting his mighty pole swaying back and forth between his thighs. With a big smile, he asked, "Do you like what you see, Sarah?"

Still speechless, Sarah blushed and slowly backed out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Forgetting her need to pee, she rejoined Jen and they chatted for ten minutes or so before Dan, now dressed, came into the kitchen. He kissed Jen on the cheek then smiled at Sarah and said, "Hi Sarah."

Sarah, composed once more and with a plan developing, returned his smile. "Hi to you," she said, quickly adding, "Hey, I need a favor, Dan. Do you think you could come over and help me with something?"

Dan's smile broadened, thinking about Sarah's reaction to seeing him naked. "Sure, anything you need, Sarah I'm your man. When do you want me?"
"Well, if your mom doesn't mind," she glanced at Jen, "how about right now?"

"Go ahead," Jen said, "I don't mind."

In Sarah's car, Dan asked, "So, what's this favor you need?"

"Let's wait until we get to my place. I'll tell you then, okay?"

It was only a short drive and they went into the kitchen where Sarah opened the fridge and asked, "So, a Bud longneck okay with you, Dan?"

Checking out Sarah's broad ass as she bent over looking into the fridge, Dan said, "Uh, you know I'm only eighteen right... not old enough to drink?"
Sarah turned around. "I won't tell if you don't."
"In that case, sure, a longneck."

Sarah set two bottles on the counter in front of Dan and he opened them.

"So, come on, what is it you need help with?" he asked.

"Well, I need to ask you a few questions first."
Dan gave her a big smile and took a swig of his beer. "Okay, shoot."

"Hmm, okay... first, do you like older ladies?"

"Like? In what way like?"

"Are you attracted to older ladies?"

"You mean sexually?"

"Yes, sexually," Sarah said calmly. "I mean, for example, would you fuck a lady of my age?"
Dan grinned. "What makes you think I haven't already?"

"Do I take that as a yes?"

"Yes," Dan said. "You want me to fuck you, is that it?"

"What? No! I mean —" Sarah blushed and then offered a small smile. "Look, you know, Deb, your mum's and my friend, right?"

"Sure, of course I know Deb. She's hot and I love her big tits and tight ass. In fact, I think a lot of mom's friends are hot, present company included."

Sarah flashed Dan a big smile at the compliment. "So, you would fuck Deb if you could?"
"Hell yeah, I would."

"That's what I need your help with," Sarah said as Dan took another slug of beer. "Her husband left her six months back for a younger woman and I know she hasn't been with a man since he left. In fact, she's never been with any man other than her him. I reckon she's missed out."

Sarah sipped her beer, looking into Dan's expectant face, then continued, "It's her birthday a week from today... and here is what I want you to do.
I'm going to invite Deb over to my place and I'll drug her drink so she is woozy. Then I'll call you to come over and carry her down to the basement where we will strip her naked, cuff her hands behind her, shove a ball gag in her mouth, and blindfold her. Then you will fuck her in all three of her holes."

Dan stared at Sarah for a few seconds, his eyes wide. "Hold on a second. You mean rape her?"

"What? Good God, no," Sarah said, shaking her head. "I wouldn't suggest you do that to my friend. Look, I know her very well and I know what she needs right now even if she doesn't. She just needs a little help to loosen up and enjoy herself. Believe me, before the night's over, she'll be begging you to fuck her with that huge cock of yours."

"But suppose she doesn't want it? I could be arrested."

Sarah shook her head again. "I know Deb and I'm positive she won't cry rape or assault or anything else. She'll love what I've got planned." Sarah saw that Dan still had a doubtful expression.
"Listen, part of my plan is that she'll never know who you are, who is fucking her. All you've got to do is make sure you don't speak. Remember, I'll be there and I'll make sure nothing is wrong. We won't do anything she doesn't like or want. Go that?"

Dan thought for a few moments. "Okay," he said, "I trust you, Sarah. I guess you know her and know what you're doing."

"I do."

"That's fine then. But there's just one other thing: what do I get for helping you?"

Sarah couldn't believe what he'd asked. "Isn't getting to fuck Deb payment enough?"

"No." Dan smiled and cocked his head to one side.

"Really? Well, what do you want?"

"You," he said.

"W-w-what do you mean, m-me?"

"You are to be my sex slave for a twenty-four hour period. You will do as I say, no questions asked. Do we have a deal?"

Sarah's cheeks flushed as she considered Dan's proposal. Eventually, she broke the silence. "If I agree to this, when would it happen?"

"I don't know yet."

Sarah looked into his young face, thought about his huge cock, then said, "Okay, we have a deal."
On the evening of her birthday, Deb's phone rang and she checked caller ID. It was Sarah and she debated not answering. But she thought that Sarah would probably come over if she didn't answer the call.

She picked up the receiver. "Hello, Sarah."

"Hello, birthday girl."

"Oh, don't remind me," Deb said.

"So, what are you plans for tonight?"


"Yeah, plans," Sarah said, "it is your birthday."

"Well, let's see... I just took a long hot bath and I'm in my bathrobe. Next, I'm going to pop a bag of popcorn into the microwave and curl up on the sofa and watch a movie or two on Netflix."

"Let me guess," Sarah said, adding an exaggerated sigh. "All alone?"

"Of course."

"Well, I'm not letting you spend your birthday alone. You're going to get dressed right now and come to my place and have lots of fun. I have a surprise planned for you."

"Look, I —"

"You either come to my place," Sarah interrupted, "or I'll be over there to fetch you. Your decision."

Deb knew she couldn't win. "Okay, give me thirty minutes and I'll be there."

"Thirty minutes, Deb... that's all," Sarah said and cut the call.

Sarah then phoned Dan and told him to drive over, park down the block, and wait for a text telling him she was ready for him.

As soon as Deb arrived, Sarah gave her a big hug, said "Hey, birthday girl," and handed her an opened Bud Light longneck. "Here Deb, drink up."

Deb chugged half the bottle and Sarah said, "I've lots of fun planned for you," and started talking quickly about things they would be doing to celebrate.

"Oh my," Deb mumbled, head spinning. "I'm sorry, but I suddenly feel so tired."

Sarah grasped Deb's hand and led her to the sofa. "Here, sit down for a minute."

Within moments of Deb's butt settling on the sofa, she was out and Sarah summoned Dan. He arrived in a flash and immediately carried Deb down to the basement. It was fitted out like a downstairs apartment with carpet, a bed, sofa and a couple of easy chairs.

Dan lay Deb on the bed and Sarah removed her friend's clothes. It didn't take long: Deb was wearing only sweats and a t-shirt, obviously not intending to go out partying. Dan was about to finger Deb's pussy when Sarah slapped his hand away. "Not yet, wait," she said and grinned.

Sarah rolled naked Deb onto her stomach and cuffed her hands behind her back. She then shoved a ball gag into Deb's mouth and fixed a blindfold over her eyes. Finally, she got Dan to help position Deb in a sitting position, back resting against the headboard.

"Get undressed," Sarah told Dan. "She'll be coming round in a minute."

When Sarah saw his vast cock again, she somehow managed to resist the urge to drop to her knees and suck on it. This night is about Deb, she thought, and then told Dan, "Remember, you're not to say a word... understand?"

Dan nodded... and grinned. Then Sarah explained in detail exactly what they would do when Deb woke.
It took around fifteen minutes for Deb to rouse.

The first thing she tried to do was raise her hands to her face because she had a headache from the spiked beer. When she realized she couldn't move her hands, she tried to speak but the ball gag prevented anything intelligible emerging out of her mouth.

Sarah walked to the bed and said in a low tone, "Just relax, Deb. Like I promised you, we're going to have lots of fun. I guarantee this will be the best birthday you've ever had."

As planned, Dan grasped Deb's ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed until her ass was almost hanging off it. Deb was so surprised she didn't resist in any way. She lay there, waiting and wondering what would happen next. What had her friend planned? She soon found out.

Sarah told her to spread her legs and she obeyed. "Hmm, that's a good girl," Sarah whispered while Dan traced his fingers along the insides of Deb's thighs. Deb whimpered and her legs twitched.

Although apprehensive and puzzled — even a little scared — Deb was aware that her pussy had become rather moist. Yes, she was definitely aroused and when Dan inserted the tip of a finger into her pussy and gradually eased it all into her, she whimpered again.

Deb actually wanted to moan loudly — but, at this point, she didn't want to reveal that she liked what was happening. After all, who was fingering her?

Dan used long, slow strokes and Deb loved the sensation in her pussy. It took all her resolve not to groan. But, when Dan increased speed, Deb's horniness took over and she moaned and wriggled.
"See," she heard Sarah say, "I told you she would like it." And, as if to prove it, Deb instinctively ground her pussy against the unknown hand.

"Okay, baby, that's enough. It's time you went down on her," Sarah said.

With Deb's ass on the edge of the bed, Dan got to his knees, spread her legs wide, and licked up the juices from her inner thighs before sliding his tongue into her wet hole.

When Dan's tongue entered her wet pussy, Deb squirmed. His bristles tickled but it all felt heavenly and she groaned even louder. Deb couldn't remember the last time her husband had gone down on her and she wanted her hands to be free, to grab this man's head and pull his mouth against her wet pussy. Not that he wasn't doing a good job — she simply wanted the tongue deeper inside.

"Make her come for me like a good boy," Sarah told Dan before whispering in Deb's ear, "Come for me, Deb."

Deb was close to climax and she panted, finding it hard to breathe with the ball gag in her mouth. After a few more seconds of licking, Dan got a mouthful of juice, more than he could swallow. The cum that he couldn't swallow seeped along Deb's thighs and he greedily licked them clean.

That done, Dan rolled Deb face down and shoved her knees up until they were almost touching her chin. He then spanked her fleshy rump until the cheeks glowed beet red. Deb wiggled around, trying to get away, but with hands cuffed behind her back and knees up to her chest, it was useless. Just as Deb thought she couldn't take anymore pain, Dan stopped the spanking.

He then held her hips and rubbed his face over Deb's ass, feeling the warmth on his face. He then licked and planted kisses all over her cheeks and she loved it. Her husband had never given her ass any kind of attention.

Next surprise, a finger slid into Deb's asshole and Dan slowly finger-fucked her ass just like he'd done with her pussy. It was the first thing Deb had ever had in her ass. Yes, there was some discomfort but also pleasure.

"Is that tight?" Sarah asked Dan.

He knew not to speak so nodded.

"I know you like a nice tight ass, baby, but I want you to give her a good rimming before you fuck her."

When Deb heard that, she tried to resist and mumbled through the ball gag. Sarah caressed Deb's cheek.

"Shushhh, it's no use trying to resist. Anyway, this is for your own good and I promise you will thank me later."

Dan withdrew his finger and spread her ass cheeks before touching her virgin rosebud with the tip of his tongue. Deb loved it — and pushed back against his tongue. Dan poked deep, as deep he could, then started using his tongue like a small cock, in and out, in and out. Deb groaned, it felt so good.

After he'd given Deb a good rimming, Sarah told Dan, "Put her on the floor on her knees."
Deb didn't resist in the slightest and, having been easily put in position, she sensed the man was muscular and strong.

From behind, Sarah whispered, "I'm going to remove the gag from your mouth but I'm going to replace it with my friend's cock. Understand? If you refuse to suck his cock or try to scream for help, the gag goes right back you understand that?"

Deb could only nod but she had no intention of resisting or screaming. The fact was, nobody had ever made her feel this good and she didn't want it to end yet.

Sarah removed the ball and Deb gulped in air before asking, "Who is this guy?"

"I'm not going to tell you yet," Sarah said. "In fact, I may never tell you."

"Is he someone I know?"

"Nobody you know," Sarah lied.

Dan gave Deb's ass another hard slap and Sarah said, "Cross your ankles, Deb." She did. "Now Deb, are you ready to suck a real cock — a huge cock — not a tiny one like your husband's?"

"Huge?" Deb asked. "Just how big is it?"
"You're about to find out."

Dan slapped his cock against Deb's face and she tried to catch it in her mouth but, unable to see or use her hands, it was impossible. Dan put one hand on the back of her head and used the other to guide his cock to her mouth.

"Suck on the head," Sarah said. "Don't try to suck any more than you're given."

Deb couldn't believe the size of the head. It stretched her lips as she sucked and swirled her tongue around. She flicked his hole, remembering how her husband liked that, and his pre-cum tasted delicious.

Deb wanted more in her mouth but she waited, following Sarah's instruction. As if reading her mind, Dan fed her a couple more inches and, after she'd sucked on that for a minute or so, he slowly slid the rest of his cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag and choke.

Deb didn't think he would ever stop. This cock was far longer and thicker than her husband's six inches. She'd never had any trouble taking all of that but this one seemed twice as long and twice as thick. God, how big is it?

When Dan's entire length was in Deb's mouth and down her throat, he held it there, her nose buried in his pubic hairs. It seemed to be there for ever and as she struggled to breathe, she got scared and started tugging on her cuffs. It was no use. So she tried to get to her feet, but Dan pressed his hands on her head and a shoulder, keeping her on her knees. When she was on the brink of passing out, Dan released her head and she pulled away to take in large gulps of air.

"Now, Deb suck him till he comes," Sarah said.
Deb didn't speak but again accepted his cock into her mouth and sucked. She had no idea about his length — it could be a foot long — but she bobbed her head back and forth and sucked him in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, Dan held the sides of Deb's head and slowly shoved all the way in, making her deep throat him.

"Hmm, yes, that's good," Sarah said. "Take all his cock and he will be coming in no time."

When he was about to come, he rapidly pumped Deb's mouth and his load was too much for Deb. His cum flowed down her chin and some even came out of her nose. Deb didn't think he would ever stop: he kept shooting stream after stream. But, when he finally took his cock out and Deb was able to get some air, Sarah told her, "Suck his balls, clean them up."
Deb licked them until he shoved one and then the other into her mouth. Each ball was a mouthful, just like the massive dome of his cock.

Sarah asked, "Are you having fun, Deb?"

Deb removed a ball from her mouth and smiled. "Yes, Sarah, you're right, this is my best birthday ever."

"See, I knew you would enjoy yourself."

After Deb had cleaned Dan's cock and balls of cum, she asked, "Can you take the cuffs off, please Sarah?"

"No, they stay until he's cum in your other two holes."

Without warning, Deb was again folded face down to the floor with her knees almost touching her chin. To her surprise, she liked being treated roughly and not knowing who was fucking her.

Deb's ass was still tingling from the earlier spanking but Dan slapped her a couple of times for good measure. Deb whimpered, a mix of pain and delight, before he spread her ass cheeks and pressed the mighty head of his cock to her virgin rosebud.

"Wait, wait," Deb pleaded. " Please, get a condom... don't have him fuck me bareback."

"Oh no," Sarah said softly, "You've got to feel his cum shooting into your ass. You'll love it."
Deb knew it was useless to argue so she didn't protest. Anyway, Sarah was probably right: she should feel him unloading into her back passage, a new experience, a new thrill.

Dan tried to ease his huge dome into Deb but realized that being gentle wouldn't cut it. She was extremely tight. He gripped her hips and with one quick thrust of his solid erection stabbed the head into Deb's hole. With her face buried in a pillow, Deb's screams were muffled.

Dan didn't move, letting Deb get used to the intrusion, the feel of his girth. He loved how tight she felt his but Sarah thought he'd waited long enough and said, "Okay, baby, give her all of it."

Dan felt somewhat sorry for Deb because of the initial pain he was about to cause. A few girls had told him about the pain they'd felt when he'd taken their anal virginity. But, holding her hips steady, he gradually forced his cock up her ass.
The pain was such that Deb tried to buck him off but, switching to one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder, Dan kept her in place until his balls rested against her bare ass. He stopped moving but Deb felt exhausted.

"The hard part is over, sweetie." Sarah stroked Deb's face. "We'll just leave his cock there for a couple of minutes."

After a while, Sarah said, "Okay, Deb I think you're ready for this. I'm going to have him back out some way and then drive back in again. Okay?"
"O-o-okay," Deb managed to mutter, her face still in the pillow.

"Remove all but the head," Sarah instructed and Dan felt Deb loosen as he withdrew. Sarah nodded at him and he shoved his cock back in, hard and fast.
Deb gasped but Dan started to pound her, rapidly finding a rhythm with about half of his length going up and down her ass.

Deb was enjoying it now, pushing back into him, and suddenly felt the need to cum but she desperately wanted to wait until he came. It took all her determination to hold on when Dan increased the pace, fucking her hard and fast as he felt cum building in his swinging balls.

Deb finally let go, unable to contain her pleasure any longer... and Dan flooded her ass almost at the same moment. He pumped and spurted and Deb didn't think he would ever stop gushing. God, she thought, this guy sure has loads of cum.

Finally, he withdrew and Deb lay moaning in ecstasy while trying to control her breathing.

Sarah gave her a few minutes then asked, "Are you ready to get fucked in your pussy now, Deb?"

Deb took a deep breath. "Oh yes," she said and figured there wouldn't be any point mentioning a condom. She wanted this big cock and more cream but hoped she wouldn't get pregnant.

Dan again slapped her ass half-a-dozen times and Deb thought, ‘He sure likes spanking me. I probably won't be able to sit down for a week'.

After slapping her, Dan always licked and kissed her cheeks — and Deb loved that. It made the stinging worthwhile.

"You're going to be on your back and fucked missionary style," Sarah told her.

Dan rolled Deb over and kissed her mouth. At first, Deb resisted the kiss but when Dan slid a finger into her pussy, all resistance faded. Dan poked his tongue into Deb's mouth and she eagerly accepted it.

Dan kissed and licked Deb's neck, progressing all the way to her breasts. He squeezed her tits with one hand while continuing to finger her with the other. Pinching her firm nipples, he sucked one then the other, nipping them with his teeth. Deb thought she was going to cum.

Dan sensed she was close and removed his finger from her pussy, used his knees to spread her legs, and slid his cock into her tunnel. It wasn't as tight as her ass and Dan fucked hard and fast from the start. It took only a few surging thrusts of his vast length before Deb cried out, "Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm gonna cum!"

"So cum," Sarah said, laughing.

"Yes, oh yes," Deb cried as she felt Dan unload just a few seconds after her own orgasm.

Dan dismounted, scrambled up the bed and, without warning, shoved his cock into Deb's mouth.

She avidly cleaned him of their combined juices, sucking and licking like a woman who hadn't eaten in days. She didn't even wait to be told to suck his balls, working on them like a woman possessed.

Eventually, Dan got off the bed and whispered in Sarah's ear, "That was fun but I have to go now."
"Thanks for all your help," Sarah whispered and then said, "Deb, say goodbye to my friend. He's leaving now."

"Goodbye, whoever you are," Deb said and smiled. "I had a great time, thank you."

Sarah grinned at her friend, still cuffed and blindfolded with cum dripping from her pussy. "Would you like to do this again?"

"God yes! But I don't want to wait until my next birthday."

"Don't worry, Deb," Sarah said, as Dan dressed and quietly left. "I promise it will be soon."

But not, she thought, before I've had my turn with that great cock...
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